Early May 2001 I did receive this e-mail from BOB HARO of HARO DESIGN, Inc.-USA. When you talk about BMX freestyle there is one man that started all of this: BOB HARO. However, this fact was hard to find back in documentation. Now after about 22 years (1979) the record is set straight and BOB HARO gets the respect he deserves.

BOB HARO wrote:


I am pleased to say that it looks like the record is finally straight on the origins of freestyle BMX riding with this recently published article on ESPN's web site EXPN. After attending the recent ESPN Action Sports and Music Awards, it became apparent that there was some confusion as to how the sport had started and whom actually originated it we're not addressed!

I compiled numerous articles dating back as far as to 1978, along with a letter stating my position as the sports originator and happily here are the results.

I say "THANK YOU" to ESPN and Matt Hoffman for their promptness in posting this article on their site. I am blown away to see where the sport of Freestyle BMX is in today's youth culture and extremely grateful to be a part of it's legacy.

You all out there, check out the ESPN site:

Best regards, BOB HARO of HARO DESIGN, Inc.

haroplatesBob Haro gettin air, May 1983 EnglandBob Haro on the right

I know BOB from the early days and have always been a "fan" of his designs. Remember the famous HARO plates? Besides Freestyle, BOB, in my eyes, has been and still is a trend setting designer of BMX products in general, unique in its kind.

I think it's great that BOB also gets the respect that he deserves for starting BMX Freestyle. This section of the sport might be even more important then BMX racing at this time. Many times we do see on the European TV station "EUROSPORT" (the European ESPN leg) BMX Freestyle in its different forms (flat, street, half pipe, dirt etc.) BMX racing is, at this time, not shown at all anymore. Anyway, check out the ESPN site and article on the father of Freestyle BMX, Mr. BOB HARO.

Gerrit Does

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