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2005, PONYPARK SLAGHAREN and its BMX events

Waalre, August 2005.

Many times people do ask me questions about what happened with the Slagharen BMX track. I think it now time to show you all what the developments have been between the last BMX race, the 1993 European Challenge Cup X and now.

Since 1980 with the start of the national TV station AVRO broadcasting BMX team competition Nation wide, many other events have taken place at the Slagharen BMX track. So there was the first ever outside the USA, I.BMX.F BMX World Championships in 1983, European Championship have taken place as well as European Team Championships. The famous European Challenge Cup series up till number X (ten) took place up and till 1993. The estimate is that during 13 years of events at the Ponypark Slagharen BMX track, over 17.000 till 20.000 athletes raced there.

Besides the BMX track, the fact that one could stay on the grounds of the event in cottages and on the camping site and that the entrance of the attached amusement park was free of charge for the riders, made these events special as well. Since about 10 years the BMX track has gone and in its place “Colorade City” was built. 95 luxurious trailers have been places on the former BMX location and during the past years
I did meet several former Old Skool BMX racers that now stayed with their families on this as they say themselves, holy BMX grounds.

Just to show you old schoolers what became of Ponypark Slagharen, check out these three pictures of which one of them shows you Colorade City. Also the name of the amusement park changed from Ponypark Slagharen in Amusement and Vacationpark Slagharen. Want to know and see more? Check out

Slagharen_MainStreetSlagharen_former_BMX_track_locationThis type of trailers are now on the ground of the BMX track.