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BMX Equipment

Within BMX the 20" bike is considered the most important one. Handling a 20" bike is more difficult then a 24" bikes, due to the smaller wheels. The bigger the wheels the easier a bike rolls over obstacles.

20" mini-frames are used by the youngest BMX racers, ages 5 till about 8 years old. So-called M (medium) frames are available for riders from 9 till approx. 14 years old.

14 /15 year and over riders mostly need L (large) frames as well as the XL frames for riders 16 and over that are very tall. Not to many riders use XXL 20" frames, mostly Pro's do ride them and they are specially built by the manufacturers for them. All of the above goes for girl/woman riders as well as boy/man riders. On 20" bikes they use ofcourse 20" wheels.

24" frames are all about the same size except that they have 24" wheels mounted on them: one can have frames however with low and high tubing, has to do with how long ones legs are. Many people think that weight of a bicycle is most essential. It is for the mini-bike riders of 5 years up and till 8 years old. But realize yourself that that each ounce you want to make such a bike lighter, will cost a lot of money.

The older the riders, the less important the weight of a bike. 1 or 2 KG less don't make too much of a difference anymore. However ...?!  In this category riding technique, power, stamina, mental attitude, tactics and the will to win are essential.  Additional and more specific information will be printed in due time.

Outfit / Protective Gear

  • Helmet essential: full face or open face with mouth protector
  • Race goggles
  • Race-jersey - possible body protector
  • Gloves
  • BMX pants
  • BMX racing shoes

Additional information in due time, specially on the different kind of products.