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BEMBOOM H. (Holland)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

European Challenge Cup / E.C.C. events - Slagharen , Holland

Mr. H. Bemboom (owner PP Slagharen) and Mr. G. Does (BMX organisation)

Organisation: Ponypark Slagharen with owner/director Mr. H. Bemboom taking care of all facilities and promoter/organiser Mr. Gerrit Does taking care of the sport technical part of the organisation as well as marketing, publicity, public relations (TV) and so on.

AVRO TV series 1981 t/m 1984, 3 times during the vacation season (July/August), each 50 minute programs contained, racing, information on BMX and amusement (Pop-groups).

  • 1983 I.BMX.F World Championship, first out of USA.
  • ECC events from 1984 up and till 1993 (10 x). Entries varied from around 1000 till 1800. Most events around 14 countries represented; about 60 % were riders from abroad and about 40% were Dutch. Real international competition all the time.
    During events K.o.D. competitions, trial demo's, F-1 bike racing etc. etc. co-organised by Bart and Paul de Jong.
  • European Championship 1988
  • European Club Championships 1988
  • International King of Dirt, indoor DOME Slagharen 1992 & 1993
  • 75% of the events were televised and broadcasted nation wide
  • All Free-style, K.o.D. and other demo events were co-organised with brothers Bart and Paul de Jong
  • The last event organised at Slagharen was in 1993