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1976, visiting BMX parts and bikes distributor LAGUNA BMX in Mission Viejo, Cal. - USA

Sometime November 1976 I visited my brother in law and Pro moto-cross rider for Yamaha, Pierre Karsmakers, while he was living in California. Together we visited many BMX manufacturer's and distributors. Among them LAGUNA BMX. At the time this company was owned by 2 men and one of these men was Jimmy Weinert, also a Pro moto-cross rider and competator of Pierre.

Laguna BMX  DSC15372 Laguna BMX  DSC15374 Laguna BMX DSC05373

Good visit and Pierre made a deal and started important Laguna BMX bikes and BMX parts. Seen here 2 special drawings I received through Laguna BMX, in order to help promote te sport in Holland. Weinert is acting in these cartoons/drawings himself!