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2006, Remembering RICHARD LONG

Waalre, August 2006

Last July 12 th 2006 it was 10 years ago that RICHARD LONG, GT Bicycles co-founder and visionary died in a traffic incident. Even till today, Richard is remembered by many people, in a special way. His former co-worker Doug Martin started a so-called “Blog” in the internet on which people that knew Richard personally or from a distance, could write down their feelings and thoughts. It became a very special initiative.

I knew Richard personally rather well too and Doug asked me to write something on this “Blog” too, so I did. If you are interested in opinions about Richard Long, one of the most important man in specially the BMX business, check out and do read the comments.

Here a picture of Richard Long and myself taken during the early days of BMX in Europe (1985). Richard seen here at a BMX Show organized by Monique's Bike Shop (Eindhoven-Holland) at the clubhouse of the Waalre BMX track in Holland.

1984 GT's Richard Long meeting with Gerrit Does at bicycle show