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UCI BMX World Cup Pilot Project 1995-1997

During the I.BMX.F-FIAC Worlds in Waterford, USA, Gerrit Does was asked to present his survey 'THE  NEW  CONCEPT  for  BMX". Important part of GD explaining his plans for the future of BMX was getting a World Cup / Supercross Series off the ground on a world-wide scale. Those series should be the showcase for BMX and holt only Superclass/ Elite riders, men and women.

The UCI appointed Gerrit Does ending 1994 as Project Manager for this Pilot Project, The UCI BMX World Cup Series 1995 and on. After serious planning and hard work setting up such an event, the 1st ever UCI BMX World Cup according to the New Concept of GD, was organized on September 30th in Brighton - England. Here some items and remembrances of that 1st ever World Cup. For the first time ever TRANSPONDERS were used and they were mounted on the bottum bracket; the official UCI BMX World Cup jacket for officials  and  a souvenir T-shirt on this 1st UCI BMX World Cup.

1995 transponder an mounting unit DSC073181995  UCI BMX WC  DSC035071995-Brighton-UK