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Before BMX there was BX

Scott Breithaupt at the BUMS trackAmerican BMX (20 inch special bikes) was shaped in the late ‘60’ s early ’70 ‘s in the USA. Youngsters imitating motorcycle moto-cross riders, on their bicycles was the reason to built these special bikes that were stronger and more reliable then the ordinary bikes, which were also very hard to find in the USA in those days.

Here a picture of Scot Breithaupt (USA) one of the early pioneers in BMX, riding a stingray bike in around 1970. BMX started as a some what organized sport around 1971 in California. Scot Breithaupt was the initiator of racing going on back then. He promoted BMX in the L.A. area.  The first official organization sanctioning  races at a National level was the NBA *National Bicycle Association” by Ernie Alexander (USA).

However, on the old continent and more specific in Holland, a bicycle country by far, youngsters also imitated top International Moto-cross stars by riding normal road bikes, kind of prepared a little and some even with a side-hack. On the picture seen the “van Heugten brothers” riding their bikes and they called it BX – Bicycle Cross.  The van Heugten brothers became a famous bunch years after these pictures were taken, winning National MX titles and in the Side-hack class even World Championship titles FIM.

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