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2007, The 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games to be helt in 2010 will have BMX and Mountainbiking as a dicipline for 14 – 18 year old athletes

Waalre, August 17th 2007.

More exiting news for among others, the world of BMX :

Dear friends in BMX,

BMX is clearly in the “ lift” as a recognized sport. July 5th 2007 the IOC created the Youth Olympic Games.

The Sports program of these Games knows 26 sport disciplines among which Cycling. In the Cycling discipline only BMX and Mountain biking are mentioned, FANTASTIC! This is what the IOC President Jacques Rogge had to say about the new IOC creation:

“By creating the Youth Olympic Games on July 5th, 2007, the IOC played its role as a catalyst for the sports movement. It showed that its commitment to the youth of today and tomorrow is about action, not just words, by offering them an event of their own in the spirit of the Olympic Games.

Having helped to bring about the new event, I wish to show you how the Youth Olympic Games can inspire young people around the world to take up sport. We all know that sport today plays an even greater role in society. Never has it born so many expectations as at the start of this new century. People expect sport to promote the integration of minorities; to reduce differences; to combat the rise of obesity; and to help conquer all forms of dependency.

The Youth Olympic Games must set an example in this regard. Alongside competition itself, the event can offer an excellent platform to create a true community between the youth of the word and the participants by learning and sharing experiences. A major role will thus be given to information and education linked to sensitive subjects like the dangers of doping in sport; violence in stadiums; the risks associated with extremes, whether a sedentary lifestyle or overtraining; the benefits of a balanced diet; and the advantages of striking a healthy balance between sport and other social and educational activities.

The Youth Olympic Games will be innovative Games made to measure for young people with sports events carefully chosen to protect the health of the young athletes, but also Games made to inspire them with the incorporation of all the Olympic symbols (torch, relay, anthem, flag).

Moreover, we want these young athletes to become better human beings, true sportsmen or simply ambassadors in society for sprot and the Olympic values, having learnt their relevance and meaning today. Our hope is that if young people can learn to respect each other on the field of play, they may transfer this to the other parts of their daily lives.

Not only will the Youth Olympic Games bring renewed life and vigour to the Olympic Movement, we also owe these Games to the young people of the world. The first edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games will be in 2010, they will be a new asset of our Movement, I am counting on you! “

So my friends, another great goal to work towards to for our young BMX athletes. Right after the 2008 Olympic Games in China, youngster in the ages of 14 through 18 will be allowed to compete in the 1st Summer Olympic Games of 2010, the event has still to be allocated. BMX has become a full grown and accepted top sport.

Great stuff!!!

Gerrit Does