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History of BMX (2021)

History of BMX, year 2021.

Dear followers of this website. I have to tell you all that this year, 2021, will be the last year that I write about the History of BMX and other things concerning BMX. I have been in BMX wordwide since I got involved in this great sport in 1974 and decided to finish up my activities in this year. I have reported on among others, the Olympic Games since the beginning in 2008, in 2012, 2016 and 2020 would have been the 4th. Olympics I should have written about. Due to a world wide pandamic ...Covid-19, the 2020 Olympics were postponed and as it stand now, the Olympics will go on in 2021. For me it's a good time to leave it up to the next generation to report and write about BMX world-wide developing from 2022 on.

There still is a lot to update on my website from the beginning up till 2021. I will continue that work with pleasure. Wishing you all the best for the future and enjoy reading the University of BMX website.
Cheers,  Gerrit Does

July 9- 10-11th. the UCI BMX European Championships at Zolder - Belgium took place.

Due to Covid-19 situation in among others Europe, these European Championship BMX Race were very different from the normal Championships. Because of Covid there were restriction and therefore only around 1/3 the number of competators where able to race, this time in totla around 830 riders. Also the number of spectators  were limited till a max of 2500 persons. One had to be tested covid free or one had to have a QR code proven that you had been vaccinated. No riders from Great Britain were present.

The head of organisation, mr. Marc Wauters and his team were informed only 1 month before actual racing, they were allowed to organize this Europeans with restrictions due to Covid. They did a great jog getting everything finished in time. The experience was there, the Zolder BMX organisation organized the 2015 and 2019 UCI BMX World Championship and done that very well.

European Championship
Results BMX Elite Ladies - July 11th. 2021

 Zoe Claessens (SUI)      - European Champion.
2   Manon Valentino (FRA)
3  Tessa Martinez (FRA)
4  Simone Christensen (DEN)
5  Natalia Afremova (RUS)
6  Natalia Suvorova (RUS)
7  Manon Veenstra (NED)
8  Christa Von Niederhäusern (SUI)

9    Ruby Huisman (NED)
10  Elke Vanhoof (BEL)
11  Rikke Balle (DEN)
12  Daniëlle Vrenegoor (NED)
13  Dorte Balle (DEN)
14  Camille Maire (FRA)
15  Regula Runge (GER)
16  Axelle Etienne (FRA)
17  Mathilde Doudoux (FRA)
18  Charlotte Devolder (FRA)

European Championship
Results BMX Junior Ladies - July 11th. 2021

Mariane Beltrando (FRA)  - European Champion.
2  Thalya Burford (SUI)
3  Marie Favrel (FRA)
4  Laurine Crozet (FRA)
5  Michelle Wissing (NED)
6  Renske Van Santvoort (NED)
7  Léa Brindjonc (FRA)
8  Elisa Lance (FRA)

9    Adriana Dominguez Bernal (ESP)
10  Capucine Favre (FRA)
11  Jodie Viemont (FRA)
12  Tiphaine Rullier (FRA)
13  Yvette De Waard (NED)
14  Robyn Gommers (BEL)
15  Aiko Gommers (BEL)
16  Liva Lizete Glazere (LAT)
17  Felicia Klingström (SWE)
18  Mariona Calvis Garcia (ESP)
19  Agathe Bodineau (FRA)
20  Orleen Nicolas (FRA)
21  Anne Lise Corlay (FRA)

European Championship 
Results BMX Elite Men - July 11th. 2021

Arthur Pilard (FRA)     -  European Champion
2  Mitchel Schotman (NED)
3  Eddy Clerte (FRA)
4  Jay Schippers (NED)
5  Aleksandr Katyshev (RUS)
6  Mathis Ragot Richard (FRA)
7  Paddy Sharrock (GBR)
8  Kristens Krigers (LAT)

9    Dave Van Der Burg (NED)
10  Amidou Mir (FRA)
11  Michele Tomizioli (ITA)
12  Romain Racine (FRA)
13  Ruben Gommers (BEL)
14  Corentin Dubois (FRA)
15  Julian Schmidt (GER)
16  Justin Kimmann (NED)

17  Evgeny Kleshchenko (RUS)
18  Martti Sciortino (ITA)
19  Thomas Jouve (FRA)
20  Boris Ponomarev (RUS)
21  Karl Le Nagard (FRA)
22  Quentin Charavin (FRA)
23  Matthijs Verhoeven (BEL)
24  Quillan Isidore (GBR)
25  Arnaud Chauvin (FRA)
26  Matteo Grazian (ITA)
27  Nick Vandeput (BEL)
28  Jakob Bernhart (GER)
29  Enzo Papa (FRA)
30  Ugo Ballerini (SUI)
31  Mattia Furlan (ITA)
32  Hugo Marszalek (FRA)
33  Bruno De Freitas Cardoso (POR)
34  Valentin Deumie (FRA)
35  Macleo Meynier (FRA)
36  Wouter Segers (BEL)
37  Stef Lauwers (BEL)
38  Liam Webster (GER)
39  Simba Darnand (FRA)
40  Djeronimo Slots (NED)
41  Philip Schaub (GER)

European Championship
Results BMX Junior Men - July 11th. 2021

Tim Goossens (NED)   - European Champion
2  Matteo Tugnolo (ITA)
3  Jools Melis (BEL)
4  Toni Skrzypek (GER)
5  Casper Pipers (NED)
6  Pierre Geisse (FRA)
7  Jaymio Brink (NED)
8  Leonardo Cantiero (ITA)

9    Roy Kater (NED)
10  Lucas Mues (GER)
11  Seppe Laenen (BEL)
12  Gebbe Sauvillers (BEL)
13  Einar Lindberg (SWE)
14  Julian Bijsterbosch (NED)
15  David Szell (GER)
16  Louis Kasper (SUI)

17 Tanguy Rivoire (FRA)
18  Arthur Chavanon (FRA)
19  Marek Neuzil (CZE)
20  Ivars Svarinskis (LAT)
21  Victor Agosti (FRA)
22  Tommaso Gasparoli (ITA)
23  AIlan Lefebvre (FRA)
24  Wannes Magdelijns (BEL)
25  Bernd Smeets (BEL)
26  Marcus Leth (DEN)
27  Gabriel Avellaneda (ESP)
28  Louison Rousseau (FRA)
29  Emils Martins Treimanis (LAT)
30  Adam Aubin (FRA)
31  Levin Grünig (SUI)
32  Marco Radaelli (ITA)
33  Clement Lafragueta (FRA)
34  Mathis Gantner (SUI)
35  Jorrit Maes (BEL)
36  Filib Steiner (SUI)
37  Didi Van Tiggel (BEL)
38  Miquel Hernandez Gallego (ESP)
39  Marc Roman Martinez (ESP)
40  dvards Emils Liberts (LAT)
41  Tom Petezki (FRA)
42  Matyás Mentlík (CZE)
43  Thomas Willems (BEL)
44  Aurélien Vaessen (BEL)
45  Hippolyte Bourdeau (FRA)
46  Tim Gille (SWE)
47  Kip Stauffacher (SUI)
48  Marco Boyadjian (FRA)
49  Boris Brekelmans (NED)
50  Anton Wennbring (DEN)
51  Kentin Perrichon (FRA)
52  Riccardo Rizzardi (ITA)
53  Karlis Pedraudzis (LAT)
54  NEDKuiper (NED)
55  Martins Zadraks (LAT)
56  Lukás Kuncar (CZE)
57  Antti Laakkonen (FIN)
58  Lucien Dussex (SUI)
59  Maximilián Marencík (SVK)
60  Jeremy Pache (BEL)
61  Max Skrzypek (GER)
62  Gijs Adriaanse (NED)
63  Timo Caloz (SUI)
64  Owen Mielczarek (BEL)
65  Jakub Vesecký (CZE)
66  Oliver Orosz (SVK)
67  Martin Fatnes (NOR)
68  Aaron Schoonbroodt (BEL)
69  Basten Weeland (NED)
70 Thor Hjul Seedorf (DEN)
71  Marko Manik (SVK)
72  Sem Lourensen (NED)
73  Nick Brugman (NED)
74  Mathis Carlier (FRA)
75  Bo Piepers (NED)
76  Aleksandr Kazantsev (RUS)
77  Mathis Jacquet (FRA)
78  Loïc Fourcade (FRA)

July 29-30th. the BMX (Race) OLYMPICS at the Games in Tokyo - Japan.

2021, the Olymic Games in Tokyo - Japan

This will be the 4th. Olympics including BMX Race since it's start in 2008;
-2008 the 1st ever Olympic Games including BMX Race, Bejing - China.
-2012 the 2nd. Olympic Games incuding BMX Race, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil.
-2016 the 3rd. Olympic Games including BMX Race, London - Great Britain.
-2020 these Olympic Games were postponed because of the Covid-19 pandamic world-wide
-2021 the 4th. Olympic Games including BMX, Tokyo - Japan.

2021 Olympics Tokyo BMX track left of Dome. 

Olympic BMX Track Tokyo-Japan viseble on the left side of the Dome.

Juli 31-August 1st. the BMX Freestyle OLYMPICS at the Games in Tokyo - Japan.

For the 1st time ever, BMX FREESTYLE is included in the Olympic Games in Tokyo - Japan.

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August 14-22nd. the UCI BMX World Championships at Papendal-Arnhem, Holland.

This BMX Worlds will be the 5th. BMX World Championship taken place in Holland since 1982 when the I.BMX.F, as a world wide governing body started running / organizing World Championships.

- 1983 the 1st. ever outside the USA BMX WC under I.BMX.F. flag took place at Ponypark Slagharen - Holland.
- 1993 the 2nd. now I.BMX.F. - FIAC BMX WC took place in Schijndel - Holland.
- 2004 the 3rd. now UCI BMX WC in Valkenswaard - Holland.
- 2014 the 4th. UCI BMX WC in Rotterdam - Holland.
- 2021 the 5th. UCI BMX WC at Papendal - Arnhem, Holland.

Since the start of the I.BMX.F. organizing World Championships, the 2021 UCI BMX WC will the the 39th. Worlds organized since 1982. In 2022 we hope to see the 40th BMX Worlds organized and then celebrate the 40th Anniversary of BMX World Championships.




More to follow.

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