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1980's - 1990's a selection of unique T-shirts and other stuff

1995, this was the 4th. annual University of BMX training camp in Orlando and participation in the NBL Christmas Classic, when our group visited RONNIE BONNER's warehouse in Orlando and were we allwere presented with the 3rd (and gree) T-shirt, designed and produced by Ronnie.

During our visit, my dear friend and founder of the NBL, George E. Esser, was withe me and the group. During our visit George did not feel well and when I asked him about what he felt, the symthoms looked like a stroke ....  I rushed George to a nearby (close to our hotel) Hospital, were doctors checked George. He indeed had a milt stroke. His sons Brian and Greg came over from Pompano to pick George up and the next day (he had to stay one night in Hospital), the 3 of them left Orlando for Pompano.

That's the story behind the Ronnie Bonner T-shirt.

1989 Aussie souvenir  jacket  DSC02906 1989  Aussi souvenir jacket  DSC02907 1989 text says it all   DSC02899 1989 text says it all   backside  DSC02898 1992 DSC02913 1992 DSC02914 1995 DSC036681995 DSC036691995 DSC036701996 X mas Classic  29401998 EK DSC02799