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2003, Supercross of BMX

December - 2002

To increase the information flow of BMX news for the world cycling governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale (U.C.I.), this newsletter will be send out on a regular basis to all affiliated federations, BMX contacts, riders, media and others.

UCI launches new BMX race series!
Beginning in 2003, the UCI will launch a new series of BMX events called the UCI BMX SUPERCROSS, which will replace the former UCI BMX World Cup (1996-2000). The UCI BMX SUPERCROSS series will be held on specially designed BMX tracks, made only for the very top-level athletes of BMX racing. These downhill BMX tracks will feature obstacles, jumps and high speed that will bring BMX racing to another level.

The pilot event will be held at Camp Woodward (Pennsylvania) USA, September 19th-20th, 2003. Camp Woodward is the premier BMX Freestyle facility in the world and the UCI BMX SUPERCROSS will be held on their very well known and respected downhill BMX track.

The event will be open for Elite Men and Junior Men (17 years and older). With a prize purse of over 20.000 Swiss Franc and the fact that the race will count for UCI International ranking points as well as AA-Pro points in the NBL National Series, the UCI BMX SUPERCROSS will be one of the most important races on the 2003 International BMX calendar.

A major TV production and distribution has been secured. The first event will be produced by Insider TV, UK (event production arm of Chilli) with an already guaranteed viewing in many countries such as USA, Australia, Great Britain, France, Japan, Netherlands to name a few. Furthermore, news satellite uplinks and highlights will be made available rights-free to global news stations, agencies and sports magazine shows.

UCI have together with the National Bicycle League (NBL), reached an agreement with Camp Woodward to host this event at the Woodward track in Pennsylvania for the next three years. The UCI BMX SUPERCROSS series will be extended in 2004 with an event on the European continent and in 2005 the series will be held on three different locations around the world.


First of all I must say that I am glad something is happening again. I am very possitive about the so-called UCI BMX SUPERCROSS and specialy because it has a down hill format. Again nothing new realy but refreshing, if it will work. If you look back in the History of BMX on proposals I made, the New Concept, The UCI BMX World Cup Series, then you will find there is almost no difference with this Supercross event, besides the down hill design. Also the (in my opinion) very important marketing of this project by means of a newsletter to BMX contacts, riders, media and others is picked up again, like in the World Cup days (1995 - 1998).

Will this work better? YES, if enough money is pumped into this project, TV is 100% sure and realized, down hill tracks safe and rideble, then it might become a success. Fot TV the only competition might be ATB Four-cross. I realy hope that this time it WILL be a success. The best promotor for BMX will be as soon as this sport becomes ab Olympic sport. Let's wait and see what the future will bring us. The sport of BMX and their athletes deserve a complete recoqnition as a full grown and adult sport. Good luck U.C.I. !