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Poalo Dabbeni (2001)


I really enjoyed looking at your site, I had an appetizer with the story of bmx on FAT but this is just great. I am an old school bmxer from Italy and looking at some of the pictures and dates brought back a lot of memories.

I started racing in 1983 when I was 15 and raced in Italy and Europe until 1986 when I was caught in between the FIAAC / IBMXF war, you see I was the only Italian that went to the race at Bercy in 1986 and at the beginning of 87 I was disqualified by Mr. Rosati for racing in an unsanctioned race. Too bad because I almost won that race after getting the snap. After this happened with half of the season gone I decide I had enough of politics in bmx and I started snowboarding and went to become a pro and World Champion in 1990.

Snowboarding is now my job but my heart went back to bmx, after a few years racing mtb downhill and slalom I got back on my GT and started racing bmx again. Now I live in the States, in Oregon, and race ABA locally.

The sport here is great, not like it was or it is now in Italy where was never promoted in the right way.

Well, again thanks for all your work past and present and for keeping the memory of a great time alive.

Best Regards,

Paolo Dabbeni (2001)