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1986-1988, the 1st ever KNWU National BMX Team

1986 Pierre van Zuylens AMEV outfitIn 1986 the Royal Dutch Cycling Federation - KNWU started a National BMX Team. Main sponsor at the time of the KNWU was AMEV, a national operating insurance company. The National BMX selection was therefore also sponsored by AMEV and had to operate at a semi professional level, unique for that periode of time in BMX, having a budget of 90.000 guilders. The AMEV TEAM consisted of 5 selected riders from the Superclass ranks, had a teammager/coach, 2 official trainers, a mechanic and a doctor. Seen here the AMEV outfit of Pierre van Zuylen, one of the 5 top riders selected.

1986 desing AMEV bus GD  161050Just lately (2014) I did find in my archief this design, made by AMEV people, to be used to paint my personal Mercedes (taxi) Bus. This Mercedes was pulling a trailer were around 10 bikes fitted in and spare part. With this Mercede Bus we travelled Europe, 5 riders, TM/Coach, mechanic and sometimes trainers.

Team Amev