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2006, THEOMOFBMX got married

Waalre, July 2006.

News: THEOMOFBMX got married

Guess what, THEOMOFBMX, Scot Breithaupt - father of BMX - got married with Jamie just a couple of weeks ago. On the picture you can see Scot riding hand in hand with his lovely wife Jamie.

He Scot, we all here at the University of BMX do wish you and Jamie all the best for the future. By the way we love JOE KID on a STINGRAY. For me so many familiar faces, of which a lot of young poeple don't know, who they are: THE PIONEERS OF BMX !!!!

Now I realize I have been very close to the actual birth of BMX in the USA, by you Scott! My first contact with BMX in California was in 1976 and before that I did see the first Yamaha BMX, full suspension bikes in Kansas City in 1974!! Does time fly and how did the sport develop during the years: I.BMX.F beame UCI and now BMX is in the OLYMPICS..............!!

Concerning your marriage, all the best and hope to meet you both sometime, somewhere not too long a time away from now. Gerrit Does