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2002, Erik Verhoef

Veldhoven - Holland.

Recently a special event took place in Veldhoven-Holland. Dakar motorcycle rally rider ERIC VERHOEF organized a special day for his sponsors. Eric Verhoef, an Old Skool BMX' er from the pioneer period of BMX in Holland, took part in this prestigious rally for the 10th time.


On the picture underneath you can see how ERIC showed off his sponsors on his motorcycle. On this day all sponsors were invited and were able to testride different kinds of KTM motorcycles, the brand ERIC raced in the Dakar Rally. Ofcourse drinks and food were available and everybody had a great day. Besides Eric Verhoef, also Jan de Rooy a former winner of the Dakar rally in a DAF truck, took part in this years Dakar Rally after an absent of about 10 years. Jan de Rooy and his special truck, also was present during the Verhoef special day to give some more extra flavor to this special weekend.

Among the sponsors present, also TWIN AIR filters was invited and represented by Pieter Does, the general manager of Twin Air, a Boyesen Company. Several types of KTM moto-cross and off-road machines present for testriding. Pieter asked me to come along too and do some riding. I enjoyed myself very much indeed. We all had a lot of fun.

Eric Verhoef Sponsor Days