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University of BMX by Gerrit Does

2018, collection of Facebook reactions on the University of BMX site

This page was created in May 2018 and will be filled during time, step by step.  Reactions are placed ad random. Enjoy.

May 1st. 2018.  This FACEBOOK reaction came in from Tom Lynch - GBR.

Ok, such a great response from my last post, thank you, only went in the loft for a picture for Dale Holmes. So a lil international flavour then just concentrating on a little over 1 year.

Team AMEV ruled from 86 led by Sir Gerrit Does from Holland, the Godfather. Got battered a bit coming from 15 expert (IBMXF euro champ) to Superclass for Team Robinson, yes lots of pack racing & elbows to head! Legends like Leon Walravens, Phil Hoogendoorn, Pierre van Zuijlen, Ludy van Werff,  Xavier Redois, Claude Vuillemot, Addie van de Ven, Rainer Schadowski and many others including our own John Stockwell, Tony Fleming, Winnie Wright & Darrin Stock later in 87 Carrie-Mike King took the IBMXF Superclass World Title in USA after racing him in Canada 85 in expert where he won. Eric Carter later joined Superclass as well as Charles Townsend I think, but hey, so did Geth Shooter, Dale Holmes, Neil Wood, Andy Welsh, Jamie Staff, Todd Lyons, Todd TC Corbitt & Christophe Leveque. Phil Hoogendoorn held that title since the start of BMX!

I was glad to be joined by some of my own age group in 87 after all they got me to that that point in 85, such a competitive class, my elbows are proof to that even today! Darren Wood, Lee Alexander, David Morris, Clive Gosling, Rob Stobart, Paul Roberts, Robert Hill, Alan Hill, Carl Alford, Darren O'Neill, Nico Does, Fabrice Vettoretti, Eric Minozzi, Wilco Groenendaal, Pierre- Henri Sauze, Rob Bulten, Christophe Boul, Oliver Fuhrmann, Gary Wallace, Mike Rivière, Kai Riviere, Damon Parkinson, soz if left out. Squeezed in a lil pic of Stu Thomsen & moi in Bercy Paris, although Darren Wood says it was practice! Hope you enjoy the pics, mostly European Internationals inc World Championships (some French Bi Cross, BMX Action Bike, BMX Racer & Freestyler and Dutch Trix magazines). Remember for my non BMX friends this was just in a space of a little over one year!

Additional remark by the editor: here a series of pictures provided by Tom Lynch. For the record:  Tom Lynch is a member of the University of BMX, European BMX Hall of Fame since 2001.

x 1986 tom lynch 28800 nx 1986 tom lynch 35520 n1986scannen0027

x 1986 tom lynch 977792 nx 1986 tom lynch 35200 nx 1986 tom lynch 30816 n

x 1986 tom lynch 288064 nx 1986 tom lynch 7042816 nx 1986 tom lynch 7022976 n

x 1986 weiterstadt germ 9104128 nx 2014 tom lynch 69632 n 2xx 1986 tom lynch nio does 795136 n

xx 1986 tom lynch 332672 nxx 1986 tom lynch 41728 nxx 2001 louiville kentucky 25536 n 1


Just some reactions on Tom's facebook post:
-Todd Lyons:  Rad Euro pics dude!
-Dale Holmes:  Great pics Tom
-Phil Hoogendoorn:  Cool Tom ?
-Keith Wilson:  Wierd for me to see little kids racing and beating riders my age! Because you lot were little kids when I left the sport you are frozen as little kids to me, but of course you all grew up and got in the mix by 85/86. Such a shame I didnt hang around to be a part of those years.
-Chico Hooke:  Amazing photos Tom!
-Carl Alford:  Great photos Tom.
-Trish Madden:  Great photos
-Matt Wickham:  Great photos Tom Lynch ;-)
-John Stockwell:  Good times on the Euro Tour ?
-Pierre van Zuijlen:  Nice pics Tom ?
-Gerrit Does:  Just proud and honoured to be a part of this all. Thanks for posting these pics Tom. Hope you’r doing fine.

-Tom Lynch:  Motocross Legend Gerrit Does, amazing times, thank you for making them happen. All good here, hope also with you.


March 6th. 2018, Todd Lyons did sent in a reaction through FACEBOOK.

Here’s another cool find in the #wildmanoffice!?. In 1991 I was invited by Gerrit Does to race at the legendary Slagharen race in Holland. They invited like 10 trick star pros & myself. They paid for us to fly there & all other expenses. It was my 1st. trip to Europe & it was a wild ass time. I’ll never forget sitting naked next to the Lumberjack Gary Ellis in a public nude thermal Spa (Hotel the Bonte Wever! in Slagharen)?? Ha Ha. Anyhoo, they used a photo of me on this metal thing that they gave to everyone who raced that weekend. “Ride a bike. It will take you places.” - Oh, and those BMX shoes in the back...... They’re on deck for one of the next posts!? #wildmanbmxfiles

x todd lyons 1991 9785980 n

Some reactions on Todd's post;
-Neil Proctor: That is cool Todd!
-Frédéric Scalvinoni: Yeah , good memory Todd Lyons

January 19th. 2018. Tim March had this message on FACEBOOK.

MCS in London in 1981 with Greg Esser, Jamie Burrows and Kerensky Bullard. René de Groot in the Redline clobber. The Yanks were great BMX ambassadors and at Redditch, Steve Gratton railing around the outside, I think its Dave Thomas behind Steve, then Kerensky Bullard and Jamie Burrows on the inside...RIP Jamie...a sad loss to all that know him.

x 1980 redditch 30 aug. dsc04304x 1982 anglo american cup 008712 n

x 1981 esser karinski burrows de groot scannen0104

Reactions on Tim's message:

- Keith Wilson:  I spoke to him last year!  I knew he had health problems. But this is a major shock. Gutted. ?
- Paul Bliss:  Great shots, great memories T
- John Dymond: That is sad news about Jamie Burows. I remember him from the days at Barry's bike shop. RIP Jamie!
- Gerrit Does:  Shoot Greg Esser, what do I read here ?!  I understanding Jamie was in hospital, but passend away ? I am in shock. I remember the times Jamie, Kerinski and you stayed at my house. Have to sit down and think about this happening with Jamie. That he may rest in peace.
- Olivier Cauvin:  Tim did you guys hosted Bmx races in England with us riders, like Bercy in Paris 84 ?
- Tim March: Yes Olivier Cauvin, in 1981 +1982. At the track in Redditch (Near Birmingham) the race was called the Halfords Anglo American cup. Greg Esser, Jamie Burrows, Kerinsky Bullard, and Roland Veicht raced the 81 version. Greg Esser, Andy Patterson, Harry Leary, Michael G. Salido and Charlie Litsky raced in 82. If ive missed any US riders out I apologise as I was not at the 81 race and only did one day in 82. There was a decent Euro turnout including Addie van der Ven and many other Dutch riders as I think Gerrit Does was involved in bringing a crew to the UK.
- Gerrit Does: Yeap, we were present at the official opening of the track in 1980 as well as at the races in 1981 and 1982. A lot more on this event on this website, check the HISTORY of BMX, year 1981 and 1982 !

-John Wonfor:  just had a thought ,,,,, are memories more important than the future, I think maybe they are.  I spend more time looking back as against looking forwards, and you lot seem to revel in doing so, long may it continue.


x 1982 anglo am cup harfords sponsored dsc00188x kerinsky greg and jamie in london gbr 224151x 1982 reddith aglo 80992188 o


December 13th. 2017.  Rich Bartlett did sent a comment on FACEBOOK concerning Todd Lyons and racing in Holland.

Rich Bartlett and Gerrit Does at Kids Country (Ponypark Slagharen - Holland).
It’s hard to not look when the Wildman @toddlyons is in his zone!  Amtrak and E-Team are back there mesmerized!?. Holland in the 1992. Thank you @gerritdoes for memories that have lasted a lifetime!!!

1992 tjolk ecc usa pros 277847 n

Reactions om Rich's post:
-Donnie Platt:   You’re heading the wrong way, Rich.
-Gerrit Does:   Got a dvd about this event ofcourse. Will try to place Some clips of it Rich Bartlett. Again thanks for placing.
-Chris Moeller:   So that’s BF doing the 3? Not paul Roberts?
-Chris Daley:   I love the committed 3 and the mediocre nac.
-Todd Lyons:   I wanna see Charles’s 360!?
-Gerrit Does:   This was year 1991, the Tolk European Challenge Cup at Ponypark - Slagharen, Holland (Rich Bartlett, Todd Lyons).
-Kenny King:   Such a sick photo , I remember seeing it year's ago knew it was you
-Eric Watts:   Dude, this such an awesome photo.


December 9th. 2017.  Tom Lynch thanks Bob Haro on FACEBOOK and congratulats him with his 40th. anniversary of Haro brand.

Tom did write:  With permission from Bob Haro thank you for the opportunity of many reconnections made at RADBMX at MKBMX this year. The connections helped in some way of being able to revisit the most classic BMX number plate of all time (URP 'it's a sinch for Lynch' plate came later). Once again, thank you, it means a great deal to us old BMX guys. I am now off to do some kick turns!  Happy 40th Anniversary!…/

bob haro factoryplate red blue 1280haro design 845158 nfamous haro plate 96819 n


nice advert 20217 ntom lynch 90885 ntom lynch and bob haro 71569 n


tom bob and friends 8108 ntom lynch 54896 ntom lynch by boul 721746 n


Reactions in Tom's post:
-John Puch:  Tom. you're a top man.....and based on that, you're allowed into room 19 next year. ??
-Tom Lynch:   Adam Richards (Australia) sent me an awesome Patterson Uni plate from Australia as a gift. Using same packaging sent my original plate to Haro in the USA (from (UK) to support development. Full circle sort ta ting in many ways.
-John Vance Patterson That is so cool.


May 25th. 2018.   Dale Holmes placed a comment on FACEBOOK concering Arthur and Alan Woods

Dale Holmes wrote:
If Scot Breithaupt is the “Godfather of BMX” and Gerrit Does is the “Godfather of European BMX”, then Alan Woods has to be the “Godfather of British BMX”. This Podcast has been in the works for some time and we go right back to the start of BMX in the UK with Alan and his friends creating a scene up in the North West, the start of distribution with the likes of Robinson and Torker into the UK and the legendary teams that came from that.

Alan talks about early trips to the US, being the first official UK number 1, designing and building the likes of Wigan, Whitehaven and Birmingham Wheels tracks that all went onto host and be some of the biggest and best events of the 80s in the UK.

We cover Alan’s longevity in the sport, the old school movement, hosting the first-ever old school event in the early 2000s, and his thoughts on the RAD old school movement today as it continues to grow.

Of course, we touch on the likes of Andy Ruffell, Tim March putting him over the turn at Wigan back in 83, today’s racing, tracks and more.

I for one, think Alan Woods deserves a lot more credit for what he has done and continues to do for BMX in the UK. Stoked to get this Podcast out. We also posted a few interviews with Alan we’ve done over the years over on UK BMX History if you’ve not read them already –

Alans is presently at

? BMX News

alan woods 23840 nalan woods 19776 naalan woods 25184 o


Reactions on this post:
-Terry Smith:   Having been around BMX in the 80’s I would have to say Mr. Arthur Woods did not get the respect he deserved. Mind you he was flying under the radar letting Tim and Andy getting all the attention.
-Tom Lynch:   The first BMXer I ever did see! Motocross Full Factory always. Big thank you to Alan.
-Bryan Potter:   Arthur woods was Mr. B M X

Remark by Gerrit Does, reading the above:  I have worked with Major Arthur Woods for some time in the pioneer periode of British BMX. The gentleman did a lot of good for GBR BMX for sure. No politics for him, the sport and its riders were the most important of all to him. I agree with Dale Holmes and more of you, that Major Arthur Woods should have been giving more respect for all he did. Being a modest man, he never pushed himself.  I think it is time to nominate Major Arthur Woods and his son Alan Woods in the University of BMX HALL of FAME 2018.  More on this the upcoming month (August 2018 and on).

Picture of Major Arthur Woods and his son Alan Woods.




July 13th. 2013.  A post on FACEBOOK by Dale Holmes

Worlds week coming up @bmxworldsnz #.   1983 it was Slagharen Holland, the I.BMX.F. Worlds II. That was 30 Years ago!!  Times have changed for sure...

1983 wk slagharen 57257 n

Reactions on this post:
- Simon Bailey:   wish I was there now
- Erwin Peters:   Was there:-)
- Rene Wigman:   That was The BMX-Venue #1 in The world for many years....... Still Miss it...
- Joop Smulders:    Aaaah Sooooo Swee
- Travis Postany:    Wonder if as many people cried about this track as they are about this years?  (GD: always somebody crying, but very little).
- Mario Presi:    Slagharen.......fond memories..!!!! Bmx racing has come a long way..
- Chris Bone:    All those jumps!
- Marc von Varel:    When we were young.......
- Christian Munk Poulsen:    Love the Pro-section
- Gerrit Does:    Hi Dale, yeap the Worlds Slagharen. The number of people present for 3 days was incredible. And YES, BMX changed, it grew into an Adult Top sport in Junior and Elite classes. Tracks have changed over time for sure. Still enjoy the sport 100%. In this picture among others Gary De Backer, Danny Nelson and Pieter Does 9 y. old Expert class. Gary won the title.
- Gerrit Does:   30 YEARS AGO, DOES TIME FLY, OR WHAT!
- Scott Dick:    It was more 44 and even 45-16..... (gearing),  it was more run what u bring.... .a few dabbled with lighter gears, but not many.... It was this event that really got me hooked on bmx, an amazing few days over there, always loved going back year after year.. We can thank Gerrit Does for this and many other great races there......

Dale Holmes:   Well said Gerrit Does you made BMX European/World History with the events you put on in Slagharen..... The European Challenge Cup events, 10 of them.

- Wilbert Kerkhof:    Slagharen events were legendary well into the early 90s (last event in 1993). Still such a shame that this venue and these ECC events had to go. Even if some other great venues came in it's place. over the years, Ponypark Slagharen and its'E.C.C. events were unique.
- Stu Thomsen:    Enjoyed this event in 1983 and Ya..... nowadays they have almost gotten rid of all dirt. :)
- Ken Meland:    Some of the best memories from that place:) thanks Gerrit Does for all the good times you gave us old timers:)


July 29th. 2014, FACEBOOK reaction by Mr. Aldons Vrublevskis on the REUNION of WORLD CHAMPS, Rotterdam.

Dear Gerrit and Mieke,
It was really nice to meet you and other BMX family members in Rotterdam last weekend. 

Congratulations, Gerrit - you organized Champions Reunion of  BMX World Champions which, I think, is the only such a kind of activities in the world between Olympic sports organizations, organized within World Championships of the respective sport. Good idea and nice implementation.  And fact that there were not so many Champions as you expected before, is normal situation knowing how many there are and how different were competitions in 1984 and 2014.  Also what will happen during next Worlds in Belgium is not so important - you founded a tradition (possibly) and made an example, and others could just follow you! Anyway - good job always for status and human, friendly atmosphere in BMX FAMILY what is, as I am sure, your task and all your life, my friend.

Thank you again
Best regards

Aldons Vrublevskis
Latvian Olympic Committee

2014 reunion of bmx world champions r.dam juli scannen0032 2


June 11th., 2017.  Message sent to Peter Van den Abeele, UCI Head of Off Road

Subject: BMX Freestyle Park an Olympic discipline from 2020 on..... F A N T A S T I C 

Dear Peter,
Just heared today from people from the Dutch NOS TV, Andere tijden Sport, who were interviewing me, that they did read a pressrelease about BMX FREESTYLE PARK becoming an official Olympic Discipline at the Tokyo Japan Olympics 2020. THAT IS GREAT NEWS. Congratulations with this decision and recoqnition by the IOC.

Just want to let you know I am stoked about this. Wishing all involved good luck and all the best getting things perfect before 2020. I missed the Montpellier event (knee problems) but I hope to be present at a Freestyle Park World Cup some time next here in Europe.

All the best, cheers,

Peter Van den Abeele answered:
Thanks Gerrit!

Indeed the UCI becomes bigger at the Olympic level, new exciting moments coming up. Looking forward to our first UCI Urban Cyling World Championships (Trials, BMX Freestyle Park and MTB Eliminator as formats) from 8-12th. November in Chengdu (CHN) as well.

Get well soon and stay in touch.
Kind regards.

Peter Van den Abeele
Adjoint du Directeur des Sports, Chef de l’Off-Road | Deputy Sports Director, Head of Off-Road

Union Cycliste Internationale
CH - 1860 Aigle | Switzerland

180723 8 lg hd


May 9th. 2017. UCI decided to do away with Time Trials (from 2017 on) ánd .........  considering a Trophy of Nations National Teams and a Manufacturer Team World Championship ?

Subject: Opinion on the 7th. UCI BMX SX at Papendal - Holland, May 6-7th. 2017

Dear  UCI Head of Off-Road,
Hope all is well with you all. Is has been a while since we were in contact. After my latest "opinion" that concerned the UCI BMX Worlds in 2014, I decided to step back a little bit more and I did not comment on events or situations anymore, till today.

However, this time I had to give you my opinion on the Papendal BMX event, racing technicaly wise and side event wise. Please allow me to tell you the following: In a way I was positive surprised by the fact the Papendal (Jochem Schellens) organisation, took over from The BMX Connection. The overall organisation, looking in from the outside, was perfect in my opinion. You remember the problems from the first ever UCI BMX SX at Papendal in 2011? Well this time I can say, what I saw is this time is how I would like to see the event been run. It was just great.

I never saw before so many cars in the parking lot, with visitors and participants in all events taken place at the venue. Good atmosphere and many young kids (future BMX'ers !?) present. At the BMX race-track, the grandstand could be filled better, but that is a challenge for next year. Note: maybe I can help Jochem a little bit by helping him organise a special Lunch on Sunday for "old school BMX'ers and others" celebrating the 40th anniversary of BMX in Holland and therefore in Europe, as an organized sport (the Dutch S.F.N. founded in October 1978 was the first official registered BMX race organisation !). 

I am so happy, UCI did away with the "time-trials" and use the Olympic system again for riders to qualify. Well done, BMX racing is back again ánd......... the spectators liked the 2 complete events, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. This is much more fun to watch for sure. Again, I am very happy with the present situation in UCI BMX SX Racing. Another PLUS for riders and spectators is that you have schedule 2 SX events
in around 10 days ánd allocated those events not too far from eachother.

I don't go too often to BMX races anymore. When nearby, I watch Continental events, SX and World Championship events, that's about it now-a-days. So, this weekend I was able to speak with several riders and coaches and I was very pleased to hear how positive they all spoke about mr. Kevin MacCuish. Somebody who understands BMX and want to listen to riders and such also and willing to makes changes for the better, when required. Very happy with that fact too. The right man at the right job.

So, in general I can say I am looking back at a great weekend, with a great and positiv feeling. However, you know me...... still I want to mention 2 possible additions to the BMX race program. One addition that I am mentioning since the early '90 s is the following:  I think it would be a great thing to consider starting with a TROPHY of NATIONS, a National Team World Championship, in the setting like in motorcycle moto-cross. My firm believe is that such a ONE time event per year will hype spectators very much and is very attractive to watch on TV also. I don't want to go into too much details, but Elite ánd Junior Women and Men riders, in each class 2, racing for points to become  TROPHY of NATIONS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS as a team. Something to think about?

The second suggestion is to start a one time event per year (as try-out) called the MANUFACTURER TEAM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. My believe is, that if manufacturers can be involved in using their present riders to race in their factory uniforms, the interest from those manufacturers in supporting BMX will grow immensly (like it was in the early days, specialy in the USA). Just a one time, 2 day event to start with. In principal the same sett-up as the Trophy of Nations, only with less riders per team, but many more factory teams (1 rider per class in Elite en Junior, women and men).
Again, something to think about?

l have stated my case. Again, hope you are ding fine. 
Kind regards, Gerrit Does - University of BMX 

Always good to hear from the ‘eye of the Expert’….......

Nice to notice that you’re satisfied with Kevin (an open minded personality who understands very well BMX and it needs that, resulted in the new format you saw). Very satisfying for us that you like the 2 complete events and the removal of the Time Trial (I know this last one was certainly not your favourite…, sometimes things take a bit of time for the post-Olympic Year was an ideal period for changes).

As you might know we officially started this year with UCI BMX Teams and will consider your suggestions on that and the Nations Cup (no promises at this stage but we will study it).

I will ensure that you have your UCI VIP Pass for the upcoming UCI BMX World Championships and looking forward to seeing you at Rock Hill.

Kind regards.
Adjoint du Directeur des Sports, Chef de l’Off-Road | Deputy Sports Director, Head of Off-Road

December 2015. Check this video out.......  UCI Season greetings 2015.....

September 29th. 2015  this comment appeared on FACEBOOK about the European Challenge Cup 1991 at Slagharen - Holland.

Rich Bartlett did post this on FACEBOOK:
Check out these shady characters. In 1991 I got the invite from Gerrit Does to race at Ponypark Slagharen in Holland. This was one of the biggest compliments in my career. Although still living on the edge we survived a week of racing and trips to Amsterdam. The stories were legendary and most of us came home hurt. I raced and jumped at this event and remember my knee being the size of a grapefruit coming home. The Europeans were so fast and serious, the sport was changing!

1991 ecc 26524 o1991 ecc may king bartlett 303331 o1991 tjolk ecc dsc03442


Reactions on this post:
- Rich Bartlett:  Just like the olympics
- Dale Holmes:  BMX Talk Steve Bardens and BillyWright (r.i.p.)
- Michael Frederick:  Yes this race opened up all our eyes that the U.S. Needed to step it up.
- Gerrit Does:   It was my pleasure and an honour to have you guys present at our ECC event at Ponypark Slagharen and help promote BMX topsport on Dutch TV.
- Rich Bartlett:   There will never be words to thank you enough for what you did for all of us. I felt truly blessed! You were the United Nations of BMX and opened the globe for so many! I still really appreciate the opportunity and experiences that I had because of you!
- Bernard Gant:   I agree with what Rich Bartlett said!  Thank you Gerrit Does!!!
- Gerrit Does:   You guys make me BLUSH. Thanks for the nice words, I appreciate that very much (in all modesty). You, the American Pro's from ending '70 s till the early '90 s helped us so much promoting BMX in Europe, you can't image. Think of Slagharen and Paris-Bercy as well as events in England: Thank YOU all.
- Gerrit Does:   By the way, thanks for this post d Rich Bartlett
- Lui Meme Rich:   I Have your pants in France, Rich B.
- Lui Meme:   In the past I rode with a block frame
- Rich Bartlett:   Was it one of the GPR imports?
- Lui Meme:   I don 't know, I think not
- Tom Murphy:   What hair band is this?
- Terry-Shag Shaughnessy:   Real nice Rich
- Shannon Gillette:   MAY DAY!!!
- Gerrit Does:   Rich Bartlett, you probably never saw the Broadcasting of this event. I got a DVD and you are prominenet in the "leader" of this program on TV. Interested?
- Rich Bartlett:   Oh, so much! I collected everything. I never knew that even existed!
- Eric Carter:   You win the internet today with tha pic Rich Bartlett
- Lynne Witt-Woolgar:   Love it!!!
- Scott Dick:   Billy Wright the legend in the check shirt, done more BMX miles than most.
- Dave Hilton:   Keep the pictures coming. Awesome.
- Gerrit Does:   Rich Bartlett, check out my website   go to Old & New and find your pictures and MORE on this trip to Slagharen.

Gerrit Does

2015, US Pro's racing in Holland, say THANKS.

May 17th. 2017.  Reaction on FACEBOOK by former US BMX Pro Eric Abbedessa

You wanna know a real coach/person in it for the love......  Gerrit Does, that man taught me so much about bmx. Every year he brought like 30 kids to the Orlando area to train 1 month before the N.B.L. Christmas Classic. Guys in this European group like Christophe Leveque, Bas de Bever, Dale Holmes, Nico and Pieter Does and the list goes on and on. The first year he came to Orlando all the guys, Adam Richards included, were making fun of them for stretching and working out before practice. I went up to Gerrit Does and asked if I could join in...... He looked at me and smiled and said sure......That man taught me a lot during those
2 training sessions per day at the Parents Council BMX track, run by mr. Art Beeler (r.i.p.). Good times.

2017 eric abbedessa 73710 n



October 25th. 2013.  USA Pro Byron Friday did sent this message through FACEBOOK concerning the I.BMX.F. Worlds in 1983, Holland.

Byron wrote: "Game Face" at IBMXF World Championships - Pony Park Slagharen in Holland 1983 . #FlashBackFriday (haha) Much respect to the First Class Competitors Scott Clark, Bobby Woods, Jeff Ruminer.

Gerrit Does taking the sport to the next level. This way of organizing became the new standard world wide - Gerrit is the heart and soul of BMX.  #RESPECT"

1983 wk slagh. friday 3981189 nFltr:  Bobby Woods, Scott Clark, Byron Friday, Jeff Ruminer and just visable official Jan v.d. Wiel.


March 22nd. 2015. An article posted on FACEBOOK about training Clinics by US BMX Pro Byron Friday...

Seen here fltr PETER PLOEMEN and BYRON FRIDAY during practise time at the Waalre BMX Track in Holland, early '80 s. Byron stayed at our house (Gerrit Does) and we moved on to Ponypark Slagharen later that week, were BYRON conducted a BMX Clinic. Very professional presentation and clinic. The around 60 kids had a great time. The History of BMX: "a Sport with NO history is no Sport", so know your BMX history!

1984 ploemen friday 5670 n1984 byron friday scannen0037


Facebook reaction by:   
- Peter Ploemen (NED):    Sweet memories?
- Scott Wallenberg (USA):    Byron worked for me at Mountain Bike Action magazine in the early 90's. Great guy.
- Johnny Johnson (USA):    Byron taught me.... i'm grateful...
- Gerrit Does (NED):    Way to go Byron,......... lecture at the University of BMX for riders and or parents. There is so much knowledge among us, pioneers and old school BMX and MX riders. Worth while sharing with others for sure.
- Gerrit Does (NED):    Cool logo Byron. Also check   section "History of BMX" and then scrol till May 1984.  Find there a report and pictures of your BMX Clinic / training camp at Pony Park Slagharen - Holland.
- Alain Deschagt (BEL):    We had Byron in Oostende......and he's such a great guy.
- Peter Ploemen (NED):    Byron,  thanks God that at the time we didnt know all the things we do know now. Otherwise we would have been champions for a long time???
- Alain Deschagt (BEL):    Yes Byron...Oostende is THE city of Pro Winner. Jan and Piet (his brother) will start-up within a few weeks with Pro Winner bmx again. Old school never dies. My shoulder is 100%, however the cartillage of my knee isn't. Look what I've found....a gift from you in the '80. All the best.

1984 scorpion b. friday 88774 o

- Rich Bartlett (USA):    Two people that I have a world of respect for. Byron Howard Friday was an inspirational Pro BMX'er as I was growing up. I vowed to always treat kids properly if I ever became a Pro. He is personally responsible for allowing me to make a living in the sport as an early Pro.  Gerrit Does I could never thank you enough for the opportunities you provided me. You made me and countless other riders from the US, ánd global, feel special and professional. The memories you provided were of epic proportions. Thank you both for making my life better. You are both a big part of my BMX history. 


March 12th. 2015.  A FACEBOOK post by Bernard Gant, US BMX Pro, visiting Holland and racing at the E.C.C. 1991.

#TBT Some old school nostalgia for ya. Arriving, leaving or just chilling in Slagharen, Holland. PonyPark BMX........... #CharlesTownsend #GaryEllis #RichardBartlett # BernardGant #ToddLyons #TCToddCorbit.   Happy Birthday Richard Bartlett!

e.c.c. 1991 slagharen holland the invited pros1971 ecc tl rb 975971 n

Reactions on this Facebook pos by mostly US BMX'ers knowing those guys:

- Lori Owens:   White jeans ???
- Bernard Gant:    And a Rayon shirt with Lugz. Hair too Lori Owens?|
- Lynnie Fowler:    Brinkley Love the fanny pack lol
- Nick D'Amico:    Rocking the high top fade!
- Marcus Mackan:    Nyström Nice t-shirt Todd
- Kyle Pucek:    Did not know the Lumberjack rocked a fanny pack
- Mark Fowler Jr.:    Fanny pack with a mullet sweet. And BJ rocking the flat top. But what the deal with the no shoe barbarian, he must have had wooden pedals. LOL.... good times. a trip like that goes in the memory bank for sure. Maybe not the fanny pack, couldn't help it.... LOL.
- John Salami:   Speechless!
- Peggy Pando:   HeyGary Jr....... Love me a good fanny pack...LOL... Hugs, Aunt Peg?
- James Dever:   Would anyone have the balls to walk up to him and make fun of the Lumberjack's fanny pack and mullet?
- Todd Lyons:    Ha ha, what a crew!
- Gary Mary Ellis:    Todd said it best... What a crew. Great BMX memories.
- Colin Stiles:    The fashion in this pic is so classic
: Peggy Pando:    Yep.. Old Auntie Peg would always give "The Lumberjack" some shit !
- Corey Ray Calhoun:   Damn Bernard, you had hair?
- Erik Abbadessa:   Dang...Legends
- Gerrit Does:    You know what, this 50 persons Coach/Bus, just for these 6 top BMX' ers, to bring them from PonyPark Slagharen to Schiphol AirPort - Amsterdam, a 2 hour drive.

- Bernard Gant:   Thank you so much Mr. Gerrit Does!  I never felt more like a KING till that time traveling with all the superstars in this pic. Great times.
- Gerrit Does:    You alle deserved this, Bernard Gant!
- Todd Lyons:    Gerrit Does I think this photo is when we arrived at PonyPark Slagharen. Because when we were leaving, the bus left PonyPark Monday morning after the race, the bus left at like 4am and I remember I was late and I was running through the park 1/2 naked & luckily I caught the bus just before it left........


February 24th. 2015   A FACEBOOK post by Todd Lyons, US BMX Pro, about him racing doing a "back-flip" at the 1993 Worlds.......

Todd Lyons 24 th. Februari 2015 · Philadelphia, Verenigde Staten. 
I posted magazine photos from Dig BMX and BMX Plus magazines of my wild mid-race backflip crash from the 1993 IBMXF / FIAC World Championships in Holland. Here's a candid shot of it from a different angle. Looks pretty freakin' funny. Looks like I am in a very, very bad predicament with my seat between my shoulder blades. That's Olivier Prosper (France) next to me in the air. I wonder what he was thinking whe he saw me flying upside down in the air next to him. LOL

1993 wk schijndel todd lyons 71081 n

Reactions on this facebook post by:

- Mark Thomas:    He thought "Crazy American!!"
- Raymond Witham Jr:   It's the "Wild man"!
- Gerrit Does:    You did the same during a race at the Open European Championship in Sweden, Wearing a CLOWNS outfit,, C R A Z Y, but I loved it!
- Todd Lyons:    Gerrit Does,..... ha ha ha. I forgot about that. I think Clymer David crashed when he was wearing the clown outfit. How embarrassing, to be laying on a BMX track all dirty and in and dressed up like a clown. I think we even had the red ball for a nose! Ha ha...
- Richard Schultz:    RAD
- Chris Morgan:    I can recall you doing that in a race once in 91'. It was a sight to see but thankfully, I was behind you. Can't recall who it was that said at the line....  "wtf was that shit"  Lyons....just Todd Lyons
- Mike Baggs:    Olivier Prosper ?
- Gerrit Does:    Yes TL, indeed you had the Red Nose on then. I will try to find the picture and post it.

Picture TD in clowns outfit soon!

- Olivier Prosper:    I wondered why my horsepower was so bad? I wondered, how come I could be so close to this silly man doing a back-flip at the Worlds?
- Todd Lyons:    Olivier Prosper.... ha ha, funny guy. Even though I am upside down, it still appears that I am in front of you. Maybe you spent too much time at the Red Light district in Holland.... LOL.
- Olivier Prosper:    Yeaaaaaahhhhhh I did with some dudes at the time... Fred Lapointe, Mickey Randal Lavandet... just joking ofcourse.


August 18th 2014,  I placed this picture on FACEBOOK myself wearing a polo specialy made for the 2014 UCI BMX Worlds in Rotterdam.

2014 gerrit does 1965 n 1

Being the organizer of the Reunion of World Champions during the 2014 UCI BMX Worlds in Rotterdam, I had shirt Polo made. The text on this poli says it all. A lot of nice reactions came in on facebook, which made me proud and some made me blush (and that at my age !). Still it's nice to read positive reactions.

Reactions on facebook concerning my post:
- Serge Clerté:    hello Gerrit !  (This is the father of Mickael Clerté, both good friends of our family from France).
- Eric Mulders:    Great pose gratje?  (Eric is a Pioneer BMX'er from Holland).
- Bob Tuin:    Stoer Gerrit  (Bob I know from moto-cross, original founder of Twin Air filters. Both his sons are Pioneer BMX racers (is from Almere Holland).
- Jānis Grīnvalds:    Looking Great.  (Janis is from Latvia, a for me very important country. Helped getting BMX off the ground and organize from 1989 on).
- Vic Geerlings:   Hier zit een tevreden mens. Op z'n Brabants "een contente mens zit hier". (Vic come from moto-cross and is cycle sport enthousiast - NED).
- Bob Gonzo Hunt:    Looking good Gerrit my man (Bob is/was a pioneer BMX'er from the USA. Sorry to say he passed away in 2016).
- Ellen Wagenaar:    Gerrit geen steek veranderd nog steeds een mooie man (Ellen states: GD your still the same and a good looking guy.  Oeps, now I blush! Former family member - NED).
- Christophe Gentizon:    Nice polo  (Christophe is from Swiss, is a pioneer BMX'er and has eye for details........).
- Ingrid Van Wilgenburg van Deijzen:   Hoi neef je blijft een lekker ding hoor xx (My dear niece says: You't still hot GD!.... blushing again).
- Christine Deconclois:    Looking good young guy (Christine is a very long time friend and related to René Nicolas - France, the Father of French BMX. Proud to know both of them and call them my friends).
- Jaxon Bradley:     A Great Shot, my friend!  Wisdom.....Knowledge - and just a Hint of a Mean Streak...... Ha ha!  (Jaxon is a very special friend. Original from Kansas - USA. My 1st trip to the USA I stayed with Jaxon and we became close friends in 1974. It was there in Kansas that I "discovered"  American BMX. Talking BMX, for me it all started here in Kansas in 1974. And look were we are now).
- Connie Sawyer-Kramer:    There's my friend.  Miss you  (Dear Connie, we do miss you to. Remember the good times in Maastricht - Holland. Hope to meet sometime again. Connie is from the USA  and since a
couple of years just Connie Sawyer. Love the Does's).
- Hans van der Doe:   Nice pic. (Hans is married to a Dutch women BMX pioneer).
- Gert Dekker:   Nice picture of a very nice man (One of Hollands top BMX pioneers).
- Renny Roker:   You need to be elected.... GLOBAL KING OF BMX  (Renny is from the USA and a long time friends. RR is a pioneer promotor, organized the JAG BMX Worlds in the USA).
- Stanley Der Meer:   Looking good.  ( Stanley is from Holland and was the "power trainer for the top Dutch BMX team, - team AMEV 1986 thr 1988).
- Gerrit Does:    Renny Roker, thanks for your comment, but you know, The Kings and Queens of BMX are the BMX racers concerned, don't you think? We are just facilitating/helping out.
- Connie Sawyer-Kramer:    Looking good Gerrit. Please tell Mieke hello  ( Mieke says HI too, Connie!).
- Perry Kramer:    True worldwide BMX ambassador. #gerritistheman  (One of the many TOP USA BMX Pro's that came over to Holland and Europe to help promote BMX. Till this day good friends).
- Dennis Dain:   The man of leisure (constantly on the move). Very nice shirt, by the way.  (Again one of America's finest in BMX, knicknamed The Red Baron in the early days. Pioneer BMX)