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History of BMX (1984)

General developments in 1984.
Developments and contacts January 1984 within I.BMX.F. Affiliations in progress:

Swedish BMX Association, New-Zealand BMX Association. Contacts made in 1983 up and till early 1984 with: Saudi - Arabia, Puerto-Rico, Malaysia, South - Africa (at the time problem with "Apartheid"), Cyprus, Argentina, Brazil and Greece.

In Switzerland the F.BMX.S of Mr. Franz Hattan did have about 250 riders of which 100 did have an official competition license. About 12 selected riders took part in the European Championships in Birmingham - England the same year. Besides the BMX clubs "Speed Power Malters" and the "Bicross Club Echichens", early this year the "Geneva BMX Club" was founded.

In France the organization started with 176 BMX clubs and 2669 license holders (excl. regional licenses ). Scheduled 180 BMX event for 1984. In their Factory Team competition 12 teams were represented.

In Germany B.D.R.'s (Bund Deitscher Radfahrer) issued their official Rule Book as shown here.

1984 BDR_BMX_rulebook_scannen00301984 advert._in_BDR_rule_book_Hajos_scannen0031

In Holland this year the Amateur class was introduced, that would be baptized later into SUPERCLASS. The first Dutch title in this class was claimed by Ludy v.d. Werff from the city of Waalre, a BMX racer of the first hour, a pioneer.

We finalized the first Factory Team Competition in Holland, organized and coordinated by Gerrit Does.

The KNWU (Royal Dutch Cycling Federation) organized a National Officials Team, coordinating the national race meetings. Motivating power behind this team was Mr. Frank Verspaandonk. Most of these officials also were active during the European Challenge Cup events at Slagharen, which was a perfect learning school.

PULLSHAW Nederland (well know at the time within the moto-cross sport) a company involved in sponsor enlistment, made an entrance at the Dutch BMX tracks. They took care of sponsor finding and later on placing the boarding in a professional way along the BMX tracks of National and International events in Holland. Organizing clubs were financially supported by PULLSHAW.

Belgium: Early this year, the already existing B.L.F. (Belgische Liefhebbers Fietscrossen, founded in 1979 holding approx. 160 license holders ending '79) became part of the V.W.B. (the Vlaamse Wielrijdersbond) in Belgium and was run by Mr. M. Martens. B.L.F. was affiliated to the Belgium BLOSO under number 9.17. The BMX committee of the V.W.B. did count over 300 license-holders ending 1984. In Belgium at this time, there were at least 4 BMX organization. This development did not make BMX stronger, but weaker (too much politics/fights among themselves, instead of promoting / marketing the sport together).

January 1984, the 2nd. issue of the General Rule-book I.BMX.F. saw the day of light. 500 copies were made and distributed to affiliated organisations.


January 5th. The BMX department of the BDR of Germany asked for International Commissioners Cards I.BMX.F. on behalf of the following persons:

Heribert Blau and Frau Margarete Schmidtmann as well as for the BMX committee members Wolfgang Renner, Willi Krug, Walter Hupel and Wilfrid Spronk.

January 10th. The first meeting of the European Committee of Competition, in short E.C.C.,

took place at the Motel Leuven near Brussels along the motorway Brussels - Liège in Belgium. The during the Darmstadt meeting (November 26/27th. 1983) elected E.C.C. members were present: René Nicolas - France, Ben Schenkelaars - Belgium, Jan v.d. Wiel - Holland and Gerrit Does acting as secretary of the E.C.C. were present. Besides the planning of instruction meetings for our International officials, "Observers" were appointed to report on I.BMX.F events held in Europe. Among other things there was a discussion going on about ARAYA wheels 20 x 1 3/8 being legal or NOT legal. The problem was solved by adjusting the text in the rule book: bike must have 20 inch type wheels! Also proposals were discussed to allow only 14 year and older riders to compete in Continental and/or World Championships. Give BMX a more serious image (towards the Press) and prevent a lot of pressure on young children from 13 years and under. Note: then already talk about what is a CUP or CHAMPIONSHIP event.

January 17 through 24th. Gen.secr. GD made a trip to Japan in order to help Mr. Tadashi Inoue,

president of the J.B.A. and founder member of the I.BMX.F., to prepare for the upcoming I.BMX.F. World Championship scheduled at Suzuka - Japan. I did spend a couple of days in Tokyo were it started to snow right after my arrival. Later on I traveled with Mr. Ted Inoue to Suzuka Circuit by bullet train to inspect the World Championship site. The BMX track would be laid down on the inner field of a rally-cross track next to Suzuka circuit. After I left Japan, Mr. Howie Cohen of Everything Bicycles importing KUWAHARA in the USA, arrived in Japan to visit his manufacturer. I found out that negative publicity was given by Mr. Kohen concerning the 1984 Worlds in Japan: he advised other USA manufacturers not to sent its riders to this Worlds.

1984 Anchorage_Alaska_scannen0001 1984 GD_in_Anchorage_scannen0003 Hotel Tokyo_Shibu_Ya-ku_scannen0004

1984 visiting_Honda_with_Ted_scannen0005 1984 Ted_in_front_of_JBA_office_see_advertising_in_back_ground_scannen0007 1984 going_back_to_Tokyo_from_Nagoya_Ted_l_and_GD_r_scannen0006

This being my first out of three visits to Japan, it made a big impression on me and I learned a lot about the Japanese culture with which the Dutch had a 400 year old connection (through trading) till this day.

January 19th. Letter received from an organization called: Sports for Understanding of Eugene - Oregon, USA by Mr. Don van Rossen.

Proposal to start a riders exchange program between BMX clubs and teams in the USA and Europe through host families. A program called:   "Youth for understanding, Inc."

January 23rd. Letter received from SPORTS PLUS (England) written by Mr. Alan Rushton,

informing I.BMX.F. about the six KELLOGG's BMX Championship meetings to be held in various cities around Britain during the period of May 14 - 24th. Limited number of riders and only participation is possible on invitation. Eight American Pro's were invited and therefore this was the first ever Pro-BMX event in the UK. The meetings were recorded for transmission on TV each week, beginning on June 11th and running through July 1984 on Channel 4. Prize money available: 20.000 English pounds!!!

February, besides the BMX National Magazine, South Africa also had the BMX RADICAL RACER Magazine.

Seen here the front cover and some pictures from the BMX Radical Racer magazine.



February 11-12th. For the second time an International Indoor event called "Rijnhal Fietscross Trophy - II" in Arnhem, Holland took place.

1984 Indoor_Rijnhal__scannen00021984 rijnhal__scannen0010

This event was broadcasted live, Nation wide by AVRO TV. The interest to be present during this event was very high and even before the racing started, the indoor hall was filled with spectators completely. Through one of the National radio stations it was announced not to come to this event, because there was no room for spectators anymore. American Champion Nelson Chanady (GT) was invited and raced at this meeting.


In 1984 the KNWU changed the name of the highest performance class called Superclass, into Amature class. The next step to professionalism and it was Addie van de Ven who became the first ever winner of an Amature BMX race event.


Amature class 20 inchExperts 17 and over
  1. Addie van de Ven
  2. Ludy vn.d. Werff
  3. Jan van den Dungen
  4. Eric Dukino
  5. Fred Waasdorp
  1. Eddie Sienöt
  2. Chris Jenskins
  3. Werner Peters
  4. Nico de Volder
  5. Ton Cleijne

Experts 16 y.o.Experts 15 y.o.
  1. Jan Hekman
  2. Frederic Navarro
  3. Cor Jansen
  4. Freddie van Breemen
  1. Mark Pelzer
  2. René Weterings
  3. Bas de Bever
  4. Peter Dwars
  5. Danny Hartwig



Experts 14 y.o.Experts 13 y.o.
  1. David van Dooren
  2. Mark Mandigers
  3. Edwin Lamers
  4. Rody Nunes Vas
  5. Eric Geuzen
  1. Johnny Reijbroek
  2. John v.d. Haterd
  3. Matthieu Tanken
  4. Frank van Summeren
  5. Marcel Spijker

Experts 12 y.o.Experts 11 y.o.
  1. Edwin Barink
  2. Ryan Ledebür
  3. Leon Smolenaars
  4. Jean-Pierre Veraart
  5. Alex Braat
  1. Sander Schouten
  2. Björn Hazenberg
  3. Willem Strijker
  4. Jilles Kramer
  5. Peter Freling

1984_rijnhal_scannen00151984_rijnhal_scannen00281984 rijnhal scannen0064


Expert 10 y.o.Experts 9 y.o.
  1. Jean-Pierre van Hoof
  2. Udo Pelgrom
  3. Maurice Hamsink
  4. Davy Burger
  5. Jeroen Sommer
  1. Jeroen van Nuijl
  2. Michel Urannie
  3. Piet van Brummelen
  4. Dennis Hilverink
  5. Pascal Drenth
Expert 8 y.o.Experts 7 years
  1. John de Lang
  2. Jeroen v.d. Velden
  3. Marc van Gerwen
  4. Thijs Visser
  5. Mike Snijders
  1. Roy v.d. Waarenburg
  2. Ton Bartels
  3. Patrick Claessens
  4. Björn Cornelissen
  5. Timonthy Waltmann
Experts 6 y. & under 
  1. Martijn Sietsma
  2. Ramon Schoenmakers
  3. Patrick van Boxtel
  4. Erno Wienholds


February 17th., a letter came in from the Norges Cykleforbund, BMX department informing the I.BMX.F,

that the following persons were active as committee members for BMX in Norway: Mr. Lars Forus as Chairman and Mr. Johnny Torp and Mr. Thor Myklebust as members. Mr. Rolf Paulsen was mentioned as Norwegian representative within the I.O.T. (International Officials Team). Shortly their official printed BMX rule-book would be issued.

February 18-19th. Another indoor event took place called "International Indoor AHOY" - Rotterdam, Holland.


US Champ still present in Holland at the time, Nelson Chanady, also took part in this event.

February/March. Two top USA Free-stylers came to Holland during the Bicycle RAI exhibition.

R.L. Osborn and Mike Buff did perform during the RAI and showed Holland freestyle riders, what BMX freestyle is all about.

*** foto Mike Buff, R.L. én Bernie Schreiber, World Champ motorcycle trials at the RAI

March 3rd and 4th. I.BMX.F. Meeting of the European Committee meeting at Leuven - Belgium.

It concerned mainly a racing technical instruction weekend for international operating officials (I.O.T. member - International Officials Team member), as well as an instruction in the field of registration and jury. Appointed officials present were:

Christine Deconclois, Claude Leray and Bernard Cugerone of France.
Heribert Blau -Germany,
Theo Segers and Fons van Clemen - Belgium,
Frank Verspaandonk and Ton de Win - Holland,
Sue Jarvis and Alan Saunders - England,
Aldo Gandolfo and Gianpierro Chiapella - Italy.
Absent were: Frau Schmidtmann - Germany and Rolf Paulsen - Norway.

Instructions were given by, René Nicolas, Jan v.d. Wiel, Ben Schenkelaars, Gerrit Does and Frank Verspaandonk.

March 11th. Suggestion made by I.BMX.F secretary, Gerrit Does to "take over" or better adopt BMX Freestyle.

BMX Association Canada applied for the allocation of the "First ever I.BMX.F. World Championship of Freestyle BMX 1986" (during EXPO '86 in Canada). Decision to be made during the 1984 I.BMX.F Congress. BMX Association Canada also announced that their president, Mr. Tony Hoar, would run for I.BMX.F. President during the 1984 congress (George E. Esser stepping back as President this year).

March 18th., the HALFORDS Indoor Open Championship televised BMX event took place in Hall 7 Arena of the National Exhibition Center,

promoted/organized by SPORTS PLUS inviting riders from both British BMX organizations (UK.BMX.A. and N.BMX.A) to participate.

March/April 1984, another issue of BMX Radical Racer from South-Africa.

Without being a member of the I.BMX.F. due to the "Apartheid" policy at the time, BMX was developing very well in South-Africa. Just to give you some impression, her several pictures and front cover of BMX Radical Racer magazine.


April 4th. Letter received at the I.BMX.F. office from Mr. Vincenzo Cascino of Chile.

He visited South Africa and contacted SA.BMX.A and spoke with Mr. Les Gilmer known as the founder father of South African BMX. Vincenzo reported that the SA.BMX.A. did count around 11.000 license holders.

April 12-16th. Memphis - Tennessee Indoor, the "Memphis International BMX Classic".

This was the first trip to the USA that I took along with my youngest son Pieter Does (10 years old at the time). We both stayed at the organizers house, visited Elvis Presley's "Grace Land" and Pieter races at the indoor. Skip Hess (BMX Products/Mongoose owner at the time) had organized a mini-Goose for Pieter that we had to make race-ready during the day. It was nice to see that Gary De Backer, who became World Champ in Slagharen – Holland the year before, was racing there too and was wearing his I.BMX.F. World Championship jersey. Pieter did not do too well in the race. Due to all the new impressions he did not have his mind with the actual racing. We both enjoyed this trip very much.

*** div. foto's Memphis event. + visit to Grace Land

April 20th. As general secretary of I.BMX.F. I received a letter from our South-American delegate Mr. Vincenzo Cascino,

concerning the possible participation of riders from South-Africa at the 1984 Worlds in Japan. Due to "Apartheid" at that moment, participation of the riders concerned was not possible. Many countries weren't allowed to sent their riders if South African sportsmen would be competing too. Mr. Cascino did a good job maintaining contacts with the South-African organization. Lucky to say, that at present South African riders can compete since "Apartheid" has been put away.

April 28 - 29th, the Grand Prix of Belgium took place in Beringen organized by the B.C.B. (Belgische Cyclo Bond).

This international event sanctioned by the I.BMX.F. was organised under sanction of the BCB and actualy by the L.B.C. De Glimburger club at the "Mondo Track" Beringen 84.

Final results

Experts 17 & over:Experts 16:
  1. Addie van de Ven (NED)
  2. Jean F. Lalli (F)
  3. Freddy van Tongeren(NED)
  4. Eric Dukino (NED)
  5. Freddy van Breemen (NED)
  6. Alex Moonen (B)
  7. Peter Ploemen (NED)
  8. Ludy van de Werff (NED)
  1. Jan van de Keys (BEL)
  2. Rudy Fransman (NED)
  3. Nicolas Dieulle (F)
  4. Marcde Greif(B)
  5. Paul Lemmens (B)
  6. Johan Verstrepen (B)
  7. Jony Verkuringen (B)
  8. Kris Wouters (B)
Experts 15:Experts 14:
  1. Philippe Leleuse
  2. Marcel Mandigers
  3. Hennie Lemmens
  4. Chris Bertiaud
  5. Christophe Gallardo
  6. Rody Nunes - Vas
  7. René Weterings
  8. Harold van Oss
  1. Bruno Chabelier
  2. Gerben Wentink
  3. David Kastler
  4. Franck Corvers
  5. Eddy Nieus
  6. Jan De Prins
  7. Wilco Groenendaal
  8. Emanuel Rodriquez
Experts 13:Expert 12:
  1. Kris Lesage
  2. Xavier Robleda
  3. Hans van Peel
  4. Jason Dekker
  5. Alex van Doorne
  6. Bart Thijs
  7. Kurt van Espen
  8. Raf Dilissen
  1. Ryan Ledebùr
  2. Jochy Schrijvers
  3. Frederic Cassan
  4. Steven Goossens
  5. Jerri Berkmans
  6. Bert Heerdt
  7. Z. Mieras
  8. Rudi Mannaerts
Experts 11:Experts 10:
  1. Jill Vakkers
  2. Gunther De Visser
  3. Pascal Berlingerie
  4. Hans van der Aa
  5. Chris Dedapper
  6. Albert Kuyer
  7. Mark Wentink
  8. Michel Stunt
  1. Jean Pierre van Hoof
  2. Piet van Brummelen
  3. Stefan Welten
  4. Werner De Ceuster
  5. Jurgen Bens
  6. Patrick Lintermans
  7. Gunther van Deun
  8. Jeroen van Nuyl
Experts 9:Experts 8:
  1. Michael Urannie
  2. Steve Mobels
  3. Guilliamme Dieulle
  4. Luc Sprongers
  5. Patrick De Haan
  6. Jimmy Wouters
  7. John de Lang
  1. Ralf Blewanus
  2. Benait Villet
  3. Patrick Claessens
  4. Pieter Kinds
  5. Alex van Diessen
  6. Chris Holtappels
  7. Jimmy Geerts
  8. Julien Lalli
Experts 7:Experts 6:
  1. Rene Martens
  2. Gert Maleux
  3. Johan Willekens
  4. Mario Tanchaze
  5. Paul van Bommel
  6. Kevin Wouters
  7. Sacha Schùller
  8. Martijn Sietsma
  1. Jelle Loenders
  2. Tino Marien
  3. Tom Willekens
  4. Mike Verslegers only 4 entries

Results in the Cruiser classes.

Cruisers 16-17:Cruisers 18-24:
  1. Peter Ploemen
  2. Frank Covers
  3. Freddy van Tongeren
  4. Kris Jacobs
  5. Erik Dukino
  6. Hans de Brouwer
  7. Jean F. Lalli
  1. Ludy van der Werff
  2. Adam Vanderbiezen
  3. Frank Smets
  4. Kris Hannes
  5. Fred van Leeuwen
Cruisers 25 plus<:Open class 14 plus:
  1. Edouard Cordier
  2. Jozef Verbraken
  3. Klaas Katuin
  4. Patrick Lamouret
  5. Louis Drickx
  6. Christian De Buschere
  1. Parick DeWael
  2. Chris Jenkins
  3. Addie van de Ven
  4. Peter Ploemen
  5. Claude Vuillemot
  6. Ludy van der Werff
  7. Hennie Lemmens
  8. Jean F. Lalli

Results in the Powder Puff classes.

Powder Puffs 7:Powder Puffs 8-9:
  1. Hanneke van de Bungelaar
  2. Miranda Sprangers
  3. Lana Beyers
  4. Jill van Roy
  5. Ingeborg van Ekeren
  6. Miriam D´Hondt
  7. Ghedy van den Aker
  8. Cindy Reymen
  1. Sheila Thijs
  2. Marielle Logtens
  3. Nancy Wouters
  4. Esther Heerdt
  5. Wendy Kamminga
  6. Peggy Marien
  7. Miet Smets
  8. Danielle Werelds

Powder Puffs 10-11:Powder Puffs 12-13:
  1. Chantal Cnaeps
  2. Cindy Berkmans
  3. Cindy Schroyen
  4. Peggy Leppens
  5. Hilde Vandervee
  6. Heidi Verhulst
  7. Miriane Dukino
  8. Katia van Riet
  1. Gladys Vakkers
  2. Annie Vanderven
  3. Erica Verhoeven
  4. Karen Welten
  5. Sashia De Plukker
  6. Corry van Worstwinkel
  7. Mirian Daamen
  8. H. Desain

Powder Puffs 14-15:Powder Puffs 16 plus:
  1. Heidi Kelders
  2. Martine van de Lievenogen
  3. Brigitte van Worstwinkel
  4. Nancy Van Den Eynde
  5. Martine Dewit
  6. An Segers
  7. Peggy van Espen
  8. Nathalie Vendraxs
  1. Monique Franssen
  2. Augela Veugen
  3. Petra van Doorne
  4. Anneke de Vries
  5. Anne van Happen
  6. Tanja Boolde
  7. Suzy Mols

Note:due to bad hand writing on the moto-sheets, some of the names above might not be 100% spelled correct. Sorry for that.

April 29th., the Gran Premio D'Italia BMX took place in Pinerolo (Torino) - Italy.

Here just the results of that event, which was more like an Italy, France and Belgium BMX race organized by the F.I.A.C.

1984 Pinerole_scannen0001

1984 Pinerole_scannen0002

May 1984, A BMX Clinic was organized by Gerrit Does at Ponypark Slagharen. American Pro Byron Friday was invited to give this BMX Clinic.

A year after the 1983 I.BMX.F. World Championship, Ponypark Slagharen organized a BMX Clinic under direction of Gerrit Does and technicaly run by Byron Friday, a top USA pro BMX racer. Over 65 riders registered for the weekend. AVRO TV (at the time the biggest national TV station), was present on Saturday to film the action and use that in their upcoming program, the AVRO Fietscross Trophy, to be helt also at the Slagharen track on May 26th. Mr. Cor de Jager was the responsable director of those tapings. Also the complete Mongoose Factory team (Holland) was present helping in assisting Byron Friday on the track. It was a very successfull weekend.




May 3rd., letter from Mr. Dan Van Vickle of MURRAY Bicycles to help selecting international riders for the Team Murray World Cup - Nashville, Tennessee.

As I.BMX.F. secretary I was asked to mobilize 2 riders from 10 different countries to participate in the Team MURRAY World Cup of BMX III event, to be held on June 23 and 24th. 1984 in Nashville – Tennessee, USA. A budget of $ 5,000 was available for those 20 riders. As I.BMX.F. representative for the US, Mrs. Rosie Banks would assist me getting this all organized.


1984 mei_Murray_scannen0036scannen0008

May 6th, the 3rd. International BMX race took place at Palau de Plegamans - Spain, organised by "Amics del Bici Cross".

1984 int3ern._wedstr._Spanje_scannen0022

May 13th. First International event in Italy at Pinirolo organized by the Italian BMX Association.

Present at this event was the appointed I.BMX.F. observer Mr. Ben Schenkelaats of Belgium. In his report he mentioned: 181 entries, 24 entries from Belgium, 24 from France, 117 from Italy, 2 from Holland and 20 from Switzerland. The event good be called a success.

May 14th - 24th., the "KELLOG's BMX Championships" England took place.

*** foto: Kelloggs Superclass riders

*** foto: Tim March and Andy Ruffell

This has been a unique event for the following reasons: During a six days period, four days of racing took place. It was the first BMX Series made for TV in England. It was screened on TV over six weeks. Several US Pro's were invited and raced like Eric Rupe, Brian Petterson, Andy Patterson, Clint Miller, Nelson Chanady, Harry Leary and Hollywood Mike Miranda. In the final event they battled for 15.000 English pounds! The UK Superclass riders competed for 3.000 English pound in prize money.

*** foto Kelloggs Pro main event

*** foto fltr Rupe, Hill, Miller, Miranda and Patterson

The series took place on four (4) totally rad tracks in six days with 600 miles of travelling in between. The tracks at Birmingham and Gateshead both had two tracks in one. The promoter of this series was SPORTS PLUS. Clint Miller stated at the end of the series: "This wasn't a trip, it was an experience". This championship can even today be considered THE highlight of BMX in England. Most money was won overall by Eric Rupe: 3225 English pounds.

May 17th. Mr. Fran Hurst, Director Public Relations of the NBL - USA states that the NBL's current number of licensed riders is more than 32.000.

May 26th. AVRO TV BMX registration at Ponypark Slagharen - Holland.


This year being the 5th year of TV registration of the AVRO Fietscross Trophy at Ponypark Slagharen – Holland. 8 teams from all parts of Holland, competed in these series and after every registration, about three weeks later, the program was broadcasted on National TV. Besides racing, this program also showed some amusement (bands), interviews and educational material.


May 28th., information received of the Associacao de Ciclismo de MACAU that there has been a changing of officers.

Meaning BMX still is existing there. The newly appointed president was Mr. Eddie Laam.

May 30th. Letter received from Associated Radio Control Mobil Model Indonesia - Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia written by Mr. Boenawan Yunarko,

General Secretary of that organization. Through Mr. Shui of the Hongkong BMX Club he received the I.BMX.F. office address in Holland. Mr. Hanarko asked for detailed info on building BMX tracks, rules and regulations and also asked for an application form in order to affiliation.

June 4th. The president of the F.CBX of Chile, Mr. Ruy Barbosa,

asked the general secretary of the I.BMX.F. his opinion on the intention of Mr. Barbosa to install a Continental Competition Congress (South-America), just as what has been done in Europe (ECC - European Competition Congress). Gerrit Does answered that for better understanding and overall coordination this would be a great thing to do. The Congress also can introduce a quality check on organizations, again to improve the overall standard of organizing BMX events. During the American Continental Championship in Santiago de Chile later on this year, the decision was made to start the C.C.C. of South America.

June 16-17th., the 1st. European Challenge Cup in short E.C.C., at Slagharen - Holland took place, I.BMX.F. sanctioned.

This was the first out of 10 (during time) to be organized E.C.C. events at Slagharen - Holland. Pro-purse $ 10,000.00 For the first time the I.O.T. (International Officials Team) was active here.


The international officials active were:

Registration/jury officials; Christine Deconclois and Bernard Cugerone - France; Gianpiero Chiapella - Italy; Fons van Clemen - Belgium and Sue Jarvis - England. Racing technical officials; Les Slater and Alan Saunders - England; Theo Segers - Belgium; Heribert Blau - Germany and Claude Leray - France. All officials did speak English and also were actif when needed, speaking their mother language. The I.BMX.F. observer at this meet was René Nicolas.

During the "European Challenge Cup I" the European Competition Committee had a meeting and determined the 1985 International racing season, more specific the dates and countries were the European Championship Superclass would be held. A 7 round series was scheduled in the following countries: France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Great Britain.

*** Pete Middleton (GB), leading Phil Hoogendoorn (NL)

This E.C.C. I race was allocated by Mr. Skip Hess as an event that counted for his MONGOOSE PRO/AM Awards Program. Among other things, this did bring back many American riders who competed also at the 1983 World Championship track.


June 23rd. AVRO Fietscross Trophy, registration by AVRO TV, took place at Ponypark Slagharen - Holland.

This specially for TV composed program was broadcasted on National TV.

*** foto's AVRO TV, diversen

June 23-24th. The I.BMX.F. sanctioned "Murray World Cup III" in Nashville – Tennessee, USA took place. Pro-purse: $ 25,000.00

European riders present were: Anne van Happen, Monique Franssen, Ludy v.d. Werff (Holland team), Rainer Schadowsky (Germany) and Andreas Nyberg (Sweden).

On arrival at the Nashville airport I did meet Alain Kulalowski, the French reporter, who come over to make a race report on the Murray World Cup. In fact Alain was the first in France to write about BMX and in a way introduced BMX that way in France. Later on during the weekend, the both of us (Alain en Gerrit) would fly together with Bob Osborn (BMX Action) over the BMX track in the Murray Bicycles Company helicopter. Great stuff, that was realy cool.

June 29th., this letter came in from the organisers of the 1985 I.BMX.F. Worlds in Whistler / Canada,

co-ordinator Public Relations for Whistler, Mr. Andy Michaelson informed us about what was happening.

1984 WK_canada_Whistler_scannen0008

July 5th. I received a letter from Mr. Aris Donzelli of Schwaikheim - Germany, informing me that one of the 2 German BMX magazines seized to exist.

BMX SPECIAL would not be published anymore, only BMX MAGAZINE SPEED would be available from now on.

July 14th. AVRO Fietscross Trophy event 2 took place at Ponypark Slagharen - Holland.

*** foto's diversen AVRO TV

July 21-22nd. The I.BMX.F. European Championship took place in Birmingham - England.

The following countries did sent riders to this event: England, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy, 9 countries in total represented. The weather was great (28 degrees) and the track was kind of down hill and therefore very fast (average speed around 42 km per hour). This track was part of the so-called BIRMINGHAM WHEELS Project. Unemployed young people were involved in building the track. Beside the BMX track, there was a roller-skate track and when the project would be finished, it also would include a carting track as well as a motor speedway track and a velo-drome track. They also had their BMX factory were the so-called WHEELS bicycles were produced on these grounds. Ofcourse they even had their own BMX racing factory team.


This European Champions was much better organized then the one in 1983 In this country, although still not perfect. Superstar during the Championships was Englishman and Superclass rider Tim March. Tim did win Superclass 20" and Trophy class very convincingly. After racing for his sponsor Lee Cooper in 1983, Tim March started his own company producing BMX bikes. As far as I know, Tim was the first ever European to start his own BMX bike manufacturing company. MARCH Racing Developments started on January 1st 1984. His work Shop was in Bournemouth were Tim produced 20 and 24 " models made out of Reynolds 531 tubing. At the time a frame and fork set did cost 119 English pounds or 525 Dutch Guilders (now about € 240,=). Two types of mini frames were produced as well as a standard and pro-frame (2,54 cm longer then the standard frame). If wanted, the frames could be delivered with 190 mm length cranks. Concerning racing, Germany did win its first ever European title. European Champion became 12 year old Expert Stefan Nusser.


In England there were two riders who had a "superman" status at the time, Andy Ruffell and Tim March. Tim March dominating the highest perfrmance classes finishing 1st in the Super class 20 inch ánd in the Super Trophy class 20". Tim started his own bicycle brand this year called "March Racing Developments", producing 20"and 24" BMX models. Seen on the picture below, Europena Champion Super class 20 inch Tim March and his machine, the MRD bike.


The results of this event:

Superclass 20 inch:Super Trophy 20 inch:
  1. Tim March - GBR
  2. Trevor Robinson - GBR
  3. Ludy van de Werff - NED
  4. Leon Walravens - NED
  5. Phil Hoogendoorn - NED
  1. Tim March - GBR
  2. Addie van de Ven - NED
  3. Andy Ruffell - GBR
  4. Xavier Redois - FRA
  5. Trevor Robinson - GBR

Experts 7:Experts 8:
  1. Chris Ward - GBR
  2. David Maw - GBR
  3. Rene Martens - NED
  4. Simon Lawtner - NOR
  5. Leiv Ove Nordmark - NOR
  1. Roy v.d. Waardenburg - NED
  2. Patrick Claessens - NED
  3. Louis Mears - GBR
  4. Simon Thomerson - GBR
  5. Menno Raven - NED

Experts 9:Experts 10:
  1. Daniel Levy - NED
  2. John de Lang - NED
  3. Ralph Blewanus - NED
  4. Dave Smeets - BEL
  5. Jeroen v.d. Velden - NED
  1. Stefan Welten - NED
  2. Frederic Schneider - FRA
  3. Gert Jan Koster - NED
  4. Gunther van Deun- BEL
  5. Graham State - GBR

Experts 11:Experts 12:
  1. Dean Bateson - GBR
  2. Jean Pierre van Hoof - NED
  3. Stefan Smits - NED
  4. Fraser Campell - GBR
  5. Paul Robinson- GBR
  1. Stefan Nusser - GER
  2. Bas de Bie - NED
  3. Mark Wentink - NED
  4. Nicky Restall - GBR
  5. Herald Heldens - NED
Experts 13:Experts 14:
  1. Ryan Ledebur - NED
  2. Dirk van Dijk - NED
  3. Franc Heberle - GER
  4. Henk de Paus - NED
  5. Oliver Clerici - FRA
  1. Wayne Llewellyn - GBR
  2. Frank Corvers - BEL
  3. David Kastler - FRA
  4. Darren Wood - GBR
  5. Arjan Wolf - NED

Experts 15:Experts 16:
  1. Stu Diccens - GBR
  2. Hennie Lemmens - NED
  3. Marc van de Wetering - NED
  4. Steve Greaves - GBR
  5. Steve Grice - GBR
  1. Pierre van Zuylen - NED
  2. Jason Maloney - GBR
  3. Bas de Bever - NED
  4. Ulrich Maurer - GER
  5. Philippe Leleux - FRA

Experts 17: 
  1. Chris Jenkins - NED
  2. John Vile - GBR
  3. Danny Neys - NED
  4. Martin Jose - GBR
  5. Ian Ruby - GBR



Powder Puffs 7 & under:Powder Puffs 8-9:
  1. Nadine Stevens - NED
  2. Wendy van Spierenburg - NED
  1. Diana Franssen - NED
  2. Karine Vallet - FRA
  3. Vivian Russo - NED
  4. Melani Burger - NED
  5. Elma Knop - NED

Powder Puffs 10-11:Powder Puffs 12-13:
  1. Corine Dorland - NED
  2. Leandra van Eck - NED
  3. Victoria Canderton - GBR
  4. Chantal Cnaeps - BEL
  5. Sandra Meyer - NED
  1. Gladys Vakkers - NED
  2. Wendy Dekkers - NED
  3. Linda Scheepers - NED
  4. Corry van Wortswinkel - BEL
  5. Karen Patterson - GBR
  6. Laurency Simon - FRA
  7. Tanja Wenjel - GER
  8. Karen Welten - NED

Powder Puffs 14-15:Powder Puffs 16 & over:
  1. Sarah Jane Nicholls - GBR
  2. Donna Duffy - GBR
  3. Debbie Scott-Webb - GBR
  4. Brigitte van Wortswinkel - BEL
  5. Sandra Dumaine - NED
  1. Anita van de Mortel - NED
  2. Petra van Doorne - NED
  3. Debie Scott-Webb - GBR
  4. Brigitte van Wortswinkel - BEL
  5. Sandra Dumaine - NED


Cruisers 13 & under 
  1. J. Hendrickx- BEL
Cruisers 14-15:Cruiser 16-17:
  1. Mark Watkins - GBR
  2. Jacques Baud - FRA
  3. Frank Corvers - BEL
  4. Christopher Gallardo - FRA
  5. Bruno Chabialier - FRA
  1. Jean Francois Lalli - FRA
  2. Charlie Reynolds - GBR
  3. Claude Vuillemot - FRA
  4. Armond Bonis - FRA
  5. Luc Koehler - FRA
Cruisers 18–24:Cruiser 25 & over:
  1. Phil Hoogendoorn - NED
  2. Ludy van de Werff - NED
  3. Mark Salisbury - GBR
  4. Simon Bailey - GBR
  5. Frank Smets - BEL
  1. Peter Stiphout - NED
  2. Paul Vakkers - NED
  3. Ab Meerkerk - NED
  4. Ad van den Bosch - NED
  5. Edouard Cordier - FRA
Open class 7 & underOpen class 8–9:
  1. René Martens - NED
  1. John de Lang - NED
  2. Daniel Levy - NED
  3. Roy van de Waardenburg - NED
  4. Robert Sprokholt - NED
Open class 10–11:Open class 12-13:
  1. Stefan Smits - NED
  2. Jean Pierre van Hoof - NED
  3. Corine Dorland - NED
  4. Mark Sopp - GBR
  5. Henk Straatman - NED
  1. Dirk van Dijk - NED
  2. Ryan Ledebur - NED
  3. Sean Rose - GBR
  4. Shaun Gilmore - GBR
  5. Willem Strijker - NED
Open class 14 & over: 
  1. Graig Schofield - GBR
  2. Andre Baltissen - NED
  3. Chris Jenkins - NED
  4. John Vile - GBR
  5. Danny Neys - NED
1. Holland 17 17 15
2. England 9 6 6
3. France 1 3 2
4. Belgium 1 1 1
5. Germany 1 - 1
  Total: 29 27 25

* In total 29 classes in witch in 2 classes only a first place and 4 classes only a first and a second place.

In a German BMX magazine called "BMX Speed Magazine" an extensive article on these 1984 I.BMX.F. European Championships in Birmingham. Extra attention for there first ever European Champion in Expert 12 class, Stefan Nusser.


July 26th. Through "contacts" I received the minutes of the F.I.A.C. committee of Management held in Los Angeles - USA (At the time F.I.A.C. was the amateur division of UCI).

Point 18 on the agenda concerned BMX and trialsin (bicycle trials). After about 15 year since the sport was introduced in the USA, F.I.A.C. "discovered" BMX! Just a part from the minutes: "The World Championship should take place according to the system outlined in the foregoing for the European BMX CUP. Another example : for promotion purposes make it an "OPEN WORLDS" open to one and all (any organization). Such an organization will make it possible to draw the attention of those not perfectly acquainted with the sports infrastructure of BMX. This is quite a valid promotion formula." What arrogance at the time. Their "Open Worlds" was re-allocated 3 times and finally had 280 entries and was terrible organized ! Valid promotion formula ?!

July 28/29th. I.BMX.F. Huffy Global International event – Ohio, USA. Pro-purse $ 15,000.00

August, BMX was developing seriously in Chile. Seen here a  Bicicross/freestyle magazine and article.


August 2nd. Letter received at I.BMX.F. office from the BMX League of the Philippines, written by its president Mr. Jorge de Jesus,

informing us about the fact they were not be able to sent a delegation to the Worlds in Japan, due to a long strike (2 months) at the plants of their main-sponsors: no financing available for this trip. From newspaper clips we learned that the BML-Phils, did organize events on July 21, 28 and August 4 were over 1000 riders in total participated.

August 12 - 15th. The 1st. Open unofficial World-Championship held in Petit Han near Charleroi - Belgium.

This was an unofficial BMX World Championship, organized and sanctioned by the F.B.B. (Belgium BMX Federation) of Mr. Armand Blondiau (and FIAC orientated). The total number of entries was 280. Belgium rider Peter VandenAbeele was thé man to beat in the highest performance classes, Experts 17 & over, Special Class ánd Cruiser Class. He did win 3 world titles at this event. In the Girls 14 & Over class, Sylvie Gerard did win the title.

1984 Open_WC_Petit_Han__Belgie_scannen00361984 Open_WK_Petit_Han_Belgie_scannen00331984 Open_WK_Petit_Han_Belgie_scannen0034

Official results of the 1984 Open BMX World Championship in Petit Han - Belgium.

Juniors 7 & under:Juniors 8 year:
  1. Peter Martin, France
  2. Sébastien Lichterte, Belgium
  1. Steven Van Reusel, Belgium
  2. Fabrice Crombain, Belgium
  3. Eric Van Cleemput, Belgium
Juniors 9 year:Juniors 10 years:
  1. Damien Jadot, Belgium
  2. Stephane Cornelis, Belgium
  3. Bart Van Bogaert, Belgium
  1. Alain Van Haelen, Belgium
  2. Hervé Vroonen, Belgium
  3. Pierre-Yves Jusniaux, Belgium
Juniors 11 years:Juniors 12 years:
  1. Jean-Marc Durviaux, Belgium
  2. Vincent Braibant, Belgium
  3. Olivier Seret, Belgium
  1. Ronny Cauwenberg, Holland
  2. Laurent Graard, France
  3. Leo Idalzoaga, Colombia
Juniors 13 years:Juniors 14 years
  1. Jan DeSmedt, Belgium
  2. Arnaud Barthelemy, Franc
  3. Marc Ganty, Belgium
  1. Michel Van Hecke, Belgium
  2. Benoit Millet, France
  3. Philippe Dustin, Belgium
Juniors 15 years:Juniors 16 & over:
  1. Patrick VanKerrebroek, Holland
  2. Michel Parmentier, Belgium
  3. Marco D'Elia, Italy
  1. Philippe Tollini, France
  2. Frédéric Fosse, France
  3. Olyvier Detry, France
Girls 7 & under:Girls 8 & 9 years:
  1. Ludivine Portman, France
  1. Chrystel Poncin, Belgium
Girls 10 & 11 years:Girls 12 & 13 years:
  1. Patricia Meyer, Belgium
  1. Coralie Daneels, Belgium
Girls 14 & over: 
  1. Sylvie Gerard, Belgium
Experts 7 and Under:Experts 8 years:
  1. Hans Altruye, Belgium
  2. Frédéric Dejasse, Belgium
  3. Frederik Rumpfer, Germany
  1. Frédéric Pregaldien, Belgium
  2. Michel Laloux, Belgium
  3. Dominique Wilhelmi, Belgium
Experts 9 years:Experts 10 years:
  1. Christophe Lemaire, Belgium
  2. Karl Wilmet, Belgium
  3. Laurent Lemal, Belgium
  1. Renaud Grodrian, Belgium
  2. David Decoux, Belgium
  3. Thomas De Bueger, Germany
Experts 11 years:Experts 12 years:
  1. Simon Willems, Belgium
  2. Kris Vandevoorde, Belgium
  3. Patrick Van Hecke, Belgium
  1. Alex Goerman, Belgium
  2. Alain Buelens, England
  3. Joël Zelck, Belgium
Experts 13 years:Experts 14 years:
  1. Francois Vervier, Belgium
  2. Didier Demour, Belgium
  3. Eddy Vandervelde, Belgium
  1. Thierry Miecret, Belgium
  2. Philippe Jauret, Belgium
  3. Marc Terlinck, England
Experts 15 years:Experts 16 years:
  1. William Kik, France
  2. Olivier Jamotte, Belgium
  3. Olivier Mohimont, Belgium
  1. Joël Jacowick, Belgium
  2. Didier Fasseel, Belgium
  3. Patrick Demoor, Belgium
Experts 17 & over: 
  1. Peter VandenAbeele, Belgium
  2. Jöel Bernacki, Belgium
  3. Michel Van Der Ouderaa, Belgium
Open class 7 & 8 years:Open class 9 & 10 years:
  1. Dominique Wilhelm, Belgium
  1. Grodrian Renaud, Belgium
Open class 11 & 12 years:Open class 13 & 14 years:
  1. Ronny Van Cauwelberg, Belgium
  1. Jan Desmedt, Belgium
Open class 15 % 16 years:Open class 17 & over:
  1. Olivier Jamotte, Belgium
  1. Gabriel Renaurd, France
Cruiser Class:Special Class:
  1. Peter VandenAbeele, Belgium
  2. Philippe Druart, France
  3. Michel Verhulst, Belgium
  1. Peter VandenAbeele, Belgium

August 15th. Annual I.BMX.F. Congress in Suzuka - Japan.


Among other things it was there and then that the decision was taken to apply for a recognition of the sport of BMX with the I.O.C. (International Olympic Committee) in Switzerland. At the time the I.BMX.F. did have 26 BMX organizations affiliated (from just as many countries). 18 were original BMX organizations, 2 were motor-cycle orientated and 5 organizations were cycling federations orientated. Also the application for a membership of the SA.BMX.F / South-African BMX Federation was discussed and denied due to the situation concerning "Apartheid" at the time. Most countries were not allowed by their Governments to support the membership of the SA.BMX.F. within I.BMX.F. Special guest from South Africa at the Congress was Mr. Blom, President of the National BMX Association of South-Africa, who returned home very disappointed.


Elected Board of Directors I.BMX.F. for the period 1984 - 1986:

President Mr. Tony Hoar - Canada
Vice President Mr. Vincenzo Cascino - Chili (South American affairs)
Treasurer Mr. Norman Darbyshire- England
Member Mr. Tadashi Inoue - Japan (Asian affairs)
Member Mr. Renè Nicolas - France (European affairs)
Member Mrs. Rosie Banks - U.S.A. (North American affairs)
Member Mr. Gary Coppock - Australia (NZ and Aus. affairs)

The newly elected B.o.D. appointed Mr. Gerrit Does as General Secretary I.BMX.F.


Since BMX had its roots in motorcycle moto-cross, the Congress wanted to contact the F.I.M. (World governing body for motorcycles) and suggest a working together relationship. It was also decided that I.BMX.F. would concentrate on BMX racing and leave starting a freestyle or bicycle trial section up to each individual country. Accepted by the Congress were the following new Associate members: Svenska BMX Forbundet, The New Zealand BMX Association, Belgische Cyclo Bond and the Indonesian BMX Association.

Just 1 item selected from the minutes of the annual congress that has been discussed in 1984 and still is actual: Quality of international racing (letter from KNWU of Holland): Experience learns that there is a lot of difference between quality of tracks and organizations in the various countries affiliated with I.BMX.F. To improve the quality and to get a more equal level of international racing, we suggest, to set up a classification with A/B/C- ratings for the tracks/organizations in the various countries. We (K.N.W.U.) are already doing this on a national level and this system did prove to work out very well.

August 16 -19th, J.B.A. organized the 3rd. I.BMX.F. World-Championships. Mr. Tadashi Inoue promoted and organized the event held at SUZUKA circuit in Suzuka - Japan, close to Nagoya-City.


Countries present: 15. Total number of entries: 589.

Number of spectators: 5000 (over 3 days), number of races: 345

Only Americans present: Mike Poulson - Schwinn works rider and Woody Itson - Hutch, + doing trick shows. Everett Rosecrans promoting VANS shoes.


Fact, the American industry kind of boycotted the 3rd I.BMX.F. WC in Japan. The industry tried to control the I.BMX.F. Worlds, later on they found out, that that wasn't the way to do things. Also the Magazines did not support this worlds. I learned later on that Howie Cohen (Kuwahara import USA at the time) went to the magazines and explained to them that when the magazines didn't go to Japan, he would not go. Even HUTCH did sent a letter to the USA manufacturers advising them: don't go! In fact they all did "miss the boat" at that time for sure and weren't a part of history !!! In order to help Tadashi Inoue prepare this event, Gerrit Does went to Japan early 1984 as mentioned.



Amature 20 inch:
  1. Phil Hoogendoorn - NED
  2. Xavier Redois - FRA
  3. Ludy v.d. Werff - NED
  4. Colley Stephan- FRA
  5. Claude Vuillemot - FRA
  6. Erik Dukino - NED
  7. Tim March - GBR
  8. Francois J. Dolli - FRA


A very close finish between Phil Hoogendoorn and Xavier Redois. Glad a picture was taken to show who won because I had to make the final decision as "finish line official": Phil Hoogendoorn - NED, did win for sure.
Check their very exiting race here:

Amature cruiser:Amateur Trophy:
  1. Phil Hoogendoorn - NED
  2. Tim March - GBR
  3. Ludy v.d. Werff - NED
  4. Jean Francois Lalli - FRA
  5. Claude Vuillemot - FRA
  6. Erik Dukino - NED
  1. Ludy v.d. Weff - NED
  2. Xavier Redois - FRA
  3. Tim March - GBR
  4. Erik Dukino - NED
  5. Pascal Guionnet - FRA
  6. Trevor Robinson - AUS
  7. Takahashi Hiroshi - JPN
  8. Okada Takashi - JPN
Powder-Puffs 16+:Expert 6:
  1. Pauline Williams - AUS
  2. Monique Franssen - NED
  3. Ruth Demmery - AUS
  4. Karen Murray - AUS
  5. Garrie Mc.Craw - CAN
  6. Tina Baker - AUS
  1. Frank Gregory - USA
  2. Larry Austin - AUS
  3. Danny Lynch - AUS
Expert 7:Expert 8:
  1. Joaquin Ramolfo - CHI
  2. David Old - AUS
  3. David Maw - GBR
  1. Roy v.d. Waardenburg - NED
  2. Patrick Claessens - NED
  3. Rodigo Sequel - CHI
Expert 9:Expert 10:
  1. Cameron Mitchell - AUS
  2. John de Lang - NED
  3. Drew Guinn - AUS
  1. Jeroen van Nuil - NED
  2. Bryce Jenkins - AUS
  3. Trent Tudd - NZL


Expert 11:Expert 12:
  1. Brenton Cooper - AUS
  2. Djeda Felipe - CHI
  3. Dean Babeson - GBR
  1. Andrew Figliomeni - AUS
  2. Willem Strijker - NED
  3. Jack Dent - AUS
Expert 13:Expert 14:
  1. Robert Mac.Pherson - USA
  2. Jason Borg - AUS
  3. Ryan Ledebur - NED
  1. Marcial Rivera - CHI
  2. Toni Aquirre - VEN

Expert 15:Expert 16:
  1. Mark Mandigers - NED
  2. Danny Coppick - AUS
  3. Jeff Ingram - CAN
  1. Paul Addams - AUS
  2. Pierre v. Zuijlen - NED
  3. Andy Pe Tee Murnaue - AUS


Expert 17:Powder-Puffs 7 & under:
  1. Leigh Egan - AUS
  2. Chris Jenskins - NED
  1. Gaye Mc.Manus - NZL
  2. Jennifer Fitzswater - USA
  3. Nadine Stevens - NED
Powder-Puffs 8-9:Powder-Puffs 10-11:
  1. Pamela Battista - AUS
  2. Lyndal Ellement - AUS
  3. Karren Simpson - AUS
  1. Corine Dorland - NED
  2. Tai Lee Muxlow - AUS
  3. Ray Lee Wong - AUS
Powder-Puffs 12-13:Powder-Puffs 14-15:
  1. Alana Madam - AUS
  2. Linda Scheepers - NED
  3. Joanne Blair - AUS
  1. Heidi Kelders - NED
  2. Michelle Lain - AUS
  3. Tracey Kasikawski - AUS
Cruiser 13 and under:Cruiser 14-15:
  1. Robert Mac Phearson - USA
  2. Todd Selby - AUS
  3. Ashley Walker - AUS
  1. Mark Watkins - GBR
  2. Jat Downey - AUS
  3. Steven Donnelly - AUS
Cruiser 16-17:Cruiser 18-24:
  1. Colin Wilson - AUS
  2. Dean Yeo - AUS
  3. Luc Koelher - FRA
  1. Trevor Shepard - AUS
  2. Michael Figliomeni - AUS
  3. Darren Miller - AUS
Cruiser 25:Open class 7 & under:
  1. John Duncan - AUS
  2. Jos Vincent - NED
  3. Cordier Edouard - FRA
  1. David Maw - GBR
  2. Lucas Fisher - AUS
  3. Kurt James Brunton - NZL
Open class 8-9:Open class 10-11:
  1. Cameron Mitchell - AUS
  2. Clint Morris - AUS
  3. Andrew Robertson - AUS
  1. Dorren Johnson - AUS
  2. Breton Copper - AUS
  3. Adam Koleits - AUS
Open class 12-13:Open class 14 & over:
  1. Ryan Ledebur - NED
  2. Karl Mustidrin - AUS
  3. Ashley Walker - AUS
  1. Leigh Egan - AUS
  2. Pierre v. Zuijlen - NED
  3. Shane Fountain - AUS
Invitation STAR race:
  1. Mike Poulson - USA
  2. Ludy v.d. Werff - NED


1. Australia 14 17 17
2. Holland 9 8 5
3. U.S.A. 3 1 -
4. England 2 1 3
5. Chili 2 1 1
6. New Zealand 1 - 2
7. France - 2 2
8. Venezuela - 1 -
9. Canada - - 1
10. Japan
  Total: 31 31 31

Results "World Championship Factory teams 1984":
1. Kawahara - Holland 358 pts.
2. ASCO - Holland 350 pts.
3. GT-Factory International - USA 332 pts.
4. Pro-Sight - Australia 318 pts.
5. Kuwahara - Australia 304 pts.

In total 14 teams entered this team competition.


More pictures taken during the 1984 second I.BMX.F. World Championships at Suzuka - Japan, click to view:







Countries affiliated to I.BMX.F. at the moment:

Full members were, USA, Holland, England, Japan, Venezuela, Chile, Canada, France, Australia and West-Germany (10 countries).

Associate members were, Colombia, Denmark, Hong-King, Norway, Panama, Spain, Dominican Republic, Rep. of the Philippines, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg and New-Zealand (15 countries).

Applications in progress were : Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia, Zimbabwe and Macao. Again an application came on from "the National BMX Association of South-Africa" but had to be denied by most of the countries present in order of their governments policy (political reasons: Apartheid !).

The National BMX Association of South-Africa, controlled 9 Provincial Associations throughout S.A. There were approx. 45 clubs at the time and around 3.500 registered riders. At their South-African Championships they had about 750 entries (closed to non-members). These were real figures instead of the figures they presented earlier this year. Mr. Lance Blom was the N.BMX.A of S.A.'s president. Mr. Vincenzo Cascino reported all of the above on the South-American situation:

Venezuela: at the time 1200 license holders, 27 clubs and 6 associations.

Bolivia: BMX is developing and there contact can be expected any time.

Uruguay: application for an affiliation in progress. BMX only in the jungle zone of Santa Cruz.

Paraguay: BMX just got off the ground in this country. It started from the capital, Asuncion and the pioneer in this country was Mr. Mujica.

Brazil: Since early 1984 BMX is growing rapidly. Reason: the actual organizing of events is now done by official organizations and not by bicycle manufacturers anymore. Most important tracks are in the Rio and Sao Paulo area with in total 25 tracks.

Argentina: BMX is still not booming in Argentina. Several races have been organized by motorcycle clubs. Among others in the capital of Argentina, in Bariloche and in Mendoza. The first National championship has been organized in April of this year on a new track inside the city of Buenos Aires. The name of the track: " Pista General Manuel Belgrano ". Promotional races are organized around the country.

Developments in France were spectacular. René Nicolas reported on the French situation on August 1st 1984:
1981: 120 license holders.
1982: 670 license holders.
1983: 2.250 license holders.
1984: 5.233 license holders (on August 1st). Again another 1.297 regional licenses have to be added as well, which make the total 6.530 licenses issued.

Now the A.F.B. has 218 clubs affiliated and in total 120 permanent tracks are available. A full time staff of 4 persons is working for the A.F.B. President of the A.F.B. at the time was Mr. Raymond Imbert.


August 16th., the first I.BMX.F. executive committee meeting took place at Suzuka - Japan.

During the committee meeting, the JBA (Japan BMX Association) presented me (GD) with this appreciation award.


September. During this month, world-wide, Reader's Digest published articles on the new cycle sport, BMX.

*** foto Reader's Digest

September. In Johannesburg South - Africa, the 1984 South-African Championships took place. 1050 riders did compete in these meeting.

Mr. Lance Blom, President of the N.BMX.Assoc. of S.A. called these Championships a great success.

September 4th. In order to look for possibilities to strengthen the position of a young starting organization such as I.BMX.F. was at the time, we called upon the F.I.M.,

the International Motorcycle Federation to start a working together relationship. BMX being a extraction of motorcycle moto-cross even though the sport was executed on special bicycles. GD was invited to come to the Spring Meetings of the FIM to be held in Geneva – Switzerland on March 2nd and 3rd - 1985 to present his case.

Letter came from Mr. Guy Maitre – FIM general secretary. August 30th. UCI was contacted (Mr. M. Jekiel) and asked for a working together relationship. Mr. M. Jekiel informed us by letter of September 11th 1984, that the FIAC did have the matter under investigation. They were studying on BMX and Bicycle- trials (called Trialsin, within the FIAC ranks). A copy of this letter was send to Mrs. Giuliani, the actual FIAC - General secretary.


September 10th. The General Secretary of I.BMX.F. contacted FIAC as well (Mrs. Carla Giuliani).

The answer (letter dated October 4th 1984) from Mrs. Giuliani was the same as that of Mr. Jekiel (UCI): they were in the progress of studying the possibilities of getting BMX and Bicycle trials organized within their ranks. They were also investigating which of their own FIAC affiliated organizations were already running BMX organizations / departments. At that time and moment their weren't many, because most I.BMX.F. organizations were independent new BMX organizations and their were only a few FIAC orientated and affiliated, like the KNWU (Holland) and BDR (Germany). I.BMX.F. also had several BMX departments within motorcycle organizations like Denmark, Finland affiliated. Kind of a complicated situation ......


September 10th. As I.BMX.F. General Secretary, I did send an official letter to the I.O.C. in Lausanne, asking for an official Olympic status for BMX racing,

the International Olympic Committee Program Commission would decide in this matter did Mrs. Monique Berlioux - Director, state in her answer to the I.BMX.F. This was confirmed by letter dated October 15th. 1984 written by Mrs. Monique Berlouix.


September 12th, a special meeting took place in Geneve - Switzerland to combine several efforts of different groups getting BMX organized in Switzerland.

The F.BMX.S. as one organization and two clubs in the French speaking part of the country, B.C. Geneve (represented by N. Rampini and V. Dufour) and BC Echichens (represented by L. Claessens and R. Neri) got together to talk business.

September 22-23rd. An I.BMX.F. International BMX race took place during the IFMA '84 motorcycle and bicycle show in Koln - Germany called: "Grand Prix BMX"

September 29th. An extra I.BMX.F - European competition congress took place at Motel Leuven near Brussels in Belgium.

Present were: Joan Ventura - Spain, Walter Hupel - Germany, Tom Leurs and Louis Vrijdag - Holland, Norman Darbyshire and Sue Jarvis England, René Nicolas and Christine Deconclois - France, Ben Schenkelaars - Belgium and Franz Hattan - Switzerland. No reps from: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finalnd and Italy. Gerrit Does acted on behalf of I.BMX.F. as chairman during this meeting. Discussed was the European racing calendar 1985, European Championship 1985 - Spain, Superclass series 1985 and how to improve communication. Guidelines concerning Pre-registration for international events were discussed.

October. In spite of an official stop, the National BMX Ass. of South Africa hosted the U.S.A. Hutch Team during the month of October.

Richard & Thelma Hutchins as well as Tim Judge, Woody Itson, Mike Buff, Steve Veldman, Monty Gray, Jason Johnson and Brad Moore were present. Also Mongoose rider Billy Griggs did travel to South Africa with the Hutch team. All riders did compete in 7 meetings and they were impressed with the tracks and the competition at the time.

October 4th. this letter came in from FIAC.


In the end, without contacting I.BMX.F., the FIAC started it's own BMX Committee and appointed Mr. Armand Blondiau (one of the Belgium BMX pioneers) as their BMX Coordinator. Looking back into the short history of BMX development in Belgium, were at the time at least 3 "so-called" BMX organisations were "competing" against eachother, the level of organizing races was of a low standard. That also showed off during the unofficial FIAC BMX Worlds organized earlier.

October 12 - 14th., were the dates that the 1st. American I.BMX.F. Continental Championships took place in Santiago - Chile, organized by the Federacion Chilena de Bicicross (F.CBX).

Early March 1984 preparations started and a special committee was formed to direct the activities. The committee was headed by Mr. Juan Jabbaz, general secretary of the F.CBX and Mr. Sergio Badiola, National Sport Director, as honorary president. Invited were riders from North, Central and South America. 8 riders from the USA were present as well as 17 riders from Venezuela, 2 from Uruguay, 27 from Argentina and hundreds of Chilean riders. Total number of entries was around 1.000.

It was reported that over 12.000 spectators visited the BMX track and several millions of TV viewers witnessed this event.

The opportunity was taken to create a coordinating committee for American BMX. The committee was founded officialy on October 12th and called "American BMX Confederation". Elected as its first president was Mr. Vincenzo Cascino.

The Foundation letter was signed by:

Bob Tedesco -USA
Roberto Siniscalchi - Argentina
Oscar Luzardo - Uruguay
Ruben Garcilazo - Venezuela
Ruy Barbosa - Chile
Vincenzo Cascino - I.BMX.F.

The next Continental Championship was allocated to Caracas - Venezuela to be held April 1985.

November 8th. Letter received from the Danmarks Motor Union, BMX-department on the present situation in Denmark.

Mrs. Lissie Laursen reports: DMU was not able to sent a delegation of riders to the Worlds in Japan. At this moment DMU holds 500 license holders, they have around 25 tracks all over Denmark. A working together relationship has been agreed upon between Norway, Sweden and Denmark which resulted in the first Scandinavian Championship held on September 8/9th. 1984 in Copenhagen - Denmark.

November 9th. Letter received from Mr. Stefan Ekwall, President of the "Svenska BMX Forbundet" Marsta - Sweden.

He reported that they had a very successful year ending up with 18 BMX clubs and over 200 members. They expect to grow the coming year from 18 to 35/40 BMX clubs and hopefully over 400 members. For 1985 1 or 2 indoor events are scheduled and Sweden will be the host for the 1985 Scandinavian Championship. During 1984 Swedish riders took part in events in England, Holland, USA and the I.BMX.F. Worlds in Japan.

The 1984 Scandinavian Championship in Copenhagen - Denmark was very successful. Out of the 48 Swedish riders, 17 made it into the main event. Andreas Nyberg became Nordic Champ in his age-class, according Sven Reis of the S.BMX.F.

Also a report from Mr. Lars Forus from Sandnes - Norway came in.

1984 was the first year that BMX was under the umbrella of the Norwegian Cycle Federation (Norges Cykleforbund) with its own BMX department. The sale of BMX bikes increased strongly in Norway. Over 10.000 BMX bikes were sold, being 5% of the total sale of bicycles. Norway has up till this moment 10 tracks operational and approx. 300 BMX riders (approx. 100 NCF licensed riders and rest club riders).

November 24 - 25th. Annual European Competition Congress at Leuven-Belgium. Several items were discussed such as:

Racing calendar 1986, International Officials Team ( I.O.T.) structure, discussion: "age on the day of the race" or "age on January 1st", proposal allocating the 1990 Worlds. There were 2 candidates: France and England, discussion on general communications between E.C.C., National BMX organizations and riders, situation I.BMX.F. in relation with U.C.I./FIAC and F.I.M. (World governing body for motorcycling). Representatives were present from France, Switzerland, England, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Spain.

December 1st. As a life-member from the BML - Philippines, I received a Christmas card from Mr. Jorge de Jesus,

President of the BML - Philippines including best wishes and great success for the 1985 I.BMX.F. World Championships in Canada. Included also was a leaflet to invite BMX' ers to come over and race at the Don Antonio Heights Subd. BMX Track, sanctioned by the BML - Bicycle Motocross League of the Philippines.

December 2nd, 1st International Indoor Palais Omnisport - Bercy, Paris – France.

This was a fantastic, unique, radical event. This is how one can describe this 1st. indoor at Bercy- Paris. Bicross Magazine with Mr. Didier Coste and Alain Kuligowski, the management of Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy and the A.F.B. (the French BMX organization) with among others René Nicolas, were the actual promoters/organizers of the great event.

*** foto the BERCY-Paris indoor track

Over 13.000 mostly young people came from all corners of France by coach or otherwise, to be present at this unique event. A maximum of about 330 riders were invited and among them ofcourse US Pro's like Scott Clark, Greg Hill, Stu Thomsen, Mike Miranda, Harry Leary, Rod Beckering, Eddy King and Pete Loncarevich.

*** foto Greg Hill, Scott Clark and Stu Thomsen
*** foto in front of the Eifel Tower

The main event in Pro class was won by Stu Thomsen and therefore he was crowned KING of BERCY 1984.

*** foto KING of BERCY 1984: Stu Thomsen

In Superclass the European top riders battled it out with as final result Phil Hoogendoorn (Holland) winning that class with Xavier Redois (France) second and Leon Walravens (Holland) in third. Besides BMX racing, a Trick show was part of the program, executed by R.L. Osborn and Eddie Fiola. Ofcourse the famous USA announcer nicknamed " The Duke" (of Oakley), presented this show. The crowd went wild all day long. It was just fantastic. Perfect promotion for the sport of BMX.

December 20th. Gerrit Does was decorated and given the KNWU's (Royal Dutch Cycling Federation) Silver Wheel for his pioneer work in the field of BMX in Holland.

Facts on developments in BMX:

This was the top year in Holland when talking number of licenses. 8.971 licenses were issued (4756 competition licenses and the rest were club cards). 177 BMX clubs were affiliated with the KNWU and in total 150 clubs did have an official BMX track. Holland was divided into 10 regions were official races were held. In total 300 events were organized this year. As it seems the BMX market in Holland is stabilizing.

France did end up with 7.300 license holders included approx. 1.000 regional licenses. Then prognoses for 1985 is approx. 10.000 license holders.

FIAC (Amateur section of UCI) installed its own BMX-Trialsin Committee some time September this year. The members of this committee were: M. Lemay - Canada; Mr. Pitallier - France; Mr. Rosati - Italy (all for BMX) and Mr. Pieux - Spain (special for Bicycle-Trials). As secretary for this committee was appointed Mr. Armand Blondiau (former president of the F.BMX.B. and former member of I.BMX.F.). Mr. Gallee of the Belgium Cycle Federation acted as chairman of this group. Non of them really understood the sport of BMX and looked at everything with FIAC "eyes". The wheel already was invented, but this committee with 70+ year old Mr. Gallee coordinating it all, invented the wheel all over and over again! A waist of time and energy.

Switzerland: the Federation BMX Schweiz did have 93 license holders at the end of this season.

December 28-29th., the 1984 USBA "7-UP World Championship" - Las Vegas - Nevada, USA took place.

A report on this World Championship was written in BMX PLUS, issue April 1985. Here the actual report on this event.

"In keeping with a tradition that has become associated with our sport, a BMX World Championship as held the weekend after Christmas to determine who would reign as the World Champion for 1985. This year that race was the 1984 "7-UP World Championship" held in Las Vegas, Nevada and the rider who earned that coveted but slightly dubois title was Rick Palmer of Patterson Racing. An end-of-the-year World Championship of this type has existed since 1978, despite the fact that a better, more prestigious World Championship has been held every year since 1982 by the International BMX Federation (I.BMX.F.).

The man who promotes this "UN-World Championship" has always been Renny Roker. This year, however, Mr. Roker handed over the rights to the title "World Championship" to the USBA for their use and promotion. Renny didn't leave empty-handed, however. Like many of the precious World Championships, this one had national TV coverage. Mr. Roker told the USBA that he must have complete television rights to the World Championship once the USBA did decide to hold the event. The final BMX outcome: BMX got its other yearly World Championship; Renny got his TV rights; the USBA sanctioned its first (1st.) World event; and everybody was happy.

With only 79 motos spread over a two-day periode, this World Championship lacked some of the tedium associated with other much bigger and moredrawn-out World Championships. Because of the race's small seize, action in the Pro classes was limited. The main reason for the small Pro turnout was the fact that the NBL was holding the third race of their 1985 national season on the same weekend in Alabama. Among the Amateurs, Rick Palmer was the man of the hour in Vegas, he quadrupled. That's first in 17 & Over Expert, 17-21 Cruiser, 17 & Over Open ánd in the World Championship Trophy Dash. Rick's victory in the last of those events gave him his first World Championship and Patterson Racing (Rick's sponsor) their third. If I recall, Richie Anderson won the 1982 and '83 World Championhip while he was still riding for the Patterson team.

Of the Pros who showed up for the World Championship, Pete Loncarevich looked like the odds-on favorite.Withwins in all his motos, semis and the first two of three Main events, only a disaster could keep him from victory. Fortunately for second-place leader Shawn Texas, Pete's disaster came in the first turn. Pete had to get a third or better to beat Shawn for the title. In the first turn of the third Main, Pete was comfortable in that third place sport with Shawn behind him. Just as Peter stood on it to exit the turn, he slipped off both pedals and Shawn squeaked by him for the lead. Shawn's victory helped him become the 1984's Pro World Champion and left Pete with what will undoubtedly prove the more valuable honor, ABA National Number One Pro, the title earned a month earlier in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Even with the fast action and the TV coverage, this seventh annual World Championship had a tough time living up to its name. Until the promoters and organizers of the sport's two yearly "World Championships" get together and formulate a plan for deciding upon a true World Champion, the BMX fans will continue to have doubts about the validity of the "World Championship" title. That's a shame, because incredible feats like that of Rick Palmer's should never go doubted or unrecognized by the rest of the BMX world."


Note by Gerrit Does (NED) at the time General Secretary of the I.BMX.F. (also the original founder member of I.BMX.F. together with George E. Esser (NBL-USA) and Tadashi Inoue (JBA-Japan):
" People as well as
promotors in the USA did not yet fully understand the difference between the two organizations running World Championships, at the time. The Worlds organized in the USA by USA promotor(s) did not have any world wide governingbody supporting and sanctioning of this Worlds. The I.BMX.F. was an organization with representatives of world wide National organizations running BMX in their countries. This set up would garantee representation of riders from those countries/organizations affiliated with theI.BMX.F. at the I.BMX.F. Worlds Championships. The concept was a copy of the FIM and FIAC-FICP/UCI organizations and it worked.

Results on the 1984 USBA 7-UP World Championhips:

1984 USBA_WK_results__scannen0066


December 31st., letter sent to the president of the I.O.C., Mr. Samaranch, to lobby on the subject:  recoqnition of "BMX racing" as an Olympic discipline.

In order to have the International Olympic Committee well informed about BMX racing, for which sport we applied for an Olympic recoqnition, I asked our dear Spanish friend Joan Ventura, to write a letter in the Spanish language to the President of the I.O.C., Mr. Samaranch (Spanish nationality). This is the way we tried to lobby within the IOC. Underneath the letter concerned.

1984 ioc 31 12 84 22355 n





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