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2008, Maris Strombergs awarded the title “Best Latvian Athlete of the year 2008”

This was a first for BMX, but mr. Vlublevskis hopes this will not be the last time BMX athletes will be elected as best athlete of the year in Latvia.

A personal note was added to his e-mail towards me, Gerrit Does. He stated this happening was twice a joyful happening, also for me since from 1988 on when our working together relationship started between myself and Mr. Silins and Mr. Vrublevskis, getting BMX off the ground in Latvia, among other things our hope making BMX an Olympic sport has come true. It all happened and mr. Vrublevskis stated; Gerrit, we together with you, we did it!!! Latvian BMX has claimed its place in worldwide bmx.

I appreciate these kind words of Mr. Vrublevskis very much, but I must say, in general the Latvians did it themselves. I am only very glad to have been a small “wheel” in this whole process. Congratulations to the Latvian BMX Federation and the Latvian Olympic Committee.

Gerrit Does