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Rules & Regulations

What are the criteria and what will be the procedure to become an inductee into the European BMX HALL of FAME.

A. Criteria for a European rider to become an inductee:

  1. Must hold an Olympic Championship title in the highest age class or performance class m/w (BMX being an Olympic sport, starting in 2008 - China for the first time).

  2. Must hold at least a World BMX Championship title in the highest age class or performance class m/w (*).

  3. Must hold at least the title of Overall winner of a World Cup series in Elite m/w class.

  4. Must hold at least a European BMX Championship title in the highest age class or performance class m/w (*depending on the year of development of BMX).

    Attention: Persons in these 4 groups will be elected and inducted by the EUROPEAN BMX HALL of FAME University of BMX management.

    *) Development in the oldest age- and performance classes from 1978 up and till this moment: Novice 16+ , Powderpuffs 14+, Expert 16 +, Girls 14+, Amature class 20" / 24", Superclass 20" / 24", Girls 16+, Girls 17+, Girls 18+, Ladies 18+, Senior ladies 18+, and up and till this moment the Elite men & women 20" classes.

  5. Being a rider that has been a pioneer in the early days, setting trends, promoting the sport of BMX in general extraordinary or has been instrumental developing BMX or has been innovating the sport or its products and all of the above within Europe.

    Attention: In this category (nr. 5) one has to be nominated by at least 3 people. This nomination has to be accompanied with a written motivation, explaining all about the achievements in the sport of BMX by the nominee concerned. All of this then must be sent to the BMX HALL of FAME secretary. Nominations must be reveived at the University of BMX headquarters before August 15th. of any year.

  6. A special European nomination committee composed of present Hall of Fame members and appointed jury-members, will vote on the nominees to determine who finally will be inducted in any year. This rule will be officialy applied during the 2012 season.

    Around September 15th. of any year, out of the above mentioned applications, nominees will be made public and voted for to be inducted that year. During November of any year the names of those finaly inducted, will be announced by the University of BMX management on this website.

B. Criteria for a European organization/promoter/individual to become an inductee with a special recognition into the EUROPEAN BMX HALL of FAME

Groups or individuals that have been instrumental in a European country or at an international European level, starting BMX, promoting and/or developing the sport of BMX, innovating this sport and/or its products and so on. Any organizer/promoter of an international BMX event in Europe, indoor or outdoor, of the highest standard. This event being televised, well documented in specialized European BMX papers/magazine and/or newspapers.

Nomination will take place after at least 3 individuals undersign an application for nomination. This application must include an extensive motivation and must be sent in before August 15th of any year at the address of the European BMX HALL of FAME secretary. Further more, same procedure as under A.5.

C. European FACTORY and/or NATIONAL team winning a Worldtitle in team competition, will be inducted as well into the EUROPEAN BMX HALL of FAME

Teams concerned will automaticaly be selected, nominated and inducted by the "European BMX HALL of FAME" University of BMX management.
Yearly Reunion/Presentation of awards.

It's the intention of the University of BMX management, to organize a reunion every  five (5) years starting in 2009. During a diner type meeting, inducted persons/groups in the "EUROPEAN BMX HALL of FAME" will be presented with special awards and a remembrance pin.

The first presentation of European BMX Hall of Fame awards took place on October 2nd. 2009 during the Slagharen - Holland Old School event.

Check for a detailed report on History of BMX, year 2009-2010.