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University of BMX by Gerrit Does

History of BMX (2023-2024)

History of BMX, year 2023

August 12 -13th., the UCI BMX World Championships in Glascow-Scotland took place.

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Part of these UCI  World Championships in Glascow-Scotland also were the BMX Freestyle Worlds.

Here a series of pictures of the Womens BMX Freestyle - PARK Worlds to give you all an impression of how professional Women Freestyle has become.

August 18/19 & 20th.  the BOMD - France BMX event took place..... reliving the '70 s.

2023 BOMD event, France.

Pictures places ad random.........

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September 9-11th, The Frogtown Classic 2023 took place


November 11th., the 2nd. UK BMX Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place in Birmingham.