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Caps, race shirts and badges, just a part of the collection

Here a collection of pictures with "old skool stuff": Caps from the 80's and 90's.

Old-BMX-Caps-1979-1990 More-historic-BMX-caps And-MORE-BMX-caps 

Just a couple of very special caps: From Dutch National "AVRO TV", the AVRO BMX series cap + a Charlie Litsky cap + a WEBCO Inc. USA / SE Racing cap.


1980s-fietscross 1980s-Charlie-Litsky-cap 1970-1980s-WEBCO-Inc-USA-and-SE-Racing-cap

BMX in Holland was organized by the S.F.N. (Stichting Fietscross Nederland) and started ending year 1978. To introduce the sport of BMX, a demo team was formed, called LUCKY SEVEN. Seen here some of the shirts used by them during demo's with sponsor names printed on them. Further more a set of badges and an NBL Natioanl Champion numberplate, given to me by the NBL founder, mr. George E. Esser.

Lucky SevenBadgesnbl-plate