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History of BMX (1980)

Although I am writing about the History of European BMX as I know it, you will find that a lot of the information comes from Holland and from other countries outside Europe.

I think one can say that the developments in Holland, almost reflects the developments as they happened in most of the other countries, not only in Europe but even worldwide. There are many of comparisons. It might give a good idea how BMX progressed in general in the early days in any country.

Since most information on BMX developments outside Europe aren't known to a lot of people, I do mention in my stories the dates and facts of which I am certain they are correct. I also state situations and happenings that are interesting enough to be mentioned. Most of the facts can be confirmed by documents in my BMX archief.

At first as Gerrit Does and later on as General Secretary of I.BMX.F., I had almost all international contacts up and till 1985/86 with individuals world-wide, with countries/ organizations asking for an I.BMX.F. affiliation. Over the same period I also can report on what I know on outside Europe developments in BMX.

In Chile the pioneer of BMX development was Mr. Vincenzo Cascino. He started getting organized in 1980 and founded the C.B.X. - Comision Nacional de Bicicross. The center of development was Las Condes, inside Santiago de Chile. Ending 1980 there were about 350 license holders.

In January,

I received SE Racing's Dealer DIMENSIONS and BMX BUGLE through Scot A. Breithaupt.

In the USA, thanks to a motorcylce movie called ON ANY SUNDAY, in which shots of youngster riding BMX bike, the sport took off quickly in the 70's. Ending 1979, early 1980 the same filmmaker Don Shoemaker filmed On an Sunday II.

1980 scannen0086

January 8th., a new BMX club using a velodrome.

Mr. Ruud van ter Beek (Holland) called. A group of enthusiasts was in the progress of starting a club in the city of Apeldoorn in Holland. Becoming a section of the already bicycle club, they planned a track to be built inside a velodrome!!! A unique idea and it was realized later on.

January 21st., promotional meeting in Beek & Donk (Holland).

Final result was that on January 28th a club was formed officially. The city of Beek & Donk already had promised building a new track to be ready sometime April 1980. Paul & Bart de Jong from were one of the first members of this clubs and their father became the club's secretary.

January 25th. A telephone call from Mr. Jansen from the city of Weert.

In progress of starting a club also. During 1980 about 25 till 30 BMX demonstrations nationwide (Holland) have been given to promote BMX.

Some of the demo's were given at:
Flag-parade VIERDAAGSE Nijmegen
May 10th: Demo at De Bilt,
May 18th: Demo at Weert,
June 21st: Demo at Weert(2),
July 14th: Demo at Nijmegen,
July 20th: Demo at Beekse Bergen - Hilvarenbeek,
July 26th: Demo at Rotterdam,
Sept 21st: Demo at Hillegom,
I picked just a few of the activities that were going on in Holland to show you that the interest in the sport was just great.

1980 was the 2nd official BMX racing season in Holland. Licenses were H.fl. 30,= (approx. 12$). Clubs affiliated January 25th. were: Schijndel, Eindhoven, Veldhoven, Waalre, Odiliapeel and Volkel.

January 30th., first official talks with KNWU (Royal Dutch Cycling Federation) representatives,

concerning a possible merge between the S.F.N. and the K.N.W.U. Chairman of the road cycle commission Mr. Wim Roosenburg was the one to take the initiative. First official talk was with Mr. Dingenouts (vice-president KNWU - Board of directors) and later on Mr. v.d. Groen (treasurer KNWU) was included in the talks. These talks took place at my house in Waalre.

February 2nd., talks about a BMX indoor event at the Rijnhal in Arnhem-Holland.

A report on a meeting with Mrs. Horn and Mr. v.d. Ven of the RIJNHAL in Arnhem to discuss the possible organization of a BMX Indoor Race, scheduled for 28 September 1980. Due to circumstances this event did NOT take place in 1980 (mainly financing a "dirt" indoor track was the problem at the time).

February 25th. through March 2nd., Tweewieler RAI - Amsterdam.

Besides Milan (Italy) and Cologne (Germany), the RAI event in Amsterdam was one of the biggest motorcycle and bicycle-shows in Europe. The SFN was offered a free of charge promo booth by the RAI organizers for which we talked them very much. SFN members/riders held BMX demo's on an artificial track and the SFN trick team "Lucky Seven" was present and demonstrated as well. Two American Pro's were present to give demonstrations: Geoff Bottema (nick-name "Coca-Cola Cowboy") and Toby Henderson (both on Raleigh bicycles). They were the first ever Americans to come over to Europe to promote BMX. American Worldchamp motorcycle trials, Bernie Schreiber gave demo's as well on a motor-cycle ofcourse.

During RAI exhibition, contacts were made with the representatives of the bicycle industry such as: Nishiki's Mr. Molengraaf, Dolf v. Vliet, Shimano's Mr. Hartman, Motobecane's Mr. Lamme, Batavus Mr. Hellinga, T.I Raleigh Mr. Derksen, Bell Ray's Mr. Frank van Meeuwen, Protec - Mrs. Carry Peterson.

Riders helping out giving demonstrations on BMX racing during the RAI: Tommy Verbakel, Mark Wiebrands, Wouter Schoneveld, Lammert Moerman, Jan Heusschen, Peter v.d. Gevel en Nico Does. Special attention was given to Peter v.d. Gevel on a side-hack with his friend Peter van Rooy, duo PUSH & PEDAL.

Official S.F.N. qualified BMX race bikes early 1980 were: Gazelle, Peugeot, Motobecane, MX 10, Batavus, Dolf van Vliet BMX, Webco Inc., Nishiki MX 400, Giant serie, Gicom serie BMX 3000, Apprillia Agu, T.I. Raleigh serie RAMPAR and Union Shotgun.

The RAI bicycle exhibition trickered a lot of activities from as well as the industry (essential for a good bases, material wise) as potential BMX'ers and organizers. Being present at the RAI proved to be a very important marketing tool to get the sport going.

Interesting fact: S.F.N. did not have to pay any expenses for being on the RAI show in Amsterdam: the booth was free, entry was free, we delivered the demo team and made promotion for a new bicycle sport, all of that would benefit the manufacturers/importers as well.

During the 6 days of the RAI exhibition, over 120.000 people were introduced to BMX.

February, issue nr. 2 of a trade magazine in cycling called TWEEWIELER published this story:


People in the cycling business in Holland wondered if BMX realy had a change of surviving and becoming an accepted sport.

February 25th., second official talk (concerning merge FSN , KNWU) at the KNWU office in Woerden,

by Gerrit Does and Louis Vrijdag of the S.F.N. with KNWU representatives Mr. Hylkema (president), Mr. v.d. Groen (treasurer) and Mr. Westerveld (general secretary). Progress was made and the outcome looked promissing.

March 27th., during the Annual Congress of the KNWU,

Gerrit Does and Louis Vrijdag were invited and present. Gerrit Does explained to those present at the Congress all about BMX and showed the Yamaha Gold Cup film. The national Press was present, including national TV station AVRO and the directors of a famous sports program called "AVRO Sportpanorama". They reported on BMX.

SFN officialy integrated into the KNWU December 16th. 1980 by starting at that date with the KNWU Fietscross-sportcommission.

Members of the first BMX Committee of KNWU were:
G. Does - chairman, H. Brander, H. de Groot, H. v.d. Kort, G. Rooijakkers, P. v. Someren, L. Vrijdag en J v.d. Wiel.

February 28th., contact with Sports Ink.'s president Mario Machadoon stickers I.B.M.F and a promo film through mr. Bill Pippin.

March 1980, Pierre Karsmakers started
sponsoring a BMX team with top Dutch riders on WEBCO Inc. and TORKER.

Teammembers were: Peter Ploemen (Torker), Nico Does, Ludy v.d. Werff and Addie v.d. Ven (all on Webco).


March 7th., a second federation already in Belgium!

I received a telephone-call from Mr. Armand Blondiau (Belgium). He resigned from the B.C.B. (Belgium BMX Federation) and is now in the process of starting his own BMX organization (so... now already a 2nd. organization in Belgium, probably called the F.B.B. - Federation Belgique de Bicrossing).


March 17th. , first contact with Germany on BMX.

On this date we had our first contact with a German contact, Mr. E. Teichreber from Baunach, Germany. He asked for info on the sport of BMX, parts and rules. We made an appointment to meet some time April 1980. I would inform Mr Teichreber about BMX and give as much documentation as possible for him to use in Germany.

March 1980, also in Holland a 2nd BMX organisation started, called STIFOR.

In March 1980 a 2nd., "commercial" organization got off the ground in Holland called STIFOR (Stichting Fietscross Organisatie Randstad). They were not really a threat to the SFN/KNWU. They were active in the area around Amsterdam and existed only for about 6 years. Their main man was Mr. Henk Wendelgelst from Amsterdam - Holland, a former motorcycle 6-days trails rider and mechanic at the Husqvarna moto-cross distributor in Holland. A business partner imported Mongoose BMX bikes that were used at their races.

1980 start stifor 292515 n


March 19th, contact with Cine Relation from Koln - Germany,

Mr. Alfred Noel got our address through GG Consultants who met us during the RAI exhibition asking for more detailed info in order to promote BMX in Germany. They also made an appointment to come over to Eindhoven and make a 5-6 minute film for "TV ZWEITE DEUTCHE FERNSEHEN". It was the intention to give as much info as possible on the present status of this new sport and its development both in Europe and world-wide. Cine Relation was acompany making promo films.

March 19th. GD in contact with Santa Pod Raceway ltd.,

in Shortlands-Bromley England and spoke to Mr. Bob Phelps, director. Bob Osborn (BMX Action) mentioned Mr. Sammy Miller to me as a potential BMX promoter. However this was a different Sammy Miller then Bob Osborn did mean. This Sammy Miller was a drag Racing promoter. He gave me the address of Sammy Miller on Wayne, New Jersey - USA a manufacturer of alu BMX bikes, as they claimed themselves, the lightest and strongest cycles around.

March 20th. a letter came in from RTV - Rennteile Vertrieb, Mr. E. Teichreber (Germany).

Following a telephone call from March 17th. Mr. Teichreber wanted more info on BMX and we made an appointment to meet during a BMX event in Veldhoven, April 27th 1980. So we did.

March 20th. contact was established with Mr. Brian Montgomery of BH (Beistegui Hermanos, S.A. - Spain) through e-mail.

Mr. Montgomery asked for rules and regulations etc. in order to try to get BMX going in Spain. Mr. Montgomery did meet with us during the race in Beaune in May later this year in France. BH is a large bicycle manufacturer in Spain.


Besides Mr. Montgomery, who tried to promote BMX business wise, Mr. Joan Ventura a cycling enthousiast wanted to start an official BMX organisation in Spain. Together with Mr. Didac Redondo, Joan started to set up an organisation and also made contact with Mr. Brian Montgomery as well as with the French father of BMX, René Nicolas of the A.F.B. Seen below a picture of the start of things in Spain at the Palau des Plegamans location.

1980-81 __507674320_n.jpg_Palau_des_Plegamans_1980 2011 Spanish_pioneers_IMGP2967.JPG_joan_Venture_and_Didac_Redondo

March 21st, the N.S.F. (thé National Sports Organization) asked for info on building tracks.

The Nederlandse Sport Federatie (sports- accommodation department of the NSF an organization in which all Dutch sports organizations were represented) asks for info, how to built BMX tracks. Ofcourse we provided them with the available information.

March 24th., another cycle-club contacts the SFN / KNWU.

A call from the chairman of one of Hollands largest bicycleclubs, UNITAS - Assen, Mr. Harry Brander came in. He wanted to affiliate with his new to be established BMX department. Together with BMX club Gorredijk, FC Unitas - Assen became the leaders in BMX in the Northern part of our country.

Very active in the Northern part of our country and more specific Friesland, was Mr. Harm Comello from the city of Gorredijk and an employee of Batavus bicycles (of which a present brand is: " B-One") in the period from 1980 till 1983.  

March 26th, contact with Shimano - Europe in Düsseldorf, Germany Mr. Sam Takaoka.

A letter received from Shimano's General Manager, Mr. Sam Takaoka (Shimano Europe, at the time located in Germany),asking for possibilities of sponsoring by them of the SFN - Holland.


March 29th., contact with biggest bicycle manufacturer in Germany, KYNAST.

After a first contact on March 17th., I did have meeting with representatives of one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Europe, KYNAST in Germany, Mr. Ortgies.
Production over 700.000 bikes (road) a year. An appointment was made to visit their main plant and check out their proto-type BMX bicycle and advice them on BMX materials in general, clothing etc.

April, in New-Zealand, cycle dealers took the initiative to promote BMX.

Auckland cycle retailers were quick to sense that BMX was hot and a dedicated group from the Auckland's North Shore got to work in April 1980 and created Auckland's first BMX track. Guys like Peter Thompson, John Sinclair, John Wright and John Booth, put both money and time into this hairbrained sport which had kids swarming in and out their shops armed with BMX books from the USA.

April 2nd., received a letter from Malcolm Jarvis from Ammaco

Malcolm Jarvis (GBR) did sent me a letter to inform me as President of the S.F.N. (St. Fietscross Nederland) about the developments in England.

1980 malcolm jarvis scannen00121980 malcom jaris 2 scannen00131980 malcom jarisbusiness scannen0014


April 10th., meeting of the SFN - Advice Councel.

The following activities by the SFN (Holland) and its clubs were presented:

In 1980 a German company will come over and make a report on BMX. The program is called "RUNDKURS";
Articles on BMX were published in National school magazines like JIPPO and also weekly magazine DONALD DUCK;
On August 16th AVRO TV would broadcast a special program on BMX racing called the "AVRO GOLD CUP";
A BMX demo during a youth speedcycling round in Nijmegen;
A request for info on I.BMX.F. memberships came in from Spain and Germany.

April 16th., a thanks from from mr. Takaoka - Shimano.

I received a letter from Mr. Sam Takaoka of Shimano, thanking for our hospitality during his visit to the Eindhoven BMX track. Enjoyed watching the racing and confirmed Shimano wanted to sponsor S.F.N. in the future for sure.

April 23rd., Mrs. Cary Peterson introduced Halfords - England.

Mrs. Cary Peterson of Pro-tec helmets (USA) informs me about HALFORDS Ltd., a large English chain of shops. She advised: contact Mr. D.P. Duffield from Worcestershire - England. I contacted Mr. Duffield and he told me he wants us (SFN) to come over with riders to compete at a Halfords sponsored BMX event. Mr. Duffield was also planning to visit Holland, probably during an event at the Eindhoven track. He wanted to know more about organizing BMX races, setting up tracks and was interested in the promotional films I had at the time.

April 28th. Developments in England in the field of BMX.

The history behind the BMX Association development in the UK centered around a handful of people who were very keen to see it take off and sustain itself as it has done in other countries. Alan Rushton of Sports-Plus Promotions, ex-speed cycle rider Geoff Wiles, Peter Selby filmmaker, and, originally, Don Smith ex-motor trials riders, all agreed to the setting up of one Association for riders, to set the rules, organize the Championships and Promotions, provide a computer listing of individual riders, countrywide classifications by age group and issue of licenses.


Since that time, Don Smith has set up his own Association branch, but to prevent the formation of multiple Associations it was generally agreed at the Harrogate meetings (HARROGATE Bicycle show, last June 1980) to try to get him (Don Smith) to rejoin the fold. At the time Don was working for Malcolm Jarvis' business "AMMACO".

1980 Ammaco_Jarvis_scannen00671980 Ammocao_M._Jarvis_scannen00681980 Ammaco_scannen0066

Mr. David Duffield of HALFORDS, who felt very strongly for the future of the sport and in the formation of just one non-profit making body, the .............. "UK Bicycle Moto-cross Association" in short the UK.BMX.A.

Alan Rushton commented to the gathering that the story of the HARROGATE Show was BMX, and that, already exhibitors had received an amazing reaction. UK.BMX.A was not a manufacturers Association but one for the riders. With the help of Sports - Plus they intended to spread technical knowledge as rapid as possible, newsletters free of charge to competitors and associated members, product testing, and the UKBMXA would go to opening of track with bikes from all of the manufacturers to have new-comers ride on them. Also promotional materials for local Councils to convince them of BMX's future was needed and Geoff Wiles would be available to every and anyone (also within the industry) to help. This is how finally the UK.BMX.A saw the day of light, later on that same year.

April 30th. At present, 12 clubs affiliated to the S.F.N. - Holland holding 450 license holders at the time.

May 1st., S.F.N.- Holland national meeting with affiliated clubs.

Affiliated clubs 12, number of license-holders at this time 450. A total of 6 rounds counting for Dutch National championship '80 were planned and organized.

Awards to be won: National titles in all age groups and classes; Milky Way competition: Junior Champs 1980 would receive a Gazelle BMX bike. Super Cup by the MON, top three riders from all classes (highest points) would receive a trophy.

Entries at the following races:
Schijndel: 295 / Veldhoven 264 / Eindhoven 267 entries.

Sponsors 1980: Wrangler - Gazelle - Milky Way - Pro Tec - Shimano. Connection Shimano, Osamu Takaoka.

Clubs affiliated in order of affiliation: Schijndel - Eindhoven - Veldhoven - Waalre - Odiliapeel - Volkel Nistelrode - Apeldoorn - Assen - Nijmegen - Gorredijk en Baarn.

Classes in 1980: Juniors and Seniors (1981 also Experts).
6 National championship races: 3 before the summer holidays and 3 after.
- Schijndel, June 22nd,
- Volkel, August 24th,
- Eindhoven, June 28th,
- Beek & Donk, September 7th,
- Veldhoven, August 17th and
- Baarn, September 14th

First national scrouteneers were: Rien van Summeren en Piet van Hoof
Track approval: Jan v.d. Weijer sr. and Gerrit Does.
PR / Publicity : Gerard Rooyakkers.

In 1980 already contacts with people from Norway, Germany and Spain. Excisting contacts with France, Belgium and England.

Racing in the early '80 s in France, Altkirch June 15th. On picture on right, René Nicolas (l) "father" of French BMX did the presentation of awards. This is how an early '80 s podium looked like. It was great fun.

15-6-80 Altkirch_France__19801980 aLTKIRCH_fRANCE_4396315_n

May 9th., meeting with the owner of bicycle manufacturer KYNAST in Germany,  Mr. Otto Kynast himself.

This company wanted to built BMX bikes that did meet the criteria to be allowed on a BMX competition track. We discussed the Dutch S.F.N. rules and regulations on bicycles, clothing and helmets and checked their prototype BMX raace bike. We had to advice them to change several things on the bike to make it "track safe".

May 17th, international BMX event at Beaune - France.

The first international event in France organized by René Nicolas. The event took place on top of a hill, very hard to find and a very provisional set up. Still the hospitality and atmosphere was great and that compensated a lot. Due to drinking too much wine during a diner after the competition, which was organized by Rene Nicolas, I got very sick.

May 23rd. I received a letter from Mrs. Cary Peterson (Protec-helmets), thanking me for the trip she took with us to Beaune - France.

June 1980, here an article taken from BMX PLUS, telling about the development of BMX in and abroad the USA.

It's an interview with Jeff Bottema and Toby Henderson. Both riders have been to among others riding in Holland (Europe) to promote BMX and Raleigh bikes. Enjoy! Here there Amsterdam bicycle show and exhibition experience.

1980 june__A___scannen00071980 june__B__scannen0008

1980 june__C__scannen00051980 june__D___scannen0006

The EUROPEAN BMX scene: a report by Gerrit Does on the Amsterdam Bicycle show at the R.A.I., including BMX demo's and such.

1980 _june__scannen0001

June 3rd., a German magazine called, "TOUR" rund ums rad, reported on BMX in an article called "cross-crazy in den USA".

June 29th., International BMX race at the Citadel at Namur - Belgium.

This event was organized by Mr. Armand Blondiau. This BMX event was organized on the grounds were normally the start took place of the 500 cc Grand Prix moto-cross. It rained all day long and the organization was very bad. In the end riders had to draw a lot to determine the winner in each class. Crazy situation and NO promotion for BMX.

1981 Namen_DSC001021981 Namen_DSC001041981 Namen_DSC00098

On pictures fltr, 1. Louis Vrijdag and his wife waiting for action, while Nico Does is helping his younger brother Pieter getting dressed for racing in the mud. 2. A well know sight during Grand Prix Moto-cross events, on the back ground the grand stands on the explanada at the Citadel of Namur. 3. 1979 Dutch National Champion in the Expert 16 & over class, Hans Geresse, loading his bike on Peter "the voice" Bijnen his car.

July 7th., Mr. Selby of C.I.P. England, visited with GD.

Mr. Peter Selby of CIP (Crown International Productions Ltd.) London - England, visited Holland and witnessed a BMX race. Their company was getting involved in promoting BMX in England in cooperation with Halfords.


July 9th., I received a letter from Jonas Oglaend A.s., Mr. Erik Green.

Mr. Green visited Holland during one of the Dutch Championships rounds in July. He wanted to come back in September. Mr. Green was at that time busy promoting BMX in Norway through the main bicycle company in Norway, Jonas Oglaend A.s. (brand name D.B.S.). Mr. Green worked together with Mr. Lars Forus, who would become the main pioneer in starting BMX in Norway in the early days.

August 5th., a letter send to me by Renny Roker arrived at the office.

I received a letter from Mr.Renny Rooker, inviting us for the 1980 JAG BMX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. That would be the 2nd. time the SFN would send a team of riders to the Worlds in Indianapolis - USA.

From England, people came over to Holland to look at this new sport of BMX. Geoff Wiles and Bob Phelps were getting organized in England and we were able to explain to them our situation and organization. I also introduced the English to the JAG BMX WORLD's to be held in the USA December 1980. Geoff Wiles, acting as president of the board of UK.BMX.A. invited the SFN to come over with a team of riders to be present at the official opening of their new track at REDDITCH, later on this year.

August 16th, first ever televised BMX race in Waalre - Holland by the AVRO TV.

1980 AVRO_FX_scannen00201980 AVRO_FX_deeln_lijst_scannen00211980 AVRO_FX_planning_scannen0019

The first ever televised BMX race took place in Waalre - Holland, broadcasted by a National TV station called AVRO. It concerned a 1 hour program. The event was called: the  AVRO GOLD CUP. Celebrities invited were the Americans: PerryKramer (17 years old at the time) and David Clinton. The boys stayed at my house for about 4 weeks and competed in the AVRO Gold Cup. Besides being the "color men" during this event, both Perry and David gave BMX schools (clinics) in the southern part of our country. Many riders showed up and learned a lot about BMX from both professional riders.


The AVRO GOLD CUP was the beginning of a very long cooperation with the AVRO organization from Hilversum (my city of birth). 112 riders took part divided in teams from all over Holland. Also a special celebrity race was run with famous pop-stars at the time like Oscar Harris, Bolland and Bolland, TV celebrity Martin Brozius and former professional motocross star and my brother in law, Pierre Karsmakers. Guess who that event won ?! Pierre of course, he even jumped the last "double" before the finish-line (and almost crashed!). Its all on tape. Director of this AVRO BMX TV event was Rob Herzet and comment was given by Heinze Bakker, a very famous sports-reporter still today (year 2000).


To give you an idea about the cost of things around those days to organize a BMX event here some figures: Hiring a complete PA system for one day costed h.fl. 150,=. (a firm called JANSEN - Odiliapeel). Around this time in Holland, 15 clubs affiliated with the SFN and overall 705 license-holders.

Anyway, here the final results of the S.F.N. - AVRO TV BMX event on August 16th. 1980:

1980 AVRO_FX_TV_event_16-8-80_scannen0018

1980 pk at waalre


Winner Perry Kramer.

Check out his cloves:

Pierre Karsmakers ones.

In the month of August the SFN (GD) presented a three year plan called:
THINK B I G ! Among other things, a National BMX Training Center was scheduled, expending the organization from about 750 to 2000 licenses in 1981 and a series of BMX events on National TV (AVRO) were scheduled.

During their stay in Aalst-Holland (at home Gerrit Does) Perrry Kramer and David Clinton also did some shightseeing ofcourse. Among others Perry, David and myself went to the moto-cross 500 cc Grand Prix in Ettelbrück- Luxembourg, were we saw American rider Brad Lackey compete.


August 30th., Halfords Team BMX - Britain's first (1st.) ever official BMX Event at Redditch. UK.BMX.A. The track was kind of a down-hill track.

Promotor of this first event in England was Mr. David Duffield (of Halfords) and he worked together with Mr. Alan Rushton on this event.

1980 halfords 30 8 scannen00051980 halfords 30 8 980n0006x 1980 redditch 30 aug. dsc04304


September 2nd., a letter came in from Geoff Wiles,

the National BMX Coordinator, through Halfords thanking the SFN for being present during the start and official opening of BMX racing in the U.K.


September 2nd, a letter came in at the SFN office from Motobecane - Holland

Mr. Lamme, ceo of Motobecane - Holland, did sent the St. Fietscross Nederland a letter stating that it was a very smart decision to start a working together relationship with the KNWU ( Royal Dutch Cycling Federation). This could help BMX to grow even harder. They expressed their best wishes getting this potential merge organised and done.

1980 twee_september_scannen0006

September 7th., seen here the S.F.N.poster to promote the Dutch National BMX competition round in Beek & Donk.

S.F.N. stand for "stichting Fietscross Nederland". The S.F.N. introduced BMX in Holland and did run National Dutch Championships during 1979 and 1980. You can read all about the S.F.N. in the History of BMX section, year 1978 and on.

1908 Beek__Donk_DSC00806

September 21st., a BMX demonstration by the SFN demoteam Lucky 7, in Hillegom-Holland.

On invitation of a company called JANSSEN Open Haarden in Hillegom - Holland, the S.F.N. (St. Fietscross Nederland) BMX demoteam "LUCKY 7" travelled to the west part of Holland promoting BMX. An official "speaker" presented the demoteam and explained all about BMX to a large crowd present. Check out the pictures on this activity.

foto's Hillegom demo.

September 26th. Letter from Mr. Malcolm Jarvis,

of AMMACO BMX (Mongoose distributor at the time), announcing the opening of a new track at Chatham in England.

September 26th. S.F.N. - Holland,

organized a meeting in Hilversum with 10 main Dutch BMX manufacturers and importers/distributors to evaluate the developments of the sport of BMX up till now. One of the items discussed was the financing of further development of the sport of BMX. The proposal was, to ask each manufacturer in Holland, to pay h.fl. 0,50 per BMX bike sold to the S.F.N. It never came true. Expenses to rent the accommodation for this meeting at THE HOF van HOLLAND in Hilversum: h.fl. 85,= (about 30 till 35 reps. from companies concerned were present).

October 5th, opening of the 2nd. BMX track in England.

The 2nd. official BMX track was opened at Chatham in England by Mr. Jarvis. This was their 1st. meeting at the Chatham track and the first official track in Kent. Working for Ammaco was Don Smith, former motorcycle trials World Champion and now involved in promoting BMX.

The UK.BMX.A - United Kingdom BMX Association - was formed earlier this year.  A change of officers took place after a short while, Mr. Arthur Woods replaced president Geoff Wiles and Geoff became the UK.BMX.A's National BMX Coordinator.

October 25th., a meeting with the new S.F.N. club-member "The Champs", an Eindhoven BMX club.

S.F.N. helt a meeting with "The Champs" a club with over 200 members. S.F.N. wanted to concentrate more on the National organization of things and offered "The Champs" to take over the Promo BMX track of the S.F.N. along the Welschapsedijk in Eindhoven.

October 25th., during a special meeting of the S.F.N. (Holland) with all its affiliated clubs,

it was decided to agree to the inclusion of the S.F.N. in the K.N.W.U. (Royal Dutch Cycling Federation).

November 9th., first official S.F.N. indoor race took place in Roosendaal - Holland in the "Leysdream" hall.

Overall 168 entries. When we arrived we learned that the hall was double booked on that day: BIG problems, still we managed to race on the concrete floor. Main goal was to make it a promotional event and that's what in fact happened.

November 13th., letter received from Crown International Productions Ltd.,

Mr. Peter Selby, explaining the company plans for the future. He informed me about the fact that "last weekend" a second track was opened at Chatham (Mr. Jarvis' track!). Ending 1980 he stated, there should be at least 5 tracks opened by then. He anticipated that approx. 30 tracks would be open by the end of 1981 in England.

November 20th, the Annual congress of the KNWU agrees to the inclusion of the S.F.N. in the KNWU.

The S.F.N. affiliated clubs agreed to this inclusion on October 25th. during their general meeting. BMX would go into a new phase.

November 23rd., official Presentation of Awards, S.F.N.


All Dutch National Champions were present at The Motel Eindhoven in Eindhoven-Holland. 10 Champions in Junior classes and 6 Champions in Senior classes. Special designed Championship jerseys were handed out to all Champs. In the so-called MILKY WAY competition, Junior Champs won Gazelle BMX bike. An overall price to be won, was called MON Super Cup (Motocross Organisation Netherlands) and counted for three riders in any class with highest points scored. Final results:

1. Mike v.d. Wiel (8y)
2. Jan "Helicopter" v.d. Dungen (16y)
3. "Zonto" Dingen (14y)

*** foto met Mike, Jan en Zonto.

Another special price was presented by Pierre Karsmakers: "a BELL MOTO 3 full-face" helmet for the 6 Senior class Champs. Last but not least, a special price for the Champ in the oldest age-class at the the time: 16 & over Senior class Exchange trophy which was won in 1979 by Hans Geresse and in 1980 by Addie v.d. Ven. Wheely KING 1980: Leon Walravens. Two short films on BMX were shown. Expenses to rent the location/room that could hold approx. 150 people were: h.fl. 759,=



was the time that Germany had its first official BMX organization. The official founder of the Bund Deutscher Velo-Cross fahrer (BDVC) was Mr. Kurt Hammer. Mr. Hammer was the General importer/distributor of PUCH motorcycles in Germany and an experienced organizer of motorcycle events. As many motorcycle specialists before him, he found BMX extremely interesting for children and young men and women. The BDVC board of directors members were: Kurt Hammer (president), Bohdan Zewko (youth affairs/coaching), Wolfgang Schaffer (national trainer), Rolf Hammer (coordinator), Mrs. Ilse Gneissl (treasurer&fitness-teacher), Walter Blum (General secretary) and Albert Waldman (Organizer&race-coordinator) and their official offices were in Frankfurt/M-Germany.

The main goal in the first place was to promote BMX by having demonstrations all over the country. Since tracks haven't been built yet, Mr. Hammer planned to have an all artificial track that could be put down and taken away very quickly and leave no mass. To orientate himself, Mr. Hammer did go to the USA to be informed on racing technical affairs as well on technical (bicycle) affairs. A very professional press-conference was given sometime November '80.

That should have been the start of it all. Contacts had been made with Gerrit Does and both parties intended to work together as much as possible.

Two more individuals were trying to get BMX going and that resulted in 2 events organized: one at Bremen (Mr. Teichreber) and one at Magstadt (Mr. Wolfgang Renner) in 1980. Both were in the bicycle business.

December 16th, the KNWU - FSC (BMX Sports Committee) was installed. The S.F.N. was now integrated into the KNWU.

The first ever BMX Sport Committee members KNWU were: chairman Gerrit Does, secretary Louis Vrijdag and members Jan van de Wiel, Harry Brander, Henk de Groot, Henk van der Kort, Gerard Rooyakkers en Piet van Someren. Chairman Gerrit Does also was member of the KNWU Board of Directors.

December 16th, "Fietscross Magazine" a fact in Holland.

Zuidgroep BV Uitgevers, Best-Holland, represented by Mr. Joep Bartels and Mr. Henk Bruger, together with the SFN/KNWU representatives, Louis Vrijdag and Gerrit Does, signed a contract, starting to publish the first official Dutch magazine for BMX called "FIETSCROSS MAGAZINE" (starting with 12.000 copy's per issue, 6 issues per year). The contract officially started 1 December 1980.

December 28th, official letter by the KNWU (Royal Dutch Cycling Federation)

appointing Gerrit Does as Chairman of the BMX department.


December 27th-28th, the 3rd. JAG - BMX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, Indianapolis - USA took place.

scannen0024Program JAG BMX WORDL CHAMPIONSHIP 1980scannen0023

December 28th., again a meeting (first one in December 1979) was held at the Convention Center with the representatives of the participating countries present. During this meeting the final decision was made to form the IBMF or "International BMX federation", a world governing body. Gerrit Does was asked to act as temporary General Secretary. Involved at the time were among others Ernie Alexander (NBA) and Joan P. DeBoard (preparing rules), Bill Pippin (Atterney). During the actual WC racing it was announced that the IBMF (International BMX federation) was formed and would become official early 1981. In 1981 the official name became I.BMX.F., instead of IBMF. More on that in year 1981.

During this JAG BMX WORLD, 4 countries were represented. Gerrit Does (Holland) and George Esser (USA), both knew the FIM (worldwide motorcycle org.) very well and suggested again to the representatives of the countries present, to start a World Wide Governing body for BMX, a non-profit organisation in the setting of the FIM. Tadashi Inoue from Japan was very much in favour of this new idea and supported the idea. This organisation should start organsing real World Championships like the FIM does. A democratic organized organisation and not a just commercial one like the JAG BMX Worlds. This was o.k. so far, but BMX must develop itself into a world wide co-ordinated organization in the setting of the FIM or otherwise. When we talk Olympics, such an organization is an absolute must.

Mr. Tadashi Inoue from Japan stated that there had been a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Japan too with only 2 countries present. (NBA - USA was part of that!). For BMX this was very bad publicity because Japan is a traditional country and a Worlds should be a Worlds with many countries present. Only 2 countries, Japan and the USA, that was almost an insult to the Japanese people to call it a World Championship. During the December 28th meeting it was also stated that we should try to have a working together relationship with the main three American BMX Organizations, NBL - ABA and NBA.

At the time, only Gerrit Does and Louis Vrijdag were the guys that did speak 4 languages, which came in handy during these meetings. Gerrit Does was asked to act as general secretary for the time being. It was agreed that George Esser, Tadashi Inoue, Gerrit Does and others would come together some time March/April 1981 in Pompano Beach - Florida, USA and prepaire all documents to start a new international organisation. Indeed in April 1981 representatives of National BMX federations came together in Pompano at the NBL office, to finish business and officialy start the International BMX Federation in short the  I.BMX.F.

Organizations officially involved at an international level ending 1980:
the NBL / NBA - USA
St. Fietscross Nederland - Holland
UK Bicycle Motocross Association - Great Britain
Federation Francaise de Bicrossing - France
Federation of Belgium Bicrossing - Belgium
Japan BMX Association - Japan
Asociacion Venezolana de Bicicross - Venezuela


Seen here a copy of the representation list of persons taking part in the IBMF meeting on December 28th. 1980.

1980, December 28th. list of persons present at the meeting talking about starting the IBMF.

Here a report in the NBL Bicycles Today Newspaper on the above mentioned meeting.

1980 report on the meeting forming the IBMF in the NBL newspaper Bicycles Today.



Our trip to the JAG WORLDS took us from December 24th through 30th. Participation by 14 Dutch riders: Jacqueline v. Meurs, Rob van Someren, Nico Does, Addie v.d. Ven, Mike v.d. Wiel, Jan v.d. Dungen, Eric de Laat, Frank v. Dijk, Jan Willem Gotenbos, Hans ter Weeme, Rene de Groot, Jelleke v.d. Boogaard, Wilco Groenendaal en Laurens Dingen.

1980 JAG_BMX_Zonto_en_Dad_scannen01941980 WK_DAyton_vertrek_scannen00641980 jag_bmx_groep_scannen0183

For most people in our group this trip to the USA was their first. The flight was long, but we arrived safe and sound at our hotel were we were able to relax from our trip. Bikes were taken out of the bike-boxes right away and prepaired for practise and racing the next days to come.

1980 jag_bmx_going_home_scannen01891980 JAG_BMX_nico_scannen00151980 op_weg_naar_Dayton_WK_scannen0048

The JAG BMX World Championships got underway.

1980 JAG_BMX_Hotel_scannen00101980 JAG_BMX_Wilco_and_Dad_scannen01881980 paddock_jag_bmx_scannen0173

1980 jag_bmx_parade_scannen01721980 JAG_BMX_parade_the_Dutchies_scannen02001980 JAG_BMX_scannen0196

Organizer/promoter: Renny Roker
Sanctioning body: the NBL (George E. Esser)
Entries: 2.916 Entry fees; single, open and cruiser classes € 20 (Pre-registr.)
Number of riders: 2.160 Pro class € 50 and Relay race € 100.
Spectators: 10.000 (in 2 days)
Moto's: 384
Pro Purse:$ 10,000
At the time there were many sanctioning bodies. The NBL honored all of them such as UBR, ABA, NBA, NEBA and NPSA licenses.

JAG BMX event information: Pro-purse $10,000.00; Entry-fees $20.00 per class; There were approx. 3400 entries.



Pro Main
  1. Kevin McNeal $ 3,200
  2. Randy Smithson 1,750
  3. Clint Miller 1,220
  4. Bob Woods 980
  5. Denny Davidow 800
  6. Scott Clark 720
  7. Eric Rupe 480
  8. Byron Friday 350


5. Toby Henderson 130
6. Mark Wegener 110


5. Frank Post 130
6. Anthony Sewell 110

7 & Under Tropy dash

1. Andres Soule

11-13 Trophy dash

1. Richie Anderson

10 Novice

1. Todd Turner
2. Dave Engle
3. Jeff Handt

10 Expert

1. Special K. Collins
2. Jimmy Feret
3. Tony Luke

14 & Over Open

1. Tim Judge
2. Eddie king
3. Bob Horne

11 - 13 & Open

1. Richie Anderson
2. Franco Perrino
3. Gary Greene

14 & Over Trophy Dash

1. Timmy Judge
2. Mike Poulson
3. Kevin McNeal

Pro Throphy
  1. Frank Post
  2. Harry Leary
  3. Clint Miller
  4. Denny Davidow
  5. Brent Patterson
  6. Donny Atherton
  7. Kevin Ridling
  8. Greg Hill

7 & Under Powder Puffs

1. Missy Fred
2. Wendi Bondurant
3. Ann Marie Walerius

8-10 Powder Puffs

1. Julie O'Neal
2. Kim Goudy
3. Julie Green

14 & Over Powder Puffs

1. Terri Fregoe
2. Kathy Schachel
3. Heidi Mirisola

11-13 Powder Puffs

1. Margaret Christopher
2. Wendi Edman
3. Debbie Kalsow

6 Novice

1. Dana Wormack
2. Paul Santa Cruz
3. Lander Gustavo

6 Expert

1. Ian Schroeder
2. Chad DeFreese
3. Jeffrey Schaab

7 Novice

1. Mike Mailloux
2. Chase Neizer
3. Lander Aristide

7 Expert

1. Andrew Soule
2. James Shebby
3. Mike van der Wiel (NL)

8 Novice

1. Aaron Cargle
2. Steven Allen
3. Tom Dames

8 Expert

1. James Banks
2. Robbie Summers
3. Brad Platt

14 & Over Cruiser

1. Roger Lowe
2. Marty Luker
3. Larry Helthouser

29 & Under Cruiser

1. Jeff Kosmola
2. Kamie Burrows
3. Ted Guilmette

30 & Over Cruiser

1. Joe Baggerly
2. Pete Miller
3. John Becker

9 Novice

1. Martial Chamberland
2. Bryan Herreweyers
3. Robert MacPherson

9 Expert

1. Jason Jensen
2. Troy Raatz
3. Scott Pearson

10 & Under Open

1. Jimmy Feret
2. Tony Luke
3. Special K. Collins

7 & Under Open

1. Andrew Soule
2. Frank Hochstadter
3. Shelby James

11 Novice

1. John O'Neal
2. Todd Cress
3. Aljandro Mathews

11 Expert

1. Doug Davis
2. Jeff Day
3. Todd Person

12 Novice

1. Joe Brown
2. Hans ter Weeme (NL)
3. Ken Ward

12 Expert

1. Roy David
2. Mike Mayes
3. Jim Stinson

16 Pro Trophy

1. Frank Post
2. Harry Leary
3. Clint Miller

13 Novice

1. Wally Weynschenk
2. James Hurst
3. Daryl Williams

13 Expert

1. Kelly McDougall
2. Richie Anderson
3. Anthony Portillo

14 Novice

1. Ron Piersona
2. Jason Sims
3. Todd Blaser

14 Expert

1. Pete Loncarevich
2. Dennis Owens
3. Rob Bauer

14 & Over cruiser

1. Roger Lowe
2. Marty Luker
3. Larry Helthouser

15 Novice

1. Toby Sharp
2. Brandt Vasquez
3. Amedio Gilmore

15 Expert

1. Mike Poulson
2. Vince Asbury
3. Tim Schlegel

16 Novice

1. Jim Emerson
2. Mario Bravomalo
3. Richie Votta

16 Expert

1. Mark Driscoll
2. Tim Judge
3. Dave Christensen


December 1980, situation of BMX development in Holland.

The S.F.N. - Holland did end their season with over 750 official license-holders, 28 events were organized in Holland, 15 clubs affiliated. International contacts with Belgium, Germany, France, England, Spain and Norway and in three of these countries, official and registered BMX organizations had been founded. Very important promotional activities were: RAI TWEEWIELER - Amsterdam and the 50 minute AVRO TV Gold Cup show on National TV. With the help of the next sponsors, BMX started to grow : Gazelle, Wrangler, Milky Way, Shimano Europe and Protec Helmets.

The number of BMX brands extended during this year. Market leader was PEUGEOT and Dutch brand BATAVUS and GAZELLE got involved as well as a specialist in BMX ASCO (Combination Louis Verwimp/Albert Cooijman). Then there were the American made BMX bikes: Red Line, DG, Webco, CW, Mongoose, PK Ripper (SE-Racing) and Laguna BMX among others. Nishiki.






1980 Eindhoven_28_juni___DSC008021980 Waalre_16_augustus_DSC008031980 Waalre_14_september_DSC00805