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"Sir" Gerrit Does - Editor & Professor

gerrit does small Gerrit Does was born in 1945 in The Netherlands, married to Annemieke and has two sons, Nico and Pieter Does. The Does family lives in a small town about 2 km from the city of Eindhoven in the south of Holland. Gerrit worked as a "human resource manager" at the Attractiepark Slagharen in Holland up and till February 14th. 2010. At 65 he retired. His hobbies are sports in general and more specific moto-cross, mountain-biking, golf, fitness (all active) and BMX (promoting). Favorite food: Japanese. Favorite music: R&B, Beatles, Eagles, Moody Blues, Fleetwood mac, Roling Stones, Frank Sinatra and most of all the other types of music.

Sports-career of/and activities in sport of Gerrit Does, our University of BMX professor.


During his education he was active as volleyball player in a local team in Hilversum and he did swim a lot (three times a week at least at a training level for competition). In 1962 he came in contact with the motorcycle-sport and more specific in moto-cross. His uncle, Wiebe van de Kuinder, owned a motorcycle shop in Hilversum - Holland, called v.d. KUINDER & Zn. He provided and sponsored Gerrit with his first moto/cross machine, 250cc Maico.


In 1963 GD officially applied for a competition-license in Holland and started to race in the Junior 250 cc moto-cross class and later in the Amateur class (250 Senior/International class).


In 1965 he was able to race and compete at international events, due to good results during the 1963 and 1964 seasons. In the year 1965 through 1970 Gerrit Does took part in a series for the West-European Championship 250cc moto-cross I.M.B.A. Best result: a 3rd. place overall in 1967 and a 4th. place in 1968. At National level he was three times in a row the Vice-Champion in the 250 cc class. After starting out on a MAICO, built by his uncle, he did race on a GREEVES 24 MDS and a GREEVES CHALLENGER. Later on Gerrit changed brands and started out on a 250 cc HUSQVARNA. When succes came, he became a co-sponsored rider by the HUSQVARNA importer of Holland in Amsterdam at that time, Mr. Joop van Wees. It was in this periode that he became friends with Mr. Bob Tuin, a moto-cross rider from Amsterdam, who started to develop a new type of air-filters for moto-cross: foam filters instead of the paper ones, called: TWIN AIR.


In 1972 he switched from the Amateur ranks (N.M.B - IMBA) to the Professional ranks (K.N.M.V.-FIM). During the 1972 and '73 racing season, he competed mostly at National events. Ending the 1973 season he decided to stop racing (due to work/family situation etc.).


01 Gerrit Does on a Greeves Challenger around 1965 02 GD on the 250cc Honda of Pieter Does riding at the Neeroeteren track in Belgium 2007 03 GD in action on the 1967 250cc Husqvarna June 2010 04 We do write year 2009 this Husky 250 cc from 1967 is ready for GD to be raced on soon 05 Gerrit Does in action on MX track of MC Amsterdam year 1969 06 Winning a 250 cc National in Someren - Holland on Husqvarna


In 1974 Gerrit competed this racing season only in endurance events in Holland, mostly finishing with the top 5 in National 250 cc class (on a 250 off the road Maico).

In 1974 he also got involved in physical training and coaching more and more of his youngest brother in law, Toon Karsmakers. Toon became three times National Champions 500cc in the years to come. Toon also competed at Grand Prix level and for several years Toon and Gerrit traveled all over Europe. Together with top moto-cross riders from Amateur and Professional division, as well as a 6 time National Champ motor Trials, Gerrit started a training group. (Willem II Moto-cross Training Center).

07 Flyer on Gerrit Does conducting a moto-cross training camp in the Kansas City area 1974 08 My first picture of a Yamaha full suspension BMX bike at a Yamaha mc dealer in Kansas City 1974It was in 1974 that Gerrit went to the USA for the first time to conduct moto-cross clinics and there it was were he "discovered" AMERICAN BICYCLE MOTO-CROSS in short BMX. Due to circumstances then, he was not able to bring back home a YAMAHA full suspension BMX bike (monoshock!). Weight about 16 kg!

During this period the idea was born to introduce BMX in Holland and Europe as a training school for potential motorcycle moto-cross riders (as examples we just mention Guy Cooper, Joël Smets and Jeremy McGrath: they were BMX racers and later on big moto-cross stars. There BMX background was a great plus in moto-cross.


It was in 1975 that Gerrit's brother in law, Pierre Karsmakers, a works YAMAHA and HONDA USA moto-cross rider (USA National champion in 1973 and first "American" on a Honda Red Devil to win a Grand Prix in the late '70 s) living in the USA at that time, started to import BMX bikes and products in Holland. Among those bikes, the new YAMAHA full suspension BMX bike. Gerrit's son Nico Does was the first known rider on an American BMX bike (20 inch wheels and a special frame/fork set) in Holland and may be even Europe.

During 1975/78 Gerrit also started a riders exchange program for moto-cross riders. Several Dutch top moto-cross riders did make it over to the USA to race and American riders spent some time riding in Holland and Belgium.

09 Book on physical and mental training for Moto-cross Over 7500 copies sold since 19761976

 In 1976 Gerrit Does finished his book on "physical and mental training for moto-cross". This was the first book ever with this kind of extended information on physical training for the sport of moto-cross. Up till around 2005, even at public libraries this book was available and red in Holland and Belgium. In this book, issued by "Standaard Publications" in Antwerp-Belgium, a chapter on BMX as learning school for very young potential moto-cross riders. Around 5.500 copies have been sold in the 70s and 80s.



In 1977 he decided to introduce the sport of BMX in Holland and Europe. In 1978 during the February International Moto-cross held in Valkenswaard - Holland, Gerrit introduced American BMX, explaining what it meant and having a demonstration on BMX bikes by young boys out of the village of Aalst-Waalre (6 or 7 riders). May 16th. 1978 Gerrit started an unoffical organization called: "Eerste Nationale Fiets Moto-cross Organisatie" or First National BMX Organization.


In October 1978 he founded the "Stichting Fietscross Nederland" in short S.F.N. As organizer, promoter and marketeer of the sport of BMX, he was in need of a secretary. From moto-cross he knew Louis Vrijdag (president of UCI-BMX till 1999) who lived about 1 km away from his house. After explaining his goals and asking Louis to help him out, they came to an agreement. And from there on it all started in Holland. Also Gerrit's wife Mieke Does - Karsmakers got involved and became a board member of S.F.N.


In 1979 after preparing thoroughly, the first official race took place on April 21 st. at Veldhoven. Right from the start there were some very good contacts with sponsors like: WRANGLER - TIVOLI - SHIMANO and MILKY WAY. 1979 Being born in the city of National radio and TV, Hilversum, Gerrit also had some good contacts with people from those TV stations. Right from the beginning they were interested in this new sport of BMX. Out of the at that time 4 National TV stations, the AVRO organization took up the production and broadcasting of a TV series about BMX. Special formed Teams from each part of our country, competed against each other. The AVRO Fietscross Trophy events were born. During about 6 years, 4 programs per year of about 1 hour each were produced and broadcasted in the months of June, July, August and September. Sometime 1985/86 several indoor BMX events were broadcasted as well (Ahoy - Rotterdam, Rijnhal - Arnhem). These TV shows accelerated the development of BMX, specially in Holland (1979 - 110 licenses, 1985 over 5.000 licenses + 2000 club licenses!). Gerrit Does acted as coordinator/organizer, adviser, colourman (interviews) and assisted the presentator of these series Mr. Karel van de Graaf.

In December 1979, a group of about 8 Dutch SFN riders participated in the JAG BMX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS II in Indianapolis - USA (indoor race) organized by Mr. Renny Roker. This was the first big experience concerning actual BMX racing in the USA. Over 280 moto's and 1728 entries, for us at that time, very impressive. This was the first time Gerrit Does did bring over the first ever European BMX racers to the USA.

International contacts were established there, meeting people from Japan, Venezuela, Canada and of course the USA. Also the idea of starting an international governing body for BMX was born there and then. Driving forces behind the idea of a world governing body were Tadashi Inoue - Japan, George E. Esser - USA and Gerrit Does - Holland. Gerrit was the pushing force behind it all, getting an international organization "off the ground and under way".

1979 and 1980 were the years that several representatives from other European countries, visited Gerrit's house to get information and explanation about the sport of BMX, rules etc. Among them, Rene Nicolas (France), Juan Ventura (Spain), Mr. Heidkamp (Germany), Stefan Ekwall (Sweden), Albert Dekkers (Belgium).


In 1980 due to how promotion and marketing was done in Holland, BMX started to grow very fast. S.F.N. contacted F.I.M., the international world governing body for motor-cycle sports, to find out wheather working together was a wise thing to do (policy: BMX, school for motorcycle moto-cross ). Although several national motorcycle organizations were interested, the F.I.M. was not. (Even at this moment several motorcycle federations are UCI - BMX member: Denmark and Bellarusia).

Then during February '80, the S.F.N. was contact by the K.N.W.U. (Royal Dutch Cycling Federation) board. After serious discussions, integration took place that same year.

Gerrit Does acting as chairman of the KNWU Fietscross-committee, automatically became member of the board of the KNWU, representing the BMX division. In the same board also Mr. Hein Verbruggen was a member (president of UCI and I.O.C. member).

Also in 1980 a first initiative was taken by George E.Esser (USA), Tadashi Inoue (Japan) and Gerrit Does (Holland) together with others to start officialy an international BMX sanctioning body. Temporary it was called IBMF.


In 1981, after first being called IBMF, the I.BMX.F. (International BMX Federation) was founded on April 3rd 1981 in Pompano Beach, Florida-USA. Gerrit Does became the General secretary of the I.BMX.F and driving force behind this new organization during about 5 years to come. Due to the fact that he spoke 4 languages at that time, made him also the centre of communications. I.BMX.F started out with 8 countries.

Also in 1981 Gerrit Does contacted the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne-Switzerland to find out what the official criteria were to become an Olympic Sport.


In October 1982 an International BMX Committee called I.B.C. was formed by people from the the businesses involved, in order to coordinate sponsorships and industry support toward quality races.

The elected IBC board members were:

  • Bob Tedesco (NBL)
  • Sandy Finkleman (Diamond Back, Wheels N' Things)
  • Steve Johnson (Torker)
  • Dan Van Vickle (Murray Ohio)
  • and Bob Osborn (BMX Action)

The IBC Steering Committee was formed by:

  • Mike Bodrick
  • John DeBoard (Premier helmets)
  • Gerrit Does (I.BMX.F.)
  • and Bob Osborn (BMX Action Magazine)

In 1982 during the FIAC annual congress in Leicester - England (World Championship road racing took place there at the time), Gerrit Does did give a presentation (slides) and speech on the sport of BMX, a new sport not very well known within the World cycling organization FIAC (Amateur division) and FICP (professional division). First official talks about a merge between I.BMX.F. and at that time F.I.A.C. took place in Bassano del Grappa - Italy, during the World championship road racing in 1984. The final result was that I.BMX.F. merged with UCI in 1996 (on account of Mr. L. Vrijdag).

In 1982 the first ever I.BMX.F. World Championships took place in Dayton-Ohio, USA. Also the first ever I.BMXF Open European BMX Championship was held in Beek & Donk, Holland in July of the same year.


In 1983 the first ever outside the USA, I.BMX.F. World Championship took place at Ponypark Slagharen - Holland, organized by Gerrit Does. Even today it is very hard for any other World Championship organizer/promoter to reach the professional level set then and there.


In 1984 during the World Championship road racing in Bassano del Grappa - Italy, Gerrit Does (General secretary) and Tony Hoar (President of I.BMX.F. at that moment ) had their first official meeting to discuss a working together relationship with the UCI's amateur division, F.I.A.C. This meeting was very disappointing. The FIAC considered BMX "a game for kids", NOT a real sport!

10 Japanese award presented Gerrit Does by congresmember mr Hatori rip in 1984Also in this year, during the I.BMX.F. Worlds in Japan, Gerrit Does received an appreciation award from Congress member mr. Hatori for his work helping promote BMX and these Worlds in Japan.

Also in 1984 contacts were made between Gerrit Does and an organization called SFU or Sport For Understanding - International Sports Exchange - from Eugene, Oregon, USA. SFU's Program Director Mr. Don Van Rossen, Ph.D. contacted GD and together they worked out several exchanges concerning young people from the USA coming to Europe and from our continent to the USA.

Again in September 1984 a letter was sent by G. Does acting as General secretary of I.BMX.F. to the I.O.C. in Lausanne - Switzerland, asking for official recognition of American BMX as a potential Olympic sport. In 1984 during the Canadian Worlds, at the I.BMX.F. annual congress, Gerrit Does resigned as General Secretary of I.BMX.F.

At the end of the same year, he also resigned from his position as chairman of the KNWU BMX Committee and as member of the Board of Directors KNWU. His philosophy doing different things every other 5 till 6 years was the reason for this action. About 5 years of "pulling the wagon" has been enough. Others should take over now.

It is a pity to say that it finally took from around 1984 till 1996 for the I.BMX.F. to merge with the in the meantime reorganised UCI (no more F.I.A.C. and F.I.C.P.). Too much time was spent on politics, too less time on the developing our sport (organization wise) and its competitors.

During the years 1984 up and till 1993 Gerrit Does organized 10 European Challenge Cup /E.C.C. events at Ponypark Slagharen amusement park (called the E.C.C.). Entries varied from around 1.000 till almost 1900. Among them many American Pro's and riders from at least 15 different countries participated during those years. Together with the Indoor of Bercy - Paris, France, the E.C.C. has been the most prestigious BMX event in Europe up and till this moment.

In 1988 the Open European Championship all categories were also held at Ponypark Slagharen - Holland, organized by G.D. During the 1988 EC, a party was organized by the Ponypark management (G.D.) to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of BMX in Holland.


In 1991 the European Championship for Clubs was organized at Ponypark Slagharen.

Books written and published by Gerrit Does:

12 All about BMX by Gerrit Does and Louis Vrijdag issued in 1982Besides all the above, there was some time left to write books as well. Gerrit Does did write a book about physical training for Motorcycle Moto-cross (1976) called "Moto-cross". On bmx, the "Milky Way Booklet", "het Grote Fietscrossboek" by Karel v.d. Graaf and in cooperation Gerrit Does and Louis Vrijdag did write a book on BMX called "Alles over fietscross" (All about BMX).

During the "top years" of BMX developing (1981 - 1985) a Dutch BMX publication called "Fietscross Magazine" was issued. GD was instrumental of getting this magazine off the ground and also became a staff member later on. Louis Vrijdag became the editor of this magazine.

Gerrit Does BMX Team Manager:

Specially the first pioneer years in BMX in Holland and in Europe were mainly concentrated on promoting and marketing the sport of BMX. A lot of time and effort was put into this. Since 1986/87 the sport was kind of settled, the challenge was gone and Gerrit Does was looking for new challenges.

Back to the roots, meaning: running a team, training and coaching riders and trying to find sponsors to help riders to decrease expenses etc. Gerrit Does has been a Team-manager of the following BMX race teams:

In 1983 it was Team MONGOOSE. GD knew Mongoose owner Skip Hess very well and that was how this sponsorship and team became a fact and was formed.

In 1984 it was Team MOTOBECANE/MONGOOSE, through MBK France. Motobecane became European distributor of Mongoose bikes, that's why this combi-team was formed.

In 1985 there were 3 teams organized by Gerrit Does: Team SINISALO. The Dutch Sinisalo importer and Mongoose were sponsoring this team. Sinisalo importer Nico v.d. Kuinder - Hilversum - Holland, the nephew of GD helped out sponsoring. Team MONGOOSE and Team MOTOBECANE all run by Gerrit.

From 1986 up and till 1988 the first official KNWU National BMX selection was formed and sponsored by an National and International operating insurance company called AMEV. This BMX team was also called, Team AMEV. During three years this team was the team to beat, famous all over Europe. GT bicycles and Robinson racing as well as Hutch were the main bike suppliers.

In 1989 a private team was organized by Gerrit, called Team BLUE THUNDER, sponsored by SUNN (bicycles) and PREMIER (helmets & uniforms). Owner Max Commencal of SUNN and GD knew each other well. PREMIER helmets owner Mr. Jan Raymakers lived about 4 miles from GD.

From 1990 up and till 1991 the MCS Team EUROPE was formed. Gerrit had the idea of starting a team with international selected riders from several European countries. He was the first to create such an international team. Original owner of MCS was Mr. George Esser (founder of NBL-USA (1974) and founder member of I.BMX.F.). In the early days of BMX, GD had already contact with Mr. Esser and now was asked by MCS - Florida, USA to form a European team to promote their products. It was in this team that Christophe Leveque started his career really. This MCS team became World Champion Manufacturer Teams in France in 1990.

In 1992 Gerrit Does was asked by Mr. Richard Long, one of the 2 owners of GT-bicycles, to set-up and manage a GT EURO TEAM for them. Richard and Gerrit knew eachother from 1983 (Worlds Slagharen - Holland) on very well. Again, this team he managed for 5 years (up and till 1996) and then Gerrit wanted to do something new again. Specially since his friends Richard Long got killed in a tragic motorcycle accident and was no more. This GT EURO Team became World Champion Trade Team in 1994 at the Worlds helt in the USA.

In 1997 Gerrit started out as trainer-coach for the WEBCO MENTOS World Team. Webco Bicycles was founded in 1991 by GD's son Nico Does, former Dutch 3 time National Champion and World number 3 (Australia 1989). Webco stands for Western European Bicycle COmpany. During the years 1991 till 1996 WEBCO was co-sponsored with parts by GT. Since WEBCO was now (1997) producing all parts themselves, its just WEBCO and ofcourse MENTOS, the Freshmaker as their main sponsor. The year 2000 WEBCO had its 10th. anniversary.

In 1998 Gerrit Does also acted as team-manager for the WEBCO-MENTOS EURO BMX Team.

Team results during European and/or World Championships in the Manufacturer Team Competition.

with Gerrit Does as team manager:

1990 WC  France  MCS team EUROPE, World Champion
1991 EC  Switzerland  MCS team EUROPE, 3rd. place
1991 WC  Norway  MCS team EUROPE, 3rd. place
1992 EC  Italy  GT EURO team, European Champion
1993 EC  Sweden  GT EURO team, 2nd. place
1993 WC  Brasil  GT World team, World Champion (mix of USA and Euro riders)
1994 WC  USA !!!!  GT EURO team, World Champion
1996 EC  Switzerland  GT EURO team, un-officialy European Champion
1996 WC  England  GT WORLD team 2, World Champion.
1997 EC  Holland  WEBCO-MENTOS World team, 2nd. place.
1997 WC  Canada  WEBCO-MENTOS World team, 3nd. place.
1998 EC  Germany  WEBCO-MENTOS Euro BMX race team, 2nd. place.
1998 WC  Australia  WEBCO-MENTOS Euro BMX race team, dnq.
1999 EC  Holland  WEBCO-MENTOS Euro BMX team, European Champion with TM - Nico Does.

Most prestigious win: Winning the World title with the GT EURO Team in the USA in 1994 !!! Dale Holmes (GB), Corine Dorland (NL), Robert Sprokholt (NL), Gundars Osis (Latvia) and Vladislav Khas (CZ) members of the winning team.

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UNIVERSITY of BMX training clinics USA

Since 1991 Gerrit Does organized training-clinics in Orlando-Florida, USA. Following these training camps, the NBL National called "the CHRISTMAS CLASSIC" in Columbus-Ohio were the next stop was. All European University members competed in that event. During the years 1991, 92, 94, 95 and 96 about 150 riders experienced American BMX and life and took part in the training-camps / Christmas Classic events. Again Gerrit Does did some pioneer work here, bringing top-European BMX racers to the USA and "showing them the way". As a result of the above several European professionals are now racing and living in the USA and making some good money too. Among those who travelled with him to the States then were: Jamie Staff, Bas de Bever, Nico and Pieter Does, Dale Holmes, Christophe Leveque, Dylan Clayton, and many others.

Three times GD travelled with a group of top European BMX'ers to the ABA GRANDS in Oklahoma - USA in November. Riders wanted to experience this event too, called the Greatest Race on Earth , and that it was.

UCI activities

Since 1994 Gerrit Does has been active within the UCI organization. Not being able to really let go of organizing events, a lot of his ideas written down in a New Concept to market and promote our fantastic sport were excepted and reformed in the "UCI - BMX World Cup Series". This New Concept implemented in these WORLD CUP SERIES, is the way to go for sure!

In 1995 two pilot projects took place, one in Brighton - England and one in Columbus- Ohio, USA.

In 1996 a four series event was organized. WORLD CUP events in Venezuela, USA, England and Holland.

1997 only had a 3 round WORLD CUP SERIE: Australia, USA and Holland.

As Project Manager of the "UCI BMX WORLD CUP SERIES", Gerrit worked from 1994 up and till 1997. In October 1997 Gerrit resigned from this job since UCI kind of stopped activities and did not have real interest in the series, did not want to invest in these events at the time. In 1998 only 1 World Cup event was organized by the UCI, one week prior to the Worlds in Melbourne - Australia. Gerrit Does was not involved in the organization of this event anymore.

In the 2000's the UCI itself through its BMX coordinator,  took up organizing BMX World Cup / Supercross events again. Ending 2010 the UCI returned to its core business and the BMX Co-ördinator Johan Lindström at the time, started together with the NBL, a new compant called GXS Inc. Early 2011 a new UCI BMX Co-ordinator was hired by the UCI, former BMX champion mrs. Ellen Bollansee from Belgium.

Last but not least

11 Article on development in ATB-MTB racing in Holland 1988-1989 initiated by GDIn 1988 Gerrit Does has been instrumental in getting ATB/MTB off the ground in Holland as an organized competition sport. As organizer/promoter on request of riders and others, he planned to be active for one year in this field and at the end of that year an other organization (KNWU) should take over (weren't very interesting in the beginning!). With the help of several BMX organizers, a series was formed called "THE WAR OF THE STARS". Indeed after one season the KNWU took over, when they saw how much interest there was for ATB/MTB.

Since 1993 Gerrit Does was the co-organizer of the yearly running event for youth, called the "Olympic Day Run", which was held at the Amusementpark Slagharen (former called Ponypark Slagharen) in Holland every 3rd Saturday in June of any year. This OLYMPIC DAY RUN takes place during this time, all over the world and participants receive a certificate signed by Mr. Samaranch, president of the I.O.C. Over 6000 young people competed each and every year in this event at the Slagharen run.  The NOC*NSF ( Dutch National Olympic Committee ) and more specific the Olympic Movement department, is the other co-organizer of this event in which Mr. Anton Geesink, member of the I.O.C. and former Olympic, World and European Champion JUDO, plays an important role.

Gerrit Does has the following honourable titles

In Holland: Special badge/pin called the"KNWU Silver Wheel" received for work done in the pioneer years of BMX, 1978 - 1985. Official KNWU thing. Presented in December 1986.

In France: Mr. Fantastic / BMX (due to, among others, the European Challenge Cup events) publication in Bi-cross Magazine, France.

From I.BMX.F (now UCI): Life (original) Founder Member of I.BMX.F. (presented to GD in 1985 in Whistler - Canada).

Honourable title in BMX received in TULSA - USA on November 25th. 1998, voted for by the members of the ABA BMX HoF, GD was inducted in the ABA BMX HALL of FAME, which is the most prestigious award in the World in BMX.

16 GD turning 60 and receive this award from the Latvian Olympic CommiteeReceived a special "Appreciation Award" from the Latvian Olympic Committee, for his contribution to help introducing and developing BMX in Latvia since 1987 and on (presented in 2005).

March 1999 Gerrit Does informed "the BMX World" about the fact that after 25 years of involvement in the sport (1974-1999), he steps back from the BMX podium and will not be acive in the way he was before in the sport. It's time now for the "New Generation" to press on and professionalize BMX organization and racing wise.

Well, he did find again a new challenge: helping out the FATBMX crew writing down among other things the "History of European BMX as he knows it" as well as starting his own website in 2001 called "The University of BMX" -

However, Gerrit did find it hard to let go of organizing events, so..................................................

On September 27th 2002 he organized the first Holland - Belgium Reunion for Old Skool of BMX'ers at Luyksgestel in Holland and one year later on the same date, he organized the Celebration of 25 years of BMX in Holland and Europe (1978 - 2002) including an event called the 1st International Veteran - Cup. This all took place at Dessel in Belgium on the Joel Smets BMX track.

Specs on awards GD

November 1998, Oklahoma City - USA, ABA BMX Hall of Fame special recognition

13 ABA Hall of Fame award of Gerrit Does 1998 14 ABA Hall of Fame members fltr Gary Ellis jr Gary Littlejohn Anthony Sewell rip and Gerrit Does 1998The father of European BMX, brother-in-law of famed 70’s Supercross star Pierre Karsmaker, Gerrit was introduced to BMX in 1974 during a trip to America. As advisor to his brother in law Pierre Karsmakers, the late was the first to import WEBCO and other early BMX frames to Holland In 1978. Gerrit played a vital part in helping start BMX tracks all over Europe. In 1981, along with George Esser and Tadashi Inoue, Gerrit formed the International BMX Federation (IBMXF) and in 1982, the first ever World Championship outside the USA was held in Holland in 1983, Gerrit paved the way for BMX in foreign countries as General Secretary of the I.BMX.F., and was director of the World famous Slagheren BMX track - host to the annual European Challenge Cup events from 1984 up and till 1993 (10x). Today, Does still determines the direction of BMX in Europe, as TM of the GT-Euro BMX team (November 1998).

September 27th. 2003 - Appreciation Award from the LATVIAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE for Gerrit Does

15 Appreciation Award by the Latvian Olympic Committee September 2003During the event helt at Dessel - Belgium called the 1st International Veteran Cup and Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of BMX in Europe on September 27th. 2003, Mr. Aldons Vrublevskis, Secretary General of the Latvian Olympic Committee and President of the Latvian BMX Federation, presented Gerrit Does with a so-called Appreciation Award by the Latvian Olympic Committee  for the invaluable contribution to the introduction and development of BMX in Latvia.


April 25th. 2008, Waalre-Holland - Gerrit Does obtained the "ORDER OF KNIGHTHOOD by ORANGE-NASSAU"

April 25th 2008 is a special day in The Netherlands. It's called "Lintjesdag" ('Ribbon Day') where people who have done special things for the community receive recognition. It was Gerrit Does' turn to make the trip to the Local Council where he received appreciation by the Mayor of Waalre, in name of our Queen, for all his work he has done for BMX, nationaly ánd at an international level. The list of achiefment is almost endless and the Mayor had to keep it short. Gerrit was the last one to expect being called in for the honour and had already planned a trip to Weiterstat - Germany on his motor bike for the day.

17 Sir Gerrit Does a surprised and very proud GD Knighted in April 2008Waalre, 25 April 2008. Onder belangstelling van familie en vrienden uit de BMX wereld werd Gerrit Does deze morgen geridderd in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau in het gemeentehuis in Waalre. De staat van dienst die "The Godfather of BMX" geleverd heeft op het gebied van fietscross bevatte enkele pagina's maar de Burgemeester van Waalre moest een beknopte versie geven. Onder applaus ontving Gerrit Does de waardering.

"De is een complete verrassing" zei Gerrit, "Ik wilde een toertocht gaan maken op m'n motor maar ineens kwam er een groep bekenden achterom. Toen werd me bekend wat er gaande was. Ik heb mijn motorpak even snel verruild voor het drie-delige pak, leek me wel geschikt." Hij vervolgde: "Het mooie van het hele gebeuren vind ik dat het van de (BMX) jongens zelf gekomen is. Ik sta er wel even van te kijken."

Gerrit Does bracht in 1978 de fietscross sport naar Nederland. Hij richtte de Stichting Fietscross Nederland op en al snel werden overal in Nederland (en daarbuiten) fietscross wedstrijden gereden. Gerrit schreef meerdere BMX boeken, was een grondlegger van Fietscross magazine en bracht het eerste wereldkampioenschap buiten Amerika naar Nederland. In Slagharen werd tien jaar lang de European Challange Cup gereden, een van de belangrijkste BMX wedstrijden op de jaarlijkse internationale kalender. Does heeft ook een grote bijdrage geleverd om fietscross tot een Olympische discipline te maken. Fietscross bestaat dit jaar (2008) officieel 30 jaar wat gevierd wordt met een reunie op Ponypark Slagharen. Georganiseerd door, wie anders, Gerrit Does.

18 Old School of BMX Reunion in Slagharen - HollandOctober 2nd - 4th. 2009, Slagharen - Holland - International Old School of BMX Reunion and Celebration 30th anniversary of BMX in Holland and Europe

Gerrit Does organized this reunion and celebration at the, in the world of BMX well know and famous Attractiepark Slagharen (former Ponypark Slagharen). The 1st outside USA Worlds took place there as well as 10 E.C.C. events (European Challenge Cups), European Championships and on. Look for details in the History of BMX section, year 2009.

For more details and many pictures on this reunion, check out the History of BMX section, year 2009.


June, July and August 2011 - GD acting as Ambassador Safety for LEATT neckbraces (in Holland) during these 3 months

During the 2011 season GD got involved in BMX more intense then they years before. As Safety was becoming a hot item in the UCI BMX Supercross Series due to tracks that were built more and more extreme, GD was also asked to give his view and opinion on these events in all fields of the organisation and looking from the outside in. The following events were attended and screened by GD: the UCI Supercross event at Papendal in Holland, The UCI BMX World Championships in Copenhagen - Denmark and the BMX Supercross event at Chula Vista, California, USA.

For reports on these events as well as pictures and opinion / conclusions, go to History of BMX 2011 and read.

19 Merits in the Olympic movement award of Gerrit Does 2012August 26 through 28th. 2012 - Invitation Latvian Olympic Committee

GD was invited by the Latvian Olympic Committee to come to Latvia for a special ceremony honoring Maris Strombergs for winning the Gold medal during the London Olympics 2012. Latvian Olympic Committee President mr. Aldons Vrublevskis present special awards to Maris Strombergs, Rihards Veide and Edzus Treimanis. Gerrit Does received a special award from the Latvian Olympic Committee and the text on the award said: "A sign of honor for Merits in the Olympc movement." GD was very honored receiving this special award.

September 28th. 2013 - Gerrit Does received the UCI MERIT for his serves rendered in BMX

On July 10th., 2013 the only three Life Founder members of the I.BMX.F. being mr. George E. Esser (r.i.p.), mr. Tadashi Inoue and mr. Gerrit Does, received a letter in which was announced that they were awarded with the UCI MERIT and they were invited to collect this UCI MERIT at the end of the UCI Congres that would take place on September 28th. in Florence - Italy. However, due to the fact that mr. George Esser will be inducted into the USA BMX Hall of Fame during a diner and ceremony happening on that same date and that will take place at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista - California, USA, mr. Esser's sons Brian and Greg as well as Gerrit Does will be present during the Hall of Fame induction of George Esser. The UCI did sent the merit's + pin to Gerrit Does, who brought these to the USA and presented Brian and Greg with the special UCI MERIT for their father. Mr. Tadashi Inoue being adviced by the doctors not to travel, due to illnes, received the award and pin through the mail. Gerrit Does was presented with the UCI award and pin in Chula Vista too.

20 UCI letter announcing the presentation of the UCI MERITs for Esser Inoue and Does in 2013 22 The pin belonging to the UCI Merit Award in 2013  21 UCI Merit Award in 2013

Seen in the below gallery a picture of the 3 original founder members of the I.BMX.F, George E. Esser - r.i.p. (USA), Tadashi Inoue (Japan) and Gerrit Does (Holland). George Esser's sons Greg and Brian Esser accepted the UCI MERIT in name of their father.

23 Gerrit Does holding his UCI Merit and showing off his UCI pin 2013 26 Mr Tadashi Inoue holding his UCI Merit and showing his UCI pin 2013 27 Many years later mr Tadashi Inoue visiting Gerrit Does in Waalre Holland in 2006 10 Mr Tadashi Inoue presenting Gerrit Does the Life Founder Membership award during the IBMXF Worlds in Whistler Canada 1985  25 Mr George E Esser 24 Greg l and Brian r Esser with George Essers UCI Merit 2013

Full story and pictures on the presentation of the UCI MERIT in Chula Vista, September 28th. 2013, see on this website section History of BMX, year 2013 and date September 28th.

May 23rd - 26th. 2014 - Gerrit Does was invited to be present at the celebration of the first Lustrum of the Olympic tree parc in Valmiera - Latvia

On Saturday May 24th. there was a celebration on the 5th anniversary of the Olympic Parc in Valmiera - Latvia. The Olympic Parc is an innitiative of Janis Martisons. On this field Latvian Olympians are invited to plant a tree in remembrance of their participation in the Olympics. Among the many names that of 2 times Olympic champion in BMX Maris Strombergs.  Besides these sportsmen and women also people involved in the Olympic movement of Latvia and other celebrities have and will plant trees.

It was my honour to plant a tree as teacher/coach/consultant  in BMX for the Latvian founding fathers, Janis Silins and Aldons Vrublevskis and through them being able to have helped in the Olympic movement in this country. Here some pictures showing you what this Olympic Parc is all about.

28 GD BMX Professor Olympic Parc Valmiera Latvia 201429 Olympic tree Parc in Valmiera - Latvia 201430 Thank you Olympic Parc organizers its my honour 201431 Gerrit Does Tree