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2003, Nico Does (WEBCO) retires from BMX

After 25 years of involvement in the sport of BMX, Nico Does has started a new career.

The first ever, 1978 SFN license holder, is the original founder of WEBCO bicycles (West-European-Bicycle-COmpany) in 1991. In the year 1996, Nico joined forces with Albert Knill (SUI) and KD – Quality Products A.G. (Knill-Does Quality Products A.G.) became a fact. KD Quality Products does sell WEBCO Bicycles and Parts (hardware and software). Besides being involved in KD-Q.P., Nico and his girls friend did start a sportshop in Waalre – Holland, which they held for about 2 ½ years (1999-2001) and then sold it again. The year 2001 was a tragic year, since cancer was diagnosed with Nico’s business partner and owner of K.D. Quality Products, Mr. Albert Knill. Due to Albert’s illness it was decided that Nico’s contract would end in May 2002. Sorry to say that Albert Knill (r.i.p.) died in February of 2002.

It was then that Nico decided to take a totally different road and applied for a job at the CARLTON HOTEL & RESORT company. He was selected and appointed Sales Executive at the sports section of this hotel chain (Carlton Hotel & Resort does have 6 hotels). After a very successful six month period, just recently Nico was appointed Sports Manager of the entire sports complex called De Brug Active in Mierlo, Holland (close to Eindhoven city). His responsibility now is running the fitness center, cardio theater, circuit-training, squash, golf simulator, game room, kids club, swimming pool, sauna and racketcenter. With over 1600 member, this exclusive center is Nico’s domain since January 1st. 2003 and he loves his new job, away from BMX.

“I had a great 25 years with ups and downs, learned a lot about people in general and all those experiences do help me a lot in my new job” stated Nico. “I am very much focused on my new job, which I love and it takes all my time, so I had to stop with al of my activities in BMX. I want to say “thanks” for the friendship to all I know in BMX, and wish them the very best in their lives”. Nico Does. Since June last, Nico didn’t ride his bike anymore, but still works-out in his “own” fitness center, three/four times a week, to keep his body and mind in good shape. Good luck Nico!