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University of BMX by Gerrit Does

2018, a project of Janis Grinvalds named "global BMX community

August 2018.   A project of Janis Grinvalds - Latvia named "global BMX Community, worldofbmx "

Some time ago already, Janis Grinvalds asked me to help him make his project known to readers of the  With the enclosed information I want to give my readers the opertunity to check out Janis's
project. So here some information to get involved in the...... informative BMX facebook page and such. With this we want to support Janis's project. ENJOY !

Janis Grinvalds wrote to me:
I see several things which could be done with cooperation. Some can be done in short time, some will require some development.

- In the Blog of Your site, could be article/description about as an idea, perspective potential, and current realization. One source is this one:

Most important is to emphasize that is made for the community as hub, where members themselves are active editors, contributors, moderators, like in Facebook, but with features and accent to BMX(as Bicycle Motocross) only. Callendar of events and special user profile role extensions will be next big steps, but that requires a lot of work because we are making everything 100% custom and specialized to BMX situation.

And that is the reason to find good support. We were confident that there wouldn't be a problem to find some, but the reality differs. We reached a critical point where project without support cannot move forward as fast anymore.

In future, it would be also platforming for sponsorship market for riders, teams, secondhand market with localization targeting, so You can see things which are sold close to you, events close to you, clubs, all targeted to user by his location and also role, whether he/or she is a rider, parent, coach, fan, newcomer, official, business representative, shop owner, etc.

You can also take a look at an article in     - but that is old one when WOB looked different.

I could also prepare some images/screenshots from site to place in the article.

Pictures to be placed soon.

Best Regards,  Janis