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2nd. UnivofBMX USA Training Camp December 1991

2nd University of BMX Training Camp Orlando-Florida & N.B.L. Christmas Classic Columbus-Ohio, USA

This was the second organized trip to the USA by Gerrit Does of the University of BMX, holding a BMX clinic and taking part in the Christmas Class. All arrangements were finalized before leaving for the USA and teammembers were informed of all details concerning their trip, training and racing.

1991 2nd University of BMX Training Camp in Orlando and participation in the 6th NBL Christmas Classic in Columbus-Ohio USA University of BMX class of 1991 team T-shirt Members of the 2nd University of BMX Training Camp 1991

1991 2nd University of BMX Training Camp in Orlando info bulletinAlso a complete info bulletin was handed out. Here the index and some more travelling tips.

Period December 17th through 30th December 1991

In this year the University of BMX European team consisted of 34 members.

Team members from France:

  • Michel Lalande (trainer/coach)
  • Claude Vuillemont
  • Nadine Gaudillat
  • Sabine Caballe
  • Florent Poussin
  • Jean Christophe Tricard
  • Cecile Frayssinet
  • Michael Clerte
  • Sebastien Soubielle.

Eric Minozzi was on our list to be part of this trip, but did not come. Instead René Nicolas, father of French BMX, travelled with us to the USA.

Team members from Germany:

  • Peter, Ingrid, Robin and Toby Hardt
  • Joachim Ruckgaber
  • Tim Simon
  • Andreas Höpping
  • Jochem Beurer

Team members from Switzerland:

  • Marc Murbach
  • Yannick Rosset

Team members from Holland:

  • Marscha Blanker
  • Jan Goor
  • Bas de Bever
  • Martiene vd Lievenoogen
  • Alberto de Jezus
  • Marcel Polkamp
  • Carolien Polkamp
  • Josefien v. Amersfoort
  • Mieke, Pieter, Nico and Gerrit Does (team manager/ organizer - trainer/coach)

Not travelling with us, but being part of our group in the USA were from England:

  • Dale Holmes
  • Paul Roberts.

They participated in the BMX clinic in Orlando.

The 1991 class of the University of BMX training camp and Xmas ClassicThe group left from Schiphol Airport on December 17th. Through Boston we arrived in Orlando. December 25th. we left from Orlando to Columbus and after the Christmas Classic we left the USA on December 30th. through Detroit and Boston to Europe, more specific Amsterdam. Northwest Airlines was our transporter. Besides training, sight-seeing, shopping and the traditional Free BMX Clinic at the Orlando BMX track, we also went to Daytona Beach for one day. Ofcourse visited Daytona Speedway and spent some time on the beach.

After a long flight we arrived at Orlando Intern. Airport in the evening (23.40 hours). While waiting for our transportation, some of us took a short rest, seen here Pieter Does on the floor. Mr. Beeler arranged transportation from Orlando International airport to our hotel (and back later on), Comfort Inn, West Colonial Drive in Orlando, about 1 mile away from the BMX track. We did have reservations for 12 hotelrooms at the Comfort Inn. Our usual means of transportation, 4 Chrysler Voyager Vans holding 8 persons and 4 till 5 BMX bikes in the back. Vans hired through BUDGET rent-a-car. Traveling with a large group always asks for discipline, specialy concerning how to keep your bikes boxes and suite cases under control. I wanted bike boxes and suite cases always in line and guarded by our teammembers.

06 After a long flight we arrived at Orlando International airport 07 Our transportation 4 Voyager Vans 08 Track overview picture taken from starthill Orlando track The track always looked nicely manicured 09 Overview Orlando track last straight and finish line 10 Impression of our daily training seen here the warming up 11 Organiser-trainer-coach Gerrit Does overlooking activities 11 The Parents Councel Orlando BMX tracks clubhouse where fruit and drinks were arranged again by mr Beeeler

On pictures above a track overlook and here an impression of our daily training sessions, 2 times per day about 2 hours. In between training lunch and a rest periode. GD overlooking and coordinating training activities and during training sessions several short rest periodes to have a drink and eat some fruit, arranged by mr. Art Beeler, the track/operator. By the way, to have use of the track only for our group, we had to pay US $ 300,00.

12 A periode of rest during a training session 13 Claude Vuillemot FRA in action during training 14 Seen here fltr Yannick Rosset CH Cecile Frayssinet FR Sabine Caballe FR and Michel Lalande FR

During our taining sessions ofcourse time for a drink and a snack. Mr. Beeler arranged drinks and fruit for our team. Trainings session 2 times a day each about 2 hours. In between sessions the group went back to the hotel, had lunch and some rest.

Ofcourse there was time for some sightseeing and entertainment. Universal Studios, Sea World and Disney were the places to go too. Here the Euro team visiting Universal Studios, The French part of our group went to another park that day. 

15 On our way to Universal Studios 16 Pieter and Mieke Does at Universal Studios during one of our sightseeing tours 17 Watching the special watershow with speedboats and lots of explosions Fltr Pieter Nico and Mieke Does NED Michael Larsson and Anders Möller SWE 18 one shot from one of the spectacular actions on the small lake at Universal Studios

Back at the track again

1991 also was the year the Nico Does started with WEBCO Bicycles. Co-sponsor GET-O Wear (Fl.-USA) was represented by its owner mr. Bill Prince. He visited with us during one of the training sessions. During our stay in Orlando, the youngest teammember Toby Hardt celebrated his 10 anniversary and as in 1990 also this yeat the University of BMX conducted a Free BMX Clinic for local kids, which was attended very well on the Saturday and took place from 13.00 till 16.00 hours.

19 back on the track Bill Prince of GET O Wear visited us Fltr locals Bill Prince and Scott Smith with Nico Does NED 20 Watching training fltr Toby Hardt Robin Hardt Mieke Does Ingrid Hardt and Martiene vd Lievenogen 21 Toby Hardt celebrated his birthday during our stay in Orlando 22 As in 1990 also in 1991 the University of BMX group organised a free BMX clinic for local riders Gerrit Does kept a sharp look on things 23 Poster announcing the UNIVofBMX Free BMX Clinic 24 BMX clinic in progress in front one of the trainer-coaches Nico Does 25 Part of the newly formed WEBCO Team present at the BMX clinic Fltr Bas de Bever - Nico Does - TJ - Scott Smith - Pieter Does and GET-O Wear sponsor Bill Prince 26 Pieter Does NED helping out the young ones at the Orlando BMX track 27 A good meal after practise is always welcome Pizzas with fltr Nico Does - Anders Moller - Michael Larsson - Pieter Does - Scott Smith - TJ Beach and Bill Prince

As in 1990, most of our groupmembers did compete in the local races at the Orlando BMX track on Thursday night and Saturday night. Some nice trophies were won by several of our groupmembers.  The trip we made to Daytona Beach wa very nice, visiting Daytona Speedway on our way. Personaly I love to watch racing at Daytona Speedway. Visiting the Daytona Speedway Museum I did found out, that my brother in law Pierre Karsmakers at the time Yamaha factory MX rider in the USA, who did win one of the first Supercross Moto/cross stadion events at Daytona Speedway, was a member of the Daytona Hall of Fame.

28 Ready for a daytrip to Daytona Beach Fltr Ingrid Hardt - Mieke Does - Jolanda Polkamp - Josefien van Amersfoort - and Martiene vd Lievenogen 29 On our way to Daytona Beach we made a stop at Daytona Speedway ofcourse 30 A walk on Daytona Beach

Off to Columbus - Ohio to participate in the NBL Christmas Classic indoor at the Hyatt Regency Convention Center.

We left Florida (about 25 degrees C.) for Columbus early in the morning Temperature in Columbus about 10 degrees below zero C.  We arranged transportation through Ultimate Tours run by mr. Mark Goble, who picked us up by "coach" and brought the group of 34 persons, bikes boxes and suite/cases from airport to our hotel, the Hyatt Regency Center, North High Street in Columbus. Again here 12 rooms available for our team. For the rest same procedure as the year before.

31 Ready to be transported to Orlando Airport to leave for Columbus Ohio 32 Off to Columbus Pieter and Nico Does NED and Mickael Clerte FRA 33 Again half the plane filled with BMX racers on their way to Columbus - Ohio 34 More University of BMX class of 1991 members here From bottom to top Bas - Martiene - Alberto - Mieke - Marsha - Jan - Ingrid - Josefien - Marcel - standing Rene Nicolas - Florent and Jean Christophe 35 From 25degC in Florida to minus 10degC in Columbus - Christmas time 36 The BMX track still not ready but we could have a look at it 37 Track overview on the day of the races now fully dressed and ready 38 This is how a hotelroom looks when you have BMX racers in them Seen here Jan Goor helping Pieter Does treating an injury On beds Yannick Rosset and Nico Does - Mieke Does watching 39 Inside the buildings including the Hyatt Regency hotel there were shops and places were you could eat Bas de Bever just got his meal ladies and Marcel waiting for theirs

Christmas dinner

As in 1990, I was able to arrange with the hotelmanagement to organise a Christmas dinner for our University of BMX group. Normaly the kitchen was closed on Christmas eve at the hotel, but the management was so kind to help us out. Again, we had a great time and just our group was having diner in the Hyatt's restaurant that evening.

40 Having a Christmas dinner 41 The next table fltr Alberto - Martiene - Josefien - Marcel - Pieter and Nico 42 Seen here fltr Toby - Andreas - Tim Joachim - Michael - Anders - Jochen and Robin 43 Rene Nicolas - Michel Lalande and Mieke Does - GD taking pictures as usual 44 Around the table clockwise Nico - Alberto - Jolanda - Bas - Martiene - Josefien - Marcel - Pieter - Marsha and Jan 45 Bas de Bever presenting a present in name of the group to Gerrit Does -right- during diner

Finaly the two days of racing started.

To give you an impression of the Christmas Classic BMX event, here several pictures of which only a few action pictures. First of all I had to check the registration of our teammembers with NBL official and friend mrs. Erma Miller. Ofcourse Santa had to be present during Christmas time.

46 First of all we had to check our registration with Erma Miller NBL official 47 Nice to have Santa around for good feeling 48 Fltr Todd Corbit USA Pieter Does NED and Mickael Clerte FRA 49 Warming up by Robin and Toby Hardt 50 Some top US riders fltr Terry Ternette - Pete Loncarevich and Everett Rosecrans 51 Euro teammembers resting and watching races fltr Tim - Jochen - Joachim - Nico and Pieter 52 Robbie Morales and Todd Corbit 53 Watching the racing fltr Mickael Larsson SWE Andreas Höpping GER and Albert de Jezus NED 54 Christophe Leveque and mrs Wright - Bob Wright of Ecko helmet on far right 55 Seen here good friend and journalist John KER USA 56 Fltr Bas de Bever - Christophe Leveque and Tony Zynaka

The picture in the middle above is one of Bas, Christophe and USA rider Tony Zynaka. Some time later Tony would come over to Europe, stayed at our house for some time and a longer time Tony stayed with our German friends, the Hopping family.

58 Pieter Does meeting 59 Fltr Brian Colegrove USA Yannick Rosset SUI and Pieter Does NED 60 US Pros Townsend - Loncarevitch and Ellis ready for the last main 61 Start BMX race 62 NBL Xmas Classic trophies hundreds of them

For those interest, here the results of the University of BMX teammembers in the 1991 NBL Christmas Classic in Columbus / Ohio, USA

63 The results Day 1 - 1991 64 Results Xmas Classic Day II - 1991 65 Just a moto-sheet

Time to go home.

December 30th. we were picked up by Ultimate Tours and transported to theColumbus Airport to leve for Boston, were we had a connecting flight to Amsterdam. December 31st we arrived in Amsterdam at around 9.40 hours. All our bike boxes and suite cases in line, easy to check and controle that way. After a safe trip, everybody got back home in time before New Year 1992. Another great trip enjoyed by all of us. For several riders this was also the time they made good contacts in the USA and several of our groupmembers made arrangement to come back and stay in the USA to live and race later on like Dale Holmes Christophe Leveque and Paul Roberts.

66 On our way back 67 Checking in leaving for Europe68 Back to Europe69 Some trophies70 Toby Hardt being crushed by Nico Does71 Waiting for our plane fltr Bas - Peter Hardt - Robin - Toby and Ingrid72 Our French friends fltr Rene - Christophe - Michel - Jean C Claude and Florent Almost time to leave for France73 One more time the picture of the University of BMX class of 1991 Orlando BMX clinic and Columbus Xmas Classic event

The end of another fantastic trip to the USA with the UNIVERSITY of BMX.