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2007, Tech equipment helps riders

Waalre, January 21st 2007

Just the other I visited some friends and did find an interesting subject to inform you all about. Technical equipment does help sportsmen and women a lit now a days. Visiting with Rob van den Wildenberg and his family did learn me that technical equipment used in bicycle track riding has found its way in BMX.

On the pictures you can see a crank set that Rob is using during his training and practise sessions. Sensors and a chip do register the power put on the peddles by he rider. After each training session the information gathered can be shown on the computer and it reads the Watts that a rider has put on the peddles. Doing this from time to time one can measure exactly the progress a rider is making and if necessary adjust training schedules and son on.

A very interesting item to work with. I believe this is one of the advantages of BMX being an Olympic sport: also the National bicycle organisation do recognize BMX as a full grown sport now and the experience they have in training road cyclists and others is now transferred to BMX as well. This is a very good development, I think.

  Technoligy progresses in BMX cranks measering Watts
Technoligy in BMX 2007