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European Champion Hall of Fame

ALLIER Thomas (France)

2000 World Champion
1998 World Champion

2007 European Champion
2005 European Champion
2004 European Champion
1998 European Champion

BEVER de Bas (Holland)

scannen00201992 World Champion
1991 World Champion
1990 World Champion

1994 European Champion
1992 European Champion
1990 European Champion
1989 European Champion
1988 European Champion

Bas de Bever switched in 1995 to MTB.

GD together with Corine Dorland and Bas de Bever

CORGUILLÉ Le Laëtitia (France)

2008 European Champion
2006 European Champion
2005 European Champion

2010 Supercross World Cup
2009 Supercross World Cup
2007 Supercross World Cup

DORLAND Corine (Holland)

Corine Dorland at the Indoor de Dijon1994 World Champion
1993 World Champion
1991 World Champion

1995 European Champion
1993 European Champion
1992 European Champion


Corine Dorland has been crowned the QUEEN of CHAMPIONS, holding 3 World titles in the highest age/performance classes and another 7 titles in lower age classes, which makes 10 world titles won in total.

Corine Dorland switched in 1997 to MBT.

European BMX Hall of Fame

"Winners come and go, legends stay for ever"

For a long time I had the idea of organizing a European BMX Hall of Fame to honor our past and present BMX racers, pioneers and others. An important motivation to start a European BMX Hall of Fame also was the fact that present and future riders should know more about the history of their sport and her legends.

A sport with no history is no sport!

In the year 2001 we did officially start with the organization of the "EUROPEAN BMX HALL of FAME".


For many years the ABA  (Amercian Bicycle Association, USA), now called USA BMX, has its own USA BMX HALL of FAME, at the moment located at the Chula Vista (San Diego) Olympic sportfacilities in California - USA. Here mainly American BMX pioneers, racers, manufacturers and organisers/promotors are inducted and presented. The USA BMX Hall of Fame has around 140 members at this moment (ending 2016). Seen below, the Hall of Fame awards wall and one outside USA HoF member, Mr. Gerrit Does (inducted in 1998).

Events & Results

"Nice guys don't win!"

In this section I will summarize events & results for European riders at the Olympics, World and European Championsships and World Cup Series.