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KARSMAKERS Boyd (Holland)

boyd_karsmakers01Boyd Karsmakers (NED) 2.

Update April 2003: BOYD KARSMAKERS, former MCS Euro teammember (1990) and nephew of Pieter Does, has signed a contract for a new sponsor and is now racing on Suzuki 250 cc machines, mainly in Holland, Belgium, France and Germany. Boyd changed from 500cc to 250cc, fitting his abilities and physical constitution. For sure he want to win back his Namibian National title which he won in 2001 and lost last year, due to a crash in one of the events of this 3 round series.

Boyd Karsmakers (NED) 1.

Update July 2002: Twenty five your old, Old Skool BMX'er BOYD KARSMAKERS (Holland), son of Toon Karsmakers a former 3 x Dutch National Champion 500cc moto-cross, became Champion in the "Open Namibian National Moto-cross Champion" last year November.

boyd_karsmakers02Home racer Colin Dugmore of South Africa had to settle for 2nd place and South-Africa's National Champion Ryan Hunt finished 3rd overall. 25 riders from 13 different countries took part in this 3 round series for the Namibian Moto-cross Championship. Again a former BMX'er doing very well in another sport discipline. Boyd, among others, was a member of the Sinisalo and later on famous MCS-Europe BMX team.

Final overall results:

1. Boyd Karsmakers - 159 pts. (NL/Yamaha)
2. Colin Dugmore     - 150 pts. (RSA/KTM)
3. Gunnar Schuster  - 146 pts. (GER/Honda)
4. Nicki Pajewski      - 143 pts. (NAM/KYM)
5. Warren Thorne     - 133,5 pts. (ZIM/KTM)
6. Ryan Hunt           - 133 pts. (RSA/KTM)
7. Harry Napflin       - 128 pts. (CH/Yamaha)
8. Dale Holiday        - 111,5 pts. (ZIM/Yamaha)