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University of BMX by Gerrit Does

MORTEL van de Anita (Holland)

1988 World Champion
1987 World Champion

1989 European Champion
1984 European Champion

Anita van de Mortel finished her BMX career in 1991 and restarted in 2001!!!

POSTUMA Eddy (Holland)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

2004_Eddy_Posthuma_l_and_Gerrit_Does_rDuring the Worlds in Valkenswaard – Holland, July 2004 I did meet among others, with an old friend of mine who retired from BMX about 3 years ago, after the Worlds in Louisville Kentucky - USA. His name is Eddy Posthuma. As probably most of the present international riders know, Eddy has been a head-official (track) for many years at European International events and World Championships all over the Worlds.

I find it hard in a way, that when top riders and/or international officials stop with their activities, it seems they disappeared from the face of the earth. In my view, those concerned deserve a place on a podium, where they can and will be remembered.

A sport with no history is no sport” and the people I am talking about did mean something for the sport of BMX and therefore their history has to be written down for which I use the University of BMX website.

Eddy Posthuma (R.I.P.)

Sorry to see Eddy passed away in 2009.

EDDY_POSTHUMAEddy Posthuma is one of those men who has to be remembered for the work he did for so many years. Eddy got involved in International officiating thru me at the European Challenge Cup events in the '80 s. Was active at European Championship events, World Cup events and Worlds Championships. As a friend I personally want to thank Eddy now, for all the work he did and experience he transferred to others, now active at the same positions as Eddy was himself, here in Europe. After ending his work in 2001, the Worlds was the first time since then that he saw a BMX race again.

Because of back problems, Eddy has to walk on crutches now a days, but for the rest he is the same man as before. We all wish him the very best and a good health for him and his wife. Good luck Eddy and again thanks for all your work.

REDOIS Xavier (France)

xavier redois 1984Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Xavier started racing BMX early 1979 and can be considered one of the pioneer BMX racers of France and leaded the way for a long period of time.

He never won a European and/or World title in the highest level class, however he still was a leading figure in International BMX for many years, together with Claude Vuillemot and David Kastler.

xavier redois 1987Xavier is still involved in BMX due to his profession working for a bicycle company in England.

A man who had to be nominated for the European Hall of Fame of BMX.

Inducted in 2001

VRIJDAG Louis (Holland)

Gerrit-Does-left-and-Louis-Vrijdag-rightSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

As you can read from the History of BMX, Gerrit Does discovered BMX in the USA in 1974 and imported the sport in Europe, more specific Holland in the first place.

Louis Vrijdag has been instrumental getting the sport organised in Holland together with Gerrit Does in the early days.

Gerrit Does has been instrumental getting an international organisation of the the ground called the I.BMX.F. , now integrated into the UCI. Louis Vrijdag was instrumental integrating I.BMX.F. into the UCI which took about 6 years to realise all together.

Gerrit has been involved in BMX up and till 1998 (since 1974 meaning 25 years of involvement) and Louis Vrijdag up and till 1999 (since 1978 meaning 21 years of involvement) working for the KNWU (National Cycling Fed.) and the UCI (president BMX committee UCI). Both men have been crucial for National and International developments up and till the '90s.

Louis-Vrijdag-left-and-Gerrit-Does-right-having-lunchFour still active manufacturers of BMX bikes and parts have been inducted into the European BMX Hall of Fames in the year 2003. All of them were pioneers in their fields in international European BMX. They were trend setters and instrumental in developing BMX equipment from the early days on up till now. They helped initiating the sport and its products within the European market and on.

WILDE de Robert (Holland)

Robert-de-Wilde1999 World Champion

2000 European Champion
1999 European Champion

2007 Supercross World Cup
2005 Supercross World Cup

2003 World Cup Winner
1999 World Cup Winner

wc perth2003 robert dewildeRobert de Wilde (GT) posing with  UnivofBMX Staff Member Nico van Dartel

ZUIJLEN van Pierre (Holland)

1986 European Champion
1986 European Champion (24")

Special note:

Pierre van Zuijlen (NL) is one of only 3 riders that succeeded in winning a 20 and 24 inch European Championship title in one year during the 19 years of European BMX Championships. The orther 2 are Christophe Leveque (FR) and Eric Minozzi (FR).