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History of BMX (2009 - 2010)

YEAR 2009.



February 8th. The official opening of the Dutch BMX MUSEUM located in a small town called MEGEN in Holland.

Owner Mike Janssen, an old school BMX'er himself, started to collect BMX bikes while surching for his first ever BMX bike he owned himself, when he was a kid. Mike did find a location in the small town of Megen in Holland, a second floor of a large farmhouse of about 120 m2 where was able to fit up his complete collection. Beside about 80 complete bikes, mainly BMX, also a couple of trial bikes, so-called "formula-one" bikes, a side-hacks and further more there are many old school frame/fork sets of famous brands in 20 and 24 " issues.  



Beside the "hard-ware" ofcourse numerous race-jerseys, among them a Stu Thompsen Redline jersey, complete uniforms among them the Dutch National Team uniforms of TEAM AMEV, spare parts, documents and so on.

For sure a unique collection. Many pictures on the walls of old school BMX, video's and DVD's can be shown of the AVRO TV series, the 1983 I.BMX.F. Worlds in Slagharen and other highlight events European and World wide. Recently Mike obtained through the KNWU a large part of the KNWU license administration, nice to go through and check names in one's region in Holland.

The official opening took place at the farmhouse and besides Mike's family and parents of both Mike and his wife, several old school BMX'ers were present. Among them Gerrit and Mieke Does. Gerrit as "father"of the Dutch BMX scene. Short speeches were given by GD and Mike himself. After enjoying a drink and something to eat everybody went up to the BMX MUSEUM. Coming up the stairs of the museum, the old school BMX'ers were asked to sign the "Wall of Fame" of the BMX Museum, Gerrit Does being the first to do so.



Later on this year, the UNIVERSITY of BMX was able to negotiate a deal with Mike Janssen to allocate the EUROPEN BMX HALL of FAME at the BMX MUSEUM. Seen above a picture of the screen with all the European BMX Hall of Fame members up and till 2008. 

It's great to see that such a young sport (started officialy in 1978 in Europe) has already such a great short history and that this history is documentated here at the BMX MUSEUM. The museum is open to the public only after making an appointment. Check out for more details.  

May 2nd.-3rd. UCI BMX European Championship 2009, Creazzo - Italy, round 5 & 6.



Final Rounds, Fredericia (Denmark)


July 20-26th.  The 2009 UCI BMX World Championship took place in Adelaide, Australia.


Results World Championship Elite Men:                       
1. Donny Robinson      - USA    World Champion (laptime 28.648 sec)  
2. Mike Day      - USA
3. Ramiro Marino       - ARG
4. Maris Strombergs       - LAT
5. Nicholas Long       - USA
6. Luke Madill       - AUS
7. Andres Juminez Caicedo      - COL
8. Khalen Young       - AUS

Results World Championship Elite Women:
1. Sarah Walker       - NZL    World Champion (laptime 31.879 sec)
2. Eva Ailloud       - FRA
3. Arielle Martin       - USA
4. Jana Horáková        - CZE
5. Samantha Cools       - CAN
6. Manon Valentino       - FRA
7. Nicole Callisto       - AUS
8. Maria Gabriela Diaz       - ARG

Results World Championship Junior Men:
1. Sam Willoughby       - AUS    World Champion (laptime 28.289 sec)
2. Andre Fossa Aquiluz       - NOR
3. Anthony Dean       - AUS
4. Tory Nyhaug        - CAN
5. Corben Sharrah        - USA
6. Riley Stair       - USA
7. Joris Daudet       - FRA
8. Michael Chasteauneuf       - AUS

Results World Championship Junior Women:
1. Mariana Pajon       - COL    World Champion (laptime 32.241 sec)
2. Merle van Behthem        - NED
3. Maartje Hereijgers        - NED
4. Rachel Bracken       - AUS
5. Dominique Daniels       - USA
6. Alexandra Williams       - NZL
7. Alise Post       - USA
8. Lauren Reynolds       - AUS 

UCI BMX World BMX track at Adelaide - Australia


It was during this Worlds in Australia that there was a Championship title to be won in the Elite Cruiser classes for the last time. No more titles in the Elite cruiser classes from 2010 on.

August 28th, Jan "Helicopter" v.d. Dungen and Gerrit "godfather" Does did bring in O.S. stuff at the BMX MUSEUM.



Besides those men mentioned above, many O.S.'ers did donate something of historic value to the BMX MUSEUM over time. On picture below, Addie v.d. Ven one of Hollands top BMX'ers in the '80 s did donate the SFN trophy (Super Cup) shown and a Hutch frame used by Mike Miranda, which frame when it was a complete bike, Mike rode into a tree in the woods near Apeldoorn, while staying with Addie. Look at the front of the frame. Mike came out of this crash safe by the way. And this is how items end up at the BMX Museum.  By the way ............. Addie v.d. Ven is the present 2010 National Champion Motorcar-racing CLIO-CUP Series.


October 2nd. thr. 4th., 2009 the UNIVERSITY of BMX Old Skool Reunion, Slagharen (Holland).


Ask any pro BMX racer from the '80-s and '90-s about Ponypark Slagharen and they'll tell you a story or two. The place has got some BMX history, which kicked off with the first I.BMX.F. World Championships race outside of the USA in 1983 which was won by Clint Miller in the Pro class (not Colony's Clint Millar!). With the AVRO Fietscross series, European Challenge Cup races with their legendary King of Dirt events, and some freestyle demos by the likes of Eddie Fiola, Dave Breed, the MBK team, Ron Wilkerson, Dennis Langlais, Martin Apparijo, Carlo Griggs etc., it's clear that the place smells like BMX more than it does like Pony's. Gerrit Does found it time for a BMX Reunion which took place last weekend, at the park. Knowing Gerrit you could expect more than just a get together at the bar bringing up old stories. Gerrit had contacted BMX collectors to see if they would be into displaying their bikes during the weekend. With close to 100 bikes present you could say that this was a big success. You can read about who won what in the FATBMX report right here.


The kids from 2-10 years old were treated with a BMX Clinic courtesy of BMX Playground. Unfortunately Olympic BMX Champion Maris Strombergs had cancelled his trip to Slagharen so the kids had to work with Zonto (Laurens Dingen) instead. He did a good job and the kids were into it.


The Paul's Boutique team riders entertained the crowd with some dirt jump demos over the weekend. Dennis Keunen even managed to pull several backflips which he had just learned a few weeks prior to the show. With flip master Pim van den Bos out with a broken ankle this move was very welcome. What's a show without a backflip? Just ask Bart Bazelmans about that one. Daniel Wijsmuller did whips, truckdrivers and 360 flatties over the "killer jump" and Michael van der Lee and Riccardo Moes kept the show going. Walter took care of the flatland moves with some hitchhikers and cliffhangers over a far from flat surface. On Sunday 5 years old Philip de Jong made a little guest appearance. All in all some live BMX-ing next to the hall where the infamous KOD's took place in the early 1990-s.

Remember Vector Racing? Double down-tube. Here ya go...

One of the highlights of the weekend was the BMX footage from the 1950-s. Amersfoort is now the birth place of BMX. Forget about California. It was done in Holland first. We showed pictures before, we'll show you some footage very soon. BMX books need to be re-written. Joe Kid shredded on grandma's bike first. Not realy ofcourse. We, the Dutch had FX or BX (Bicycle Cross), indeed immitating moto-crosss stars from the '50 s. One could ride any type of bike. The Americans had their Stingray 20 inch bicycles on which they immitated their moto-cross stars at the time. This was late '60s, erly '70s.It was Scot Breithaupt who names this sport after using several other names and came up with Bicycle Moto-Cross of BMX.

In one of the large halls at Ponypark, everybody came together in the evening for the celebration and presentation of Hall of Fame members present. Gerrit, Paul Vakkers and Martin v.d. Velden took us through 30 years of BMX with video footage. A nice history lesson for all. The members of the University of BMX Hall Of Fame were honoured for what they'd done for the sport. Basically win titles for Holland in the many international BMX racing events. Phil Hogendoorn, Anita van de Mortel, Willy Kanis, Melanie Hogendoorn, Corine Dorland, Karien Gubbels and Louis Vrijdag were some of the members that picked up their plaque.


Rob van den Wildenberg made it on stage and was asked some questions about the 2008 Olympics where he made the final. Willy Kanis and Roy van den Berg announced their retirement of BMX and will concentrate on Velodrome racing from now on.

The band DAAN finished off the night with frontman Daniel Levi, a former BMX racer. As a Mid-gig he threw in a little BMX quizz for the people present. Some of the answers were questionable but at least he showed his involvement in BMX which was a good fit at a night like this.


It was the freestyle crew that had to finish off the night in fashion as the night was still young. No 08h00 race practice the next day. Sweet.  Text & Pix by

Awards that were ready to be presented, but riders concerned were not able to attent. To be issued some time later on ......

2021 megen bmx museum pvz 22 6 5hall of fame awards to be issued each year since 2009

October 2nd. - 4th. International Old Skool of BMX Reunion and Celebration 30 years of BMX in Holland and Europe, Attractiepark Slagharen - Holland, Europe.

Waalre/Slagharen, September 20th. 2009.
Last update before International Old School of BMX Reunion/Celebrating 30 years of BMX, to take place at Attractiepark Slagharen on Oktober 2nd. through 4th. 2009. This will be the last update before meeting you all at Slagharen. Bring good weather, old school stuff like race jerseys and so on, wear them if you still can. Bring pictures and others stuff to show to your former competitors and enjoy a renewed friendship.

Just a few details to inform you:
The park will open at 10.00 hours. It is still possible to make reservations although there is only little space left. The park will be filled with “normal guests” and a section will be the participants BMX Reunion.  It would be wise to make reservations for the camping site, but not absolutely necessary. Plenty of room there. On arrival at the amusement park, park your car and go to the special booth with sign “BMX REUNION” and report here!  If your not staying on the park or camping, you will be given info on how to get a ticket/ wristband.  Also a weekend planning – voucher for diner -  and a form for breakfast (€ 11,50 p.p.) will be given to you. If you have made reservations for a cottage, you have to go to “registration” were all this info will be given to you, including info on your cottage. At about 14.00 hours you will be allowed to enter the park at GATE 2 (in Dutch: POORT 2), the gate opposite the Camping site entrance. Those staying in a cottage have to leave on Monday October 5th. before 10.00 hours.

On Friday evening from 19.00 till about 21.00 hours, we will have a welcome meeting on the first floor of the BIG JAKE’s DINER HOUSE across the main-entrance of the park.

If reunists are staying outside the park/camping site, they need a Passe Partous, a 3 day ticket. Can be bought on arrival. A wristband will be handed out that will allow you into the amusement park during the weekend but it will also give you free entrance to the MUSIC HALL for the OLD SCHOOL of BMX PARTY on Saturday evening. When entering the park, look for the ”BMX REUNION” info booth! They will help you find your way.

We are really proud to announce that we will have a unique O.S. BMX BIKE SHOW put together by 10 collectors, 6 from Holland, 3 from Belgium and 1 form Germany and probably 1 from Denmark (not sure). They will show unique bikes in perfect condition. Also frame/fork sets, uniforms, and so on will be shown here. Official opening at 10.30 hours by Maris Strombergs, the first ever Olympic Champ in BMX from Latvia. The Music Hall were the show will take place, closes at 18.00 hours. On Sunday one can visit the BIKE SHOW from 10 till 18.00 hours. Included in this event is a BEST BIKE election. An international Jury (one Belgium, one German and one Dutch jury-member) will decide which bike will win in 5 different categories.

We are very sorry to say that the scheduled BMX Race for Old School BMX’ers is CANCELLED. Out of the 150 riders that registered to be present during the weekend, only 15 registered for this BMX Race at the F.C.C. de Vaart BMX Track in Dedemsvaart, 7 km from the park. To less riders to organize an event. It seems that most O.S. BMX ‘ers  just want to relax, meet old friends, talk about history and present times. Most of the O.S. BMX’ers that will be present, haven’t been on a bike for some years too.

However, here is something I can tell those Old School BMX’ers that still race. There will be an OPEN EUROPEAN BMX CHAMPIONSHIP OLD SCHOOL 2010. We can announce that next year October at the JOËL SMETS BMX TRACK in Dessel – Belgium , the first ever OPEN EUROPEAN BMX CHAMPIONSHIP OLD SCHOOL 2010 will be held. The organizing club exists 10 years then and that will be celebrated by organizing this Old School event on Saturday and a regular BMX event on Sunday. There will be celebrity races, a side-car/monkey event and more.  Details will be sent around early 2010.

Instead of one clinic, now we will organize two Kids BMX Clinics: On Saturday starting at 12.00 hours and on Sunday starting at 12.00 hours. Location will be the Parking-lot of the Camping site, located next to the tennis fields. It will be a Sport and Play time type of clinic for the un-experienced youngsters age 3 through 9. Since we have no BMX track, this clinic will be conducted on a brick road and grass. It’s  nessesary that those kids who want to participate, report themselves (parents) through a form, the day before the Clinic. When the weather is bad, we all go to the restaurant called MOUNTAIN LODGE and watch a DVD of the in the ’80 s famous BMX Series run by TV station AVRO (50 minute show).

On Saturday evening October 3rd. around 19.30 the doors open of the MUSIC HALL, were the OLD SCHOOL of BMX PARTY will take place. This hall can hold 400 till 450 people and as it looks now, it will be completely filled. Only visitors with a wristband will be allowed in this hall. Old School BMX’ers and their families, officials etc. that are staying at the amusement park or camping site will have those wristbands already. Day visitors on the Saturday, telling officials in the box-office that they come for the Old School Reunion, will be given a wristband (price €  14,50). If you arrive late, in fact after 18.00 hours on this Saturday, you will pay only €   7,50 to come in, get a wristband and you can participate in this Party.

The Party starts at 20.00 hours and will last till about 23.00/23.30 hours The program looks like this:  Welcome – 30 years of BMX in Europe, a short resume of this history – presenting the European BMX Hall of Fame and some of its members present – performance of the band called D.A.A.N. (singer is a former BMX Dutch, European and World Champ, surprise, surprise who this will be!!??), just to mention a few items.

On Sunday October 4th. at 15.30 hours we will come together one more time in the MUSIC HALL. First we will have the price giving award ceremony of the “BEST BIKE” election and after that the official closing of the event will be announced. The amusement park will close 18.00 hours.

We are all looking forward to this event, meeting old friends and having a nice time. See you all soon and have a save trip over here.
Kindest regards, GERRIT DOES.

How the weekend actualy went, I want to show you through the pictures that follow now. Also some comments on the happening as such. Poster Reunion and introduction of our location, Attractiepark Slagharen - Holland.



Those staying at the park or on the camping site were present during the welcome meet. Friendships were renewed, DVD's were shown (pré 1990 events) and the weekend program was confirmed.


The bike show was helt in a large hall on the park itself. The show was just GREAT. The 12 collectors did bring their nicest equipment and complete bikes. I think one can say that this was a unique European first for sure. Many bikes present, regional TV did make an item for their evening news and many spectators enjoyed the bike show. Big thanks to the collectors present: Mike Janssen, Paul de Jong, Tim Haykens, Rudolf Smit, Danny Donkersloot, Serge Mannee - all from Holland; Johan Janssens, Erdal Gungor, Christophe Detandt - all from Belgium; Marküs Grünewald and Elmar Helmich - Germany and Allan Eskildsen - Denmark.






 Now showing you some more pictures in detail of the BMX bikes and other stuff, shown during this weekend.





Saturdaymorning the Kids BMX Clinic took place. Laurens "Zonto" Dingen acted as trainer-coach. Sorry to say the weather wasn't that good this weekend. However the kids had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves very much. Next clinic will be an a real BMX track, this clinic the basics of BMX were educated and exercised.



On Saturday, when the weather still was kind of o.k. and almost no wind, the Paul's Boutique Free Style BMX group gave several demonstrations. Here some picture. The Sunday demo's had to be cancelld due to bad weather.

DSC05149 DSC05150gd36__back_flip_during_free-style_BMX_demos



Time to party! The evening started with an presentation of a short History of BMX in Holland and Europe. Following this presentation, Hall of Fame awards were presented to the European BMX Hall of Fame members present at this BMX party. Personaly I was very happy with the performance of a former Dutch BMX racer, after that presentation. It was a secret who this guy was, but is was Daniel Levy, the lead singer of the band called D.A.A.N. - De Altijd Aparte Nederland. We all had a great evening even thoug the number of people present was kind of disappointing. Due to the bad weather many did nog show up. Here a selection of pictures taken during the HoF award ceremony.



Do you want to know more about the criteria how to become a Hall of Fame member, check out the section on this site under EURO HALL of FAME, Rules and Regulations and for details of result by individual Hall of Fame members, at the events mentioned in the R&R, check out the section OVERVIEW.



During this section of the O.S. party, a special trophy should have been presented to the first Olympic Champion in Elite Men class, Maris Strombergs from Latvia. Early 2008 I did meet Maris at the International indoor in Zwolle - Holland, were he promissed to be present at the Slagharen happening in October 2009. However, NO Maris showed up, no cancellation of his visit was given to me. I was very disappointed, him not being present, unprofessional and an Olympic Champion unworthy. Here the trophy that is still waiting to be presented to Maris.


And then the PARTY started. The peformance of the band D.A.A.N. was fantastic. Specialy the song written by Daniel Levy about his relationship with his Dad ánd them travelling all over Europe and the World because of BMX, was very emotional. Daniël did write this song for his Dad just before his Dad died. Respect Daniël! 






Before the closing cermony, the 12 old school BMX collectors came together for the presentation of awards. The jury came to the following conclusion

 1. Best ´70 s BMX Bike, won by ....... Paul de Jong  - Holland
 2. Best ´80 s BMX Bike, won by ....... Christophe Detandt - Belgium
 3. Best Free Style Bike, won by ......  Markus Grunewald - Germany        
 4. Most Unique Bike of Show, won by ....... Christophe Detandt - Belgium
 5. Best Bike of Show, won by ....... Christophe Detandt - Belgium



The official closing ceremony took place as scheduled, on the Sunday afternoon. Everybody went home to probably meet again on October 2nd. 2010 at the Joel Smets BMX Track in Dessel / Belgium.


E N D  

December 2009.  The BMX Racing World Championship Results book by Paull McLaughlin (AUS) was presented.

Just recently I received an issue of this document, send to me by Paull McLaughlin from Australia. Have you ever made the final at the World Championships? Or do you know someone who has? If you do, then BMX Racing World Championship Results 1978 – 2009 is the book for you.

After much research (most results came from this site, University of BMX) Paull McLaughlin has compiled the results for EVERY CLASS from EVERY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS ever run. Finalists are listed in age groups along with his or her country. The booklet is over 100 pages and the Worlds results cover:

JAG:                   1978 – 1983
IBMXF:               1982 – 1990
IBMXF / FIAC:    1991 – 1995
UCU:                  1996 –  >>> 
OLYMPICS:        since  2008
Elite male, female and cruiser world champions listed by year.
This is a wonderful trip down memory lane for all old schoolers as well as an awesome reference for individuals, clubs and associations interested in the history of BMX. Those that have already bought a copy of this booklet include Eric Rupe, Dale Holmes, Rob de Wilde, Gerrit Does and Jerry Landrum.

The booklet just costs $AUS 25 (excludes postage). Payment methods include cash, cheque, money order and electronic transfer. Email Paull at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to organise a copy to be sent out to you today.  

YEAR 2010.


March 17th - April 4th. BMX Pioneers Louis Vrijdag and Gerrit Does did meet old BMX friends in the USA.

After retiring from their BMX activities ending 1998/99, Louis Vrijdag as President of the UCI BMX Committee and Gerrit Does as teammanager, organizer and other functions, both friends turned to their "old love" motorcycles. Since the early 2000's they regularly cruise through Europe and they did the Route 66 in 2005 and now left for a motorcycle ride on Harley Davidson bikes, bringing those machines back from Orlando to L.A. This 21 day trip, of which 18 riding days, included visits with friends on the way.


First friends we did meet in Olrando were Greg Esser and John Hutelin. Last time I saw John was 27 years ago, when he stayed at my house for some time. Greg and his father George Esser, I did meet early 1990 in the USA for the last time. Greg and his family, both Louis and I went to Switserland in 2009 to visit Greg when he was competing in the World Championship model race cars in Lostallo. We had a great day in Orlando this time, talking about our experiences in the past, it was greast fun.


We also did meet with Renny Roker of the former owner/promotor of the JAG BMX WORLD CHAMPIONHIPS helt in Indianapolis - USA. In 1979 a Dutch team took part in this event for the first time. The official BMX organization existed at that time for about 1 year in Holland. For all Dutch riders, parents and officials involved, the JAG BMX Worlds was an incredibel experience. Never had anybody of our group seen so much BMX bikes together in one place. This event was also the place were several officials from countries from all over the world were present, met and talked about the developments in their countries.

The next year, 1980, even a larger group of riders from Holland went to the JAG BMX Worlds. During these Worlds, officials from several countries talked about starting a world wide BMX organisation, in order to promote, organize and regulate the sport of BMX concerning international events, but specialy Continental and World Championships. And all of those events organised under one set of rules. The JAG BMX event was great, but never could be a real world championship. It should be possible to allocated a Worlds to different countrie ánd National BMX organisations should organize these events. Three men were the first discussing about this new world wide organisation, George E. Esser (NBL - USA), Tadashi Inoue (JBA - Japan) and Gerrit Does (SFN/KNWU - Holland).

During the 1980 JAG BMX Worlds a meeting was organised with officials from the different countries present. Renny Roker facilitated this meeting. After long talks, the decision was made to start a world wide governing body for BMX, called the I.BMX.F. - International BMX Federation. And so it happened. Details on the I.BMX.F. and the development, see "History of BMX 1980" and on.  Anyway, the motivation to induct Renny Roker into the European BMX Hall of Fame was the fact, that the JAG BMX event was instrumental getting world wide officials together and start the I.BMX.F.  Allthough Renny did organise JAG World Championships till 1984, the I.BMX.F. assigned it's first official World Championship to the NBL-USA, which event was helt in Dayton-Ohio in 1982. This was the first ever I.BMX.F. World Championship.

In the year to come, the I.BMX.F. proved itself. The UCI (world wide governing body for cycling) noticed BMX developing word wide and started "talks" with I.BMX.F. board members to work together. At first talks were between Fiac and I.BMX.F representatives, FIAC being the amature devicion of the UCI and finaly I.BMX.F. integrated into the UCI ending 1996. I can see that after about 6 years of hard work, Louis Vrijdag succeeded in realizing this merge in his function as present of the UCI BMX committee.

The trip goes on.

DSC06118_overnacht_in_woning_Marcia_25-3_hier_de_garage DSC05993DSC06111_Marcia_Esser_en_GD

Half way our trip we visited Marcia Esser, George E. Esser's (r.i.p.) wife. Marcia made us a great diner, we talked a lot about my dear friend George and how his last years were. Still miss him.






April 17th. 2010 International BMX Competition Korea.


July 10th. The Redditch BMX Track UK rebuilt and officially opened.

Steve Rooke informed me about the fact that an historic moment occured on July 10th. of this year. There was already an existing Skate BMX Park, as a legacy of the original Redditch BMX track, famous for being the first UK BMX track and race on August 30th. 1980 (me, Gerrit Does was present at that event with a Dutch delegation of riders) and staging the Anglo-American Cup races in the year 1981, '82 and '83 (see History of BMX in the year mentioned).

In 2006 the Redditch Premiers BMX Club was reformed and after four yours of fundraising, campaigning and hard work, Redditch Council and British Cycling supported the project with 350.000 pounds. Work started on the project in January 2010 and it was completed in April 2010. Official (re-)opening on July 10th. 2010. The opening weekend consisted of an opening event on Saturday July 10th., which was attended by mr. David Duffield who used to work for Halfords and on Sunday July 11th., we held a Midlands Regional race.

The new facilitiy is just amazing, Steve Rooke explained to me very enthousiasticly. It is floodlit, has a perimeter fence, a club house building and is the leading BMX track facility in the UK at this moment.  Remarks GD: On the pictures below, Mr. David Duffield who did a lot for BMX in the pioneer days and whom I know very well from those days. Also UK's number 1 rider, Kelvin Batey seen on the pictures, at the moment a top Elite international rider, whom I have known for many years as well. Well done you all, this should have been the location for the first ever UCI World Cup in 1995 (instead of Brighton)!




July 8th. - 11th., final round UCI European Championship at Sandness, Norway.




July 30th. - August 1st., the 2010 UCI BMX World Championships - South-Africa.


Elite Men Final Results 31 JUL 2010
    Name                         Country   Laptime

1. STROMBERGS Maris      LAT       38.391
2. NHLAPO Sifiso      RSA       38.878 +0.487
3. DAUDET Joris      FRA       39.077 +0.686
4. HAMON Thomas       FRA       39.731 +1.340
5. van der BIEZEN Raymon       NED       39.878 +1.487
6. WILLERS Marc     NZL      1:39.692 +1:01.301
7. WILLOUGHBY Sam      AUS      1:39.740 +1:01.349
8. YOUNG Khalen      AUS      1:39.805 +1:01.414

Elite Women Final Results 31 JUL 2010
    Name                       Country  Laptime
1. READE Shanaze      GBR       38.819
2. WALKER Sarah      NZL      39.915 +1.096
3. POST Alise      USA      40.443 +1.624
4. DESPEAUX Amélie      FRA       41.805 +2.986
5. HLADIKOVA Aneta      CZE       42.230 +3.411
6. BRACKEN Rachel      AUS       43.031 +4.212
7. le CORGUILLÉ Laëtitia      FRA       1:13.782 +34.963
8. MARTIN Arielle      USA       DNF

Junior Men Final Results 31 JUL 2010
    Name                     Country   Laptime
1. ANDRE Sylvain       FRA        38.822
2. LEJINS Kristers       LAT       39.834 +1.012
3. van GENDT Twan      NED      40.229 +1.407
4. OQUENDO ZABALA David COL      40.461 +1.639
5. DUNSWORTH Matthew       AUS       40.855 +2.033
6. LAUSTSEN Niclas      DEN       41.284 +2.462
7. KRISTERS Taims      LAT       52.489 +13.667
8. FIELDS Connor       USA       DNF

Junior Women Final Results 31 JUL 2010
    Name                           Country   Laptime
1. van BENTHEM Merle      NED      40.946
2. CRAIN Brooke      USA     41.104 +0.158
3. McLEOD Melinda       AUS      41.604 +0.658
4. WOLCOTT Taylor       USA      42.340 +1.394
5. le ROUX Enora       FRA     44.572 +3.626
6. QUINALHA Bianca       BRA      44.757 +3.811
7. PEREZ Mayara      BRA      49.135 +8.189
8. DELLAR Kirsten       AUS      1:13.518 +32.572

During the 2010 Worlds in South Africa, there were no titles to be won in the Elite cruiser classes for the first year. 


August, 1st.  Youth Olympic Games -  Singapore 2010.

Mr. Jacques Rogge (Belgium), the IOC-president, stated that the first ever Youth Olympic Games were a great success. The concept of sport, culture and education was succesfully executed by the Singapore organisation, who had only 2,5 years of preparation time for this event. Twelve days of sport for young people of 14 up and till 18 years. In total 3600 athletes took part in this event and over 20.000 volunteers helped organise these Games. These Youth Olympic Games were a team effort, no individual medals could be won, but teammedals in each discipline.


Holland did win three medals: Gold in Ladies Hockey, Zilver in Sailing, Byte C11 + Zilver in bow and arrow and last but not least  ......  Bronze in Cycling (this was a combination of speed-cycling and BMX). During the 1st. Youth Olympic Games, CYCLING (including BMX) was one of the sport diciplines. Here the result in the Junior women's BMX and Junior men's BMX:

Junior Men
1. David Oquendo        (COL)
2. Twan van Gendt        (NED)
3. Niklas Laustsen         (DEN)

Junior Women
1. Mayara Perez        (BRA)
2.             Dellar        (BRA)
3. Maartje Hwereijgers        (NED)

Overall medal count at these Olympics, the top 10 countries:

                           Gold   Zilver  Bronze
1. China                  29     16         5
2. Russia                18      15       11
3. South Korea       11        4         4
4. Oekraïne              9        9       15
5. Cuba                    9        3         2
6. Australia               8      13         8
7. Japan                   8        5         3
8. Hungary               6        4         5
9. France                 6         2         7
10.Italy                     5        9         5
38.Holland               1         2         1

October 2nd.- 3rd., 1st. Open European Old School of BMX Championship 2010,  International Champions Cup ánd Promo race at Dessel, Belgium.

During this weekend, the 10th. anniversary of the BMX club, DESSEL2000 was celebrated with on Saturday this Open Old School of BMX Championship, and International Champions Cup and on Sunday a Promo race was on with a special celebrity class. Here a brief report and pictures to tell you the story.

Saturday October 2nd.
This day started out o.k. with dry weather. Less riders did registered then expected, still participants from Belgium, Holland, Germany took part in this event. As during previous old school meetings, it's always great to see old friends and talk about nice memories. One of the special events of this day was the "side-hack" class. 6 combinations were present, only 4 did actualy race.






Here the results of the Open European Old School of BMX Championship 2011:
Old School cruisers:                                 Old School Ladies:
1. Ton Cleijne        (NED)  Champion          1. Maritza De Wilde        (BEL) Champion
2. Markus Weisse       (GER)                       2. Corry van Worstwinkel        (BEL)
3. Werner Peeters       (NED)
4. Tiago Forrest       (BEL)


Old School Side Hack:                                                 Old School Pré 26/39 years:
1. Benny Vanmeert / Sam Steegmans      (BEL)            1. Thomas Ende      (GER) 
            Champion                                                                       Champion
2. Jethro Trappeniers / Tiago Forrest      (BEL)              2. Christophe Detandt      (BEL)
3. Leopold Lenaerts / Sebastiaan Lenaerts     (BEL)     3. Jethro Trappeniers      (BEL)
4. Robert Baumann / Massimo Vallo     (GER)               4. Ivan Segers      (BEL)


Old School Pré 40/44 years:                              Old School modern 35+:

October/November tragic news, former World Champion BMX,  Vladislav Khas died ending October.


I received very sad news of the passing away of Vladislav Khas from Czech Republic. Vladja has been a member of the GT EURO team and won with this team the Manufacturer World title in Waterford / USA in 1994. Vladislav had a promissing career, but stopped racing around 1996. Vladislav took up BMX racing again in 2005 and raced only in his home country. Everybody was surprised and impressed how well he was doing and he even made the Elite final in Czech National competition. In the periode 1996 through 2005 tracks changed and Vlada became an adult, still he adopted very well to the new situation. Pitty to say that after 2 seasons of racing again, Vladja disappeared again from the BMX scene. He was then seen during the Prague races in 2009 and early this year 2010 he bought himself a new frame and wanted to re-start again in BMX. Sorry to say that it not came that far.

On November 9th. I received a mail from Vladislav Khas Senior, indeed confirming Vladja died. We do wish his family and friends a lot of strenght cooping wiht this loss. R.I.P. Vladislav.