Application for recognition of BMX as an Olympic sport dated September 10 th 1984. Underneath you will be able to read the answer by the Director of the I.O.C. dated Lausanne October 15 th 1984.

Although the I.BMX.F. only existed for about 3 ½ years, we were very eager to get BMX recognized as an official sport and in our enthusiasm and naivety we applied for an official recognition by the I.O.C.
As time proved to us, this was kind of premature. Only in 2005 it was officially announced that BMX was allowed the status of an official Olympic sport for the first to be present at an Olympic Games event in 2008. So it took the sport of BMX only 21 years since the first application, to get the Olympic status. This is incredible and thanks to all those, all over the world who worked hard to get this realized.

Here a copy of the first ever official application of an international BMX organisation, with the I.O.C. in Lausanne, Switzerland.

1984 IOC Recoqnition - BMX. (PDF Document)

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