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Sandy Finkelman - USA (2002)

Dear Gerrit,

I was totally blown away at how good the USA history is told, I own Wheels N Things and started a racing team in 1973; I have newspapers and mags from 1975 thru 1988 and pictures from the beginning; I think that what I'be seen of you site so far is one of the best and most accurate data of all the old school bmx websites; I am really upset at the way some of the sites are representing the real old school bmx era, some are just milking the system and will eventually hurt the sports honesty; I would like to clean up some of these sites that I'm talking about and if you can help I would gladly team up and do it;, bmxmuseum, and I know there's others; Hey if you're gonna print data on the history of bmx you better know the facts or get the facts from the right source; a good example is in the bmx museum history about the Diamond Back Silver Streak and the pictures that represent the bike; I worked for DB (1980-1983) and I was a major part of the marketing and management and I named the bike; I was really disturbed to see this kind of poor research in the real old school bmx racing era, history has to be told in true facts or not at all. Sorry for the length of this and if I can help you promote the sport of OSBMX Racing don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks again and you might want to check out my auctions on ebay.

Best Regards,

Sandy Finkelman - USA


Comment GD:

I think we met once! On the history of BMX, I completely agree.
If you write down the history of BMX, be as sure as possible, that it is the true history. I'll get back to you later Sandy!