Letters to the editor

Jose Carlos Pedrero (2001)

Hey Gerrit,

How are you? Here everything is fine, but the rain, we are under the rain for three months now, and for us that is too much. Congratulations for your cools articles at Fatbmx! I enjoy it a lot. I want to let you know how I feel with the classes that UCI runs from two or so years ago. For the youngers Cruisers clases are nice two by two years, but what is up with the older classes ? Now I have a huge group 30 to 40 years old!! I'm 36 and going to enter no way who I have to race against, some body may think I'm too old and better sit at the stands and take care of the young guys, but at this momment I feel the need of race!! For me ABA is the right example, you can find a class no matter how old you are. I think that UCI is missing entries by that. OK, we have to focus the medias in Elite and Junior classes, but dont forget the BMX lovers!

Best regards,

Jose Carlos Pedrero (2001)
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