Letters to the editor

Leonardo Leiva Nazarewsky (2011)

Hallo Gerrit,

It's me, Leo Leiva, the oldest BMX rider from Venezuela and I still race from 1980 on. My first I.MX.F. World Championship was in Whistler - Canada in 1985 and I finished in 5th place in Experts 17 & over class. Bas mde Bever finished 2nd, Travis Chipres did win in Canada. I did meet you here in Isla de Margarita in 1995 when you were the project-manager of the UCI BMX World Cup / Supercross series on the island here in Venezuela. I did sent you a picture of this race with you on it, carrying a large box with all the transponder equipment, together with Eddy Posthuma and the at the time BMX Coordinator UCI, Jeroen Vrijdag. I am just watching you, the guy with the green jersey.  I am glad to meet you on facebook also now, hope you will accept my "friendship" request.

All the best for now
Leo Leiva  (May 2011)
Response GD:

Hi Leo Leiva, great to hear from you. Ofcourse I do remember you and I am more then glad to accept you as a "friend" on facebook. I only accept people I know and you are one of them. So you are still racing till this day? How is BMX doing in Venezuela? Talk to you later then, all the best,     GD
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