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Overview & Statistics

"You are not born a legend, you become one"

HIGHEST NUMBER OF WORLD TITLES WON by the following European Riders in the highest age or performance class, since the start of I.BMX.F. (in 1982), now U.C.I., and at this moment that are the Elite Women and Elite Men classes.

Christophe Leveque - France (retired)

Phil Hoogendoorn - Holland (retired)

Corine Dorland - Holland (retired)
Bas de Bever - Holland (retired)
Shanaze Reade - England (retired)
Joris Daudet - France (active)

Wilco Groenendaal - Holland (retired)
Anita v.d. Mortel - Holland (active)
Thomas Allier - France (retired)
Dale Holmes - England (retired)
Willy Kanis - Holland (retired)
Māris Štrombergs - Latvia (retired)
Magalie Pottier - France (retired)

Special recognition
Corine Dorland - Holland has been crowned the QUEEN of CHAMPIONS, holding 3 World titles in the highest age/performance classes and another 7 titles in lower age classes, with makes 10 world titles won in total.

Christophe Leveque - France has been crowned the KING of CHAMPIONS, holding 7 World titles in the highest age/performance classes and another 2 titles in lower age classes, which makes his total: 9 world titles won, up and till this moment (2009). Who will beat this record?

Phil Hoogendoorn - Holland is the only BMX racer that up till today (year 2010, after that Elite cruiser classes seized to excist) did win a World title in 20 as well as in 24 inch class in one year (Japan 1984: Amature class 20 and 24 inch).

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The UNIVERSITY of BMX presents the "EUROPEAN BMX HALL of FAME" Inductees 1978 - 2016

Section: Olympic Champions (since 2008)

 STROMBERGS Maris, Latvia (2008-2012)
 CHAUSSON Anne-Caroline, France (2008)
 KIMMANN Niek,  Holland (2020-21)
Section: World Champions (since 1982)

 AJINCA Elodie, France (2003)
 ALLIER Thomas, France (1998-2000)
 ANDRÉ Sylvain, France (2018)
 BEVER de Bas, Holland (1990-1991-1992)
 CABALLE Sabine, France (1995)
 CLAYTON Dylan, England (1993)
 DAUDET Joris, France (2011-2016-2017)
 DEENE van Melanie, Holland (1990)
 DORLAND Corine, Holland (1991-1993-1994)
 FRANSSEN Monique, Holland (1983)
 GROENENDAAL Wilco, Holland (1990-1992)
 HAMON Thomas, France (2008 cr)
 HOLMES Dale, England (1996-2001)
 HOOGENDOORN Phil, Holland (1983-1984 (20 + 24")-1985-1986)
 KANIS Willy, Holland (2005-2006)
 KASTLER David, France (1988)
 KIMMANN Niek, Holland (2015 - 2021)
 LE SAOUT Christelle, France (1992)
 LEVEQUE Christophe, France (1991-1993-1995-1997-1998-1999-2001)
 MINOZZI Eric, France (1989)
 MORTEL van de Anita, Holland (1987-1988)
 NICHOLLS Sarah James, England (1986)
 PHILLIPS Liam, England (2013)
 PICHOL Audrey, France (1999)
 POTTIER Magalie, France (2008 cr-2012)
 PUTTEN van der, Ivo, Holland (2009 cr)
 READE Shanaze, England (2007-2008-2010)
 SCHOFIELD Craig, England (1985)
 SMULDERS, Laura, Holland (2018)
 STAFF Jamie, England (1996)
 STROMBERGS Maris, Latvia (2008-2010)
 TRICARD Jean Christophe, France (1994)
 VUILLEMOT Claude, France (1987)
 WAEL de Patrick, Belgium (1986)
 WILDE de Robert, Holland (1999)
Section: European Champions (since 1982)

 AILLOUD Eva, France (2012)
 ALLIER Thomas, France (1998-2004-2005-2007)
 AUBRY Helena, France (2002)
 BEVER de Bas, Holland (1988-1989-1990-1992-1994)
 BIEZEN van der, Raymon, Holland (2010-2016)
 BOLLANSEE Ellen, Belgium (2000)
 BOUTTE Florent, France (2000-2001-2002)
 CHAMBONNEAU Karine, France (2001)
 CHAUSSON Anne-Caroline, France (2007)
 CONVERT Cyrielle, France (2008 cr)
 DAUDET Joris, France (2011 cr - 2017)
 DEENE van Melanie, Holland (1988)
 DEKKER Wendy, Holland (1990-1991)
 DORLAND Corine, Holland (1992-1993-1995)
 EVANS, Kyle, England (2018)
 FALCO Carmine, France (1999)
 GENDT van Twan, Holland (2015)
 HAMON Thomas, France (2008 cr)
 KANIS Willy, Holland (2004)
 KLAUS Lieke, Holland (2010)
 LABIGANG Dennis, France (1996)
 LAKUCS Ivo, Latvia (2003)
 LE CORGUILLÉ Laëtitia, France (2005-2006-2008)
 LEOCADIE Jérome, France (2005)
 LEVEQUE Christophe, France (1991-1993-1994)
 LLEWELYN Gary, England (1985)
 MARCH Tim, England (1983-1984)
 MATISONS Arturs, Latvia (2006)
 MINOZZI Eric, France (1987-1988)
 MORTEL van de Anita, Holland (1984-1989)
 MUNSKI Kerstin, Germany (1996-1998)
 MURPHY Karen, England (1986)
 NICOLS Sarah, England (1987)
 PATTERSON Andy, USA (1982-1983)
 PROKOP Michal, CzechRep (2004)
 RINDERKNECHT Roger, Swiss (2003)
 SAILER Sarah, Germany (2016)
 SCHACHEL Kathy, USA (1982)
 SCHERPEN Martijn, Holland (2009)
 SMULDERS Laura, Holland (2014-2017-2018)
 STAFF Jamie, England (1995)
 STROMBERGS Maris, Latvia (2008-2013-2014)
 TREIMANUS Edzus, Latvia (2012)
 VALENTINO Manon, France (2011-2013)
 VANHOOF Elke, Belgium (2015)
 WALRAVENS Leon, Holland (1985)
 WILLIAMS Nartascha, Australia (1999)
 WILDE de Robert, Holland (1999-2000)
 WISSINK Dennis, Holland (1997-2001-2002)
 ZUIJLEN van Pierre, Holland (1986)

Section: World Cup winners (1995 thr. 2003)

 STAFF Jamie, England (1995-1996)
 LEVEQUE Christophe, France (1995)
 GUBBELS Karien, Holland (1995)
 MUNSKI Kerstin, Germany (1996)
 HOLMES Dale, England (1997)
 LABIGANG Denis, France (1998)
 WILDE de Robert, Holland (1999-2003)
Supercross World Cup (2004 > )

 WILDE de Robert, Holland (2005-2007)
 Le CORGUILLE Laetitia, France (2007-2009-2010)
 STROMBERGS Maris, Latvia (2010)
 DAUDET Joris, France (2011)
 PHILLIPS Liam, England (2014)
 SYLVAIN, André, France (2017)
 KIMMAN Niek, Holland (2018)
 SMULDERS, Laura (2018)

Section: Special recoqnition

BEMBOOM J.H., Holland
BERCY-PALAIS OMNI SPORT indoor events, Mr. R.Nicolas, A. Kuligowski and D. Coste, France
BLONDIAU Armand, Belgium
COSTE Didier, France
DECONCLOIS Christine, France (2013)
DEKKERS Albert, Belgium
DICK Scott, England (2012)
DOES Nico, Holland (2001)
DOES Mieke, Holland
DOES Pieter, Holland (2004)
DOES Gerrit, Holland
DUFFIELD Dave, England (2012)
EKWALL Stefan, Sweden
EUROPEN CHALLENGE CUP 1984 - 1993, Mr. H. Bemboom and Mr. G. Does - Holland
EUROPEAN BMX CHAMPIONSHIP - 2008, Mrs. C. Höpping and Mr. A. Höpping - Germany
EUROPEAN BMX CHAMPIONSHIP - 2013, Mr. Frank Smets and team - Dessel, - Belgium
GROENENDAAL v.d. Christiaan, Holland
HEIDKAMP Uli, Germany (2001)
HILL Greg, USA (2011)
JAG BMX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 1980, Mr. Renny Roker - USA (2008)
JARVIS Sue & Malcom England
KNILL Albert, Switzerland (2011)
KOOYMANS Albert, Holland
KULIGOWSKI Alain, France
LYNCH Tom, England (2001)
NICOLAS Philippe, France (2001)
NICOLAS René, France
NYBERG Andreas Sweden (2004)
NIJS Sven, Belgium
POSTUMA Eddy, Holland
REDOIS Xavier, Holland (2001)
RUFFELL Andy, England
RUPE Eric, USA (2011)
RUSHTON Alan, England
SCHADOWSKI Rainer, Germany (2001)
TOURS indoor events 1982 till this day, Mrs. Morain, Mr. Masse & Mr. Perraquin - France
VRIJDAG Louis, Holland
WILES Geoff, England
WOODS Major Arthur, England r.i.p. (2018)
WOODS Alan, England (2018)

Section: World Championship Teams

 MCS TEAM EUROPE, Holland (1990)
 SUNN CHIPPIE, France (1991)
 TEAM GT EUROPE, Holland (1994-1996)
 NAT.TEAM England (England 1996)
 NAT.TEAM France (France 2003)
 NAT.TEAM Holland (Holland 2004)