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Brian Frehner - USA (2011)

Dear Gerrit,

I am an oldschool BMXer (1976-1982) and am currently a professional historian at an American university. Like many old school riders, I have recently become interested in BMX as a grown man after watching it on the Olympics (2008) and realizing what a great sport I was involved in as a kid and that I was taking part in a unique historical moment as the sport originated.

A man named Carl Frein recently introduced me to your website and I have grown to realize the prominent role you have played in promoting BMX worldwide. I recently did read your article (evoluation) on  about the Papendal track.

I will keep this short for now but wanted to let you know that I, too, am interested in promoting the sport and believe that the way to do this is by linking the present sport to its historical and cultural significance. You are the only one that I have seen involved in the sport today, who has a similar understanding. I would like to begin thinking about writing a book on how BMX grew into an international and Olympic sport and you are the person who would be vital to such a project. I was amazed to read that you have an 8 meter archive of historical documents!

Would you be interested in talking about such a project and assisting me with access to your collections if I pursue this project? Whatever your opinion, I appreciate your efforts to document the sport and believe this approach is key to the survival and popularity of BMX.


Brian Frehner - USA


Reaction Gerrit Does:

Thanks for your nice e.mail Brian, appreciate it. I am always "IN" when it concerns educating our "own BMX people" and the rest of the world when it concerns the historical awareness of our sport. Whenever you are ready, I am there to help and assist. Hope to hear from you.  P.s. Sorry for my "late`reaction.