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2015, visiting the Dutch "BMX MUSEUM" October 2015.

During a visit in October 2016 to the Dutch "BMX MUSEUM" of Old Skool BMX'er Mike Janssen, I saw the following objects that I thought were worth while showing to you all. Shown below the BMX MUSEUM logo with in front a prototype ONE Bicycles frame, donated to the museum by Christian v.d. Groenendaal, owner of ONE Bicycles.

 2015 prevent flats IMG 3567 2015 os stuff loads of it IMG 35642015 museum logo IMG 3562

EPPO magazine was a childrens magazine that was issued at schools. In the '80's EPPO started a BMX team in cooperation with former moto-cross Champion Pierre Karsmakers. Here two pictures of concept drawings for rider uniforms and painting the team bus. All exposed at the BMX MUSEUM.

 2015 EPPO  IMG 35432015 EPPO  IMG 3544 

During our October visit we also did find these cards issued by HUFFY Bicycles (1983). I never saw those before and I think are kind of unique. Just a serie of cards to give you all an impression.

2015 Stu Thomsen  IMG 35562015 STU  IMG 35572015 ANTHONY sEWELL   IMG 35502015 Sewell  IMG 35552015 Mike King  IMG 35522015 King IMG 35532015 John Piant  IMG 3558

2015 John Piant  IMG 3559

2015 Gary Ellis IMG 3551

2015 Ellis IMG 3554