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2003, BMX Team INQU sponsored by MCS bicycles

The team consists of six top riders from Holland. Two riders will compete in Elite class; Pieter Does and Rob van den Wildenberg. The other four riders will compete in the Challenge class; Marc van Gerwen, Robert Jacobs, Eric Mulders and Erik van den Nieuwenhuijzen. All riders are intending to compete the National, European and World Championships this year. They will be riding MCS bicyles and the team will be co-sponsored by the following brands:

  • MCS Bicycles (
  • Sinisalo (
  • Vans (
  • TVE sport (
  • DHL International (
  • MOTOREX, Oil of Switzerland (
  • History of BMX Gerrit Does (
  • Paul's Boutique BMX hardware store (
  • Wielerhuis liessel Patrick Claessens (