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BIGNELL Jeffrey (Holland)

Jeffrey Bignell, Beek & Donk, Holland

Updated July 2002: Old Skool BMX'er Jeffrey Bignell (NL) did prolong his 1998 Bucklepiste title in 1999. The now 30 years old Bignell did miss his qualification last year for the Winter Olympics. After his BMX career, Jeffrey changed to ski free-style and is considered the pioneer of this sport in Holland. Close to the Valkenswaard BMX track (500 mtrs.), there is an indoor ski-hill were Jeffrey Bignell trains a lot. When the BMX Worlds takes place in Valkenswaard in 2004, you can ski yourself on this hill if you want to. Jeffrey, a former Dutch National Champion and ASCO BMX works rider will be present at the September 29th. 2002 scheduled Old Skool of BMX REUNION in Lucksgestell - Holland.


Update April 2011.

Jeffrey Bignell did restart his BMX career early 2011. Jeffrey is riding in the Cruiser class 35-40 and doing very well. More details later this season.

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Jeffrey Bignell