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NICOLAS René (France)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Together with Alain Kuligowski, René Nicolas introduced and started organising BMX in France.

Up and till today René Nicolas is involved in BMX (works for FFC).

1988-indoor-de-bercy-v-paris-france-flyerIndoor BMX de Bercy - Palais Omni Sport - Paris, France

Mr. Rene Nicolas (AFB), Mr. Alain Kuligowski and Mr. Didier Coste (Lariviere Org)

Organised by the AFB (French National BMX organisation at the time) and the Lariviere Organisation (a press group including Bicross magazine). Of AFB Mr. Rene Nicolas was responsible for the sport organisation, relationship with the POPB (Bercy) and the Lariviere Organisation.

Responsible men within the Lariviere Organisation were Mr. Alain Kuligowski in the beginning and later on Mr. Didier Coste (both men were "Chef Redaction" of the Edition Lariviere group).

1988-indoor-de-bercy-v-paris-franceThis event has been organised 6 times (1984, 85, 86, 87, 88 and 1990).

King of Bercy events and Free-style included. Top Americans were invited and present. All events were broadcasted Nation wide on TV.

This event has been an absolute marketing tool for BMX and was a good mix of sport and entertainment. Up till this day a unique event.

The last event organised at Bercy-Paris was in 1990.