Those of you who have a moto-cross back-ground or interest, probably know that a Belgium moto-cross Grand Prix rider did win his 4th. WORLD CHAMP 500 cc title on a KTM during the famous Namur - Belgium 500cc Grand Prix this year. The name of the rider... JOEL SMETS (31).


By the way, recently Joël got a sponsorship deal with GT-Bicycles. Want to know way? Read on! What most of you might not know is that Joël has been a BMX racer from the early days. Just the other day, on Belgium Sports TV they showed a video-tape of JOEL SMETS racing on a BMX bike during an event at Zonhoven in Belgium on October 25th 1979. He was interviewed for a sportprogram called SPORTTRIBUNE and give a demonstration wheely riding!

Nowadays JOEL still is very actif in BMX. He is boardmember of the local club of his town and helped design the new track in Dessel and will open this track October 4th. 2000. The President of the BMX 2000 DESSEL club is Fank Smets a former BMX rider and now BMX trainer for his club. Frank got Joel seriously involved in BMX again some years ago. A lot of publicity around the opening of the DESSEL BMX track. Among the celebrities being present beside Joel Smets are Sven Nijs, Bart Wellens, Fillip Mairhagen, Johan Boonen, Stefan Everts, Wilfried Peeters and yours truly. The national sportspress of Belgium will attend this opening.

Greg Smetsdessel 

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