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Steven Leong - Malaysia (2011)

Hi Gerrit,

I am not sure if you still can remember me. I contacted you many years ago when I was very young. At the time, you were running I.BMX.F., as general secretary. Back then I had a dream of bringing BMX racing into Malaysia. Now I am 43 years old and I still carry this dream with me. I am on speaking terms with Johan Lindström now. While I just recently came back to Malaysia, I am working on the possibility again, to have at least a UCI BMX Worlds in Kuala Lumpur for 2015 and I am not sure whether UCI has a bidbook to offer to them. I 'd like in aadvance to now some more about the criteria an organizer has to meet, before applying to the UCI. Please advice me in this, your help will be appreciated.

Regards, Steven Leong - Malaysia  (May 2011).

Response GD:

Steven, UCI indeed has strick criteria for World Championships that have to be met. Another possibility is going for a UCI BMX World Cup / Supercross event. Also in that category a bit-book is in place. Best thing is to contact the UCI office in Aigle direct and aks for the Coordinator BMX, mrs. Ellen Bollansee. Hope to have been of some help here, all the best, good luck and I hope to hear form you.