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Training Programs

"Practise makes perfect"

Before starting this training you have to do a maximum test first. Your personal trainer will help you do this test. Per exercise / muscle group you will determine the maximum weight you can handle.

Main muscle groups are: legs, breast, back, stomach. In BMX sometimes the stomach musles are not training well. That will give back problems and will give you disadvantage with starts!

Take the percentages mentioned below from your personal maximum and start training with those.

Extensive interval-endurance training with weights:

Heaviness of the exercise:  50 - 60% of max. weight
Intension of exercise: 15 - 20 reps. per serie (15 - 30 sec.)
Relief period: 45-90 seconds
Number of reps: 20 - 30 reps
Effect of training: General aerobe stamina Local anaerobe stamina

Intensive interval -power training with weights:

Heaviness of the exercise:  approx. 75% of max. weight 
Intension of exercise: 8 - 12 reps. per serie (15 sec.) 
Relief period:  90 - 180 seconds 
Number of reps:  10 - 30 series 
Effect of training: Maximum power
Explosive power
General and local anaerobe stamina

Doing this kind of muscle training, my experience is that in a period of 2 ½ months, riders doing this training, gained the following % in power (1st maximum test, compared with maximum test after 2½ months):

  • Legs, power improved with 20%
  • Breast, power improved with 35%
  • Stomach, power improved with almost 100%
  • Back, power improved with 35/40%