Waalre, August 2006

Yeap, BMX'ers are getting pretty popular now-a-days. The Olympics are a credit for that. Probably you all know that the most prestigious and longest existing BMX Hall of Fame is the ABA BMX Hall of Fame. The ABA started their Hall of Fame in 1985. In Europe the UNIVERSITY of BMX is at present holding, the only official EUROPEAN BMX Hall of Fame (since around 2000). In the USA also the NBL started to organise a Hall of Fame a couple of years ago. One of the first inductees was the original founder of the NBL and dear friend of mine, George E. Esser.

Since BMX has become an Olympic sport, the NBL in the USA is working close together with US Cycling. Since about 5 years now, every year one BMX'er has been inducted in their Hall of Fame (so that's number 4 of Hall of Fame's !!!!). Through Perry Kramer I learned that this year David Clinton will be inducted into the US Cycling Hall of Fame as the 5 th BMX'er to be inducted in that Hall of fame. Besides David Clinton, the following BMX riders are Hall of Fame members within the US Cycling ranks: Perry Kramer – Stu Thomsen Toby Henderson Greg Hill and again this year David Clinton joins them. As you all might know, Perry Kramer and David Clinton were the first US Pro's that came to Europe and more special Holland, invited by me through AVRO TV to help promote BMX.

Congratulations David with your induction!

1979 Volkel -NED David Clinton (l) and Perry Kramer (r)  

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