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REDLINE's limited edition "30 year anniversary frame-kit"

July 25th 2003 by gOrk (Marketing Director / REDLINE)

30year redlineYo, old schoolers ......... I know this is a cruel thing to do -- but, I've gotta do it. Can't keep it a secret any longer.......     Attached here is THEE very first studio shot of REDLINE's LIMETED EDITION "30 YEAR ANNIVERSARY FRAME-KIT" (well, actually, all you get to see is the frame and fork -- but it'll come in a cool package with nickel plated V-Bars and Flight cranks!)

And here are some facts about it:

  • Limited Edition, only 100 will be made. The frame has the classic Redline coaster-brake tab, which is hand-stamped 1 / 100, 2 / 100, etc, etc.
  • Taking a que from car companies -- the frame, fork, cranks and V-bars will all have matching numbers.
  • Thus, complete sets will be more valuable around our 60 year anniversary.
  • Redline made it with modern-day specs and technology (like threadless headset and cantilever mounts), but added classic Redline trademarks, such as:
    • the rear stays are modeled after a '75 Squareback.
    • the gussett is classic 1976 Squareback.
    • the headtube is 5 inches, first seen on the '79 Proline.
    • the forks are cut and capped like the original Redline forks, with Proline dropouts. (and yes, OS 1 1/8)
    • the whole package is nickel plated; like all the original Redline motorcycle frames and early BMX bikes.
    • The kit will come in super cool package; with pre-cut foam that all of the items fit in to. It will have a clear plastic cover over top, sealed with holographic RL headtube stickers.
    • Thus, unsealed sets will be more valuable around our 60 year anniversary.

Of course, each Anniversary Kit comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and Anniversary headtube badge keychain.

Now .. the question you are all asking: HOW DO I GET MY HANDS ON ONE?! That can't be answered right now. But I can hint to you that current authorized Redline Dealers will be involved.

And the second most-asked question: WHEN WILL THEY BE AVAILABLE?! Uhhh... sorry, I can't tell you that, either.

Yup ... ain't I a tease?!  Keep your ears open for more info as I am able to release it. Hope you dig being one of the first people to set eyes on it.

marketing director / REDLINE