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2002, Alexander Wurtz

On left Markus Rainer, right Alexander Wurz

Fltr Markus Rainer, Alexander Wurtz - Austria.

Ending August 2002 I did travel to KARPUN – Austria to be present during the UCI World Championships Mountain bike cross-country, Down hill, 4 X and Trial. Among those present at the exhibition center was ALEXANDER WURZ, the F-1 Racer. Did you know that Alexander is an OLD SKOOL BMX racer? Alexander’s heart still is in cycling. Together with Markus Rainer, Alexander started a professional organized mountain bike team called: the “Lana Bau Helly Hansen team”.

Check out their team trailer, ain’t’ it cool!


Here some more fact on Alexander Wurz.
Career:      Date of birth: February 15 th 1974
Nationality: Austrian
1986:         BMX Bike World Champion
1992:         International, German and Austrian Formula Ford Champion
1993:         Austrian Formula 3 Champion
1996:         Youngest ever winner of the Le Mans 24-hours race
1997-2000: Formula 1 driver, Benetton F1
2001-2002: Formula 1 3rd driver – McLaren Mercedes & Team Boss,
         (mountain bike team).

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