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European Champion Latvia

Aldons Vrublevskis - Latvian BMX Federation

Riga, Latvia 2003.

Dear Gerrit,

Many thanks for your invitation on celebrating the 25th Anniversary of European BMX. I am very proud and happy that I know you personaly as pioneer of BMX in Europe and you know me,
Janis Silins and other BMX pioneers from Latvia. We have lot of things happened in Latvian BMX since your last visit.  As you maybe know, our BMX rider Ivo Lakucs was the member of Latvian Track-cycling team in Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and took 8th place in Olympic Sprint. He became the Elite BMX Europen Champion this year, even two rounds before the end of EC. We have already two years (2002, 2003) of practice in organizing a EC round in Valmiera city, the native city of Ivo LAKUCS and Arturs MATISONS (European leader of Junior BMX riders this year). I am happy you are still into BMX.

My best regards to your wife Mieke and your sons Peter and Nico. I will do all possible to be there in Dessel - Belgium on 27./28.09.2003 to meet you all, but I am not sure now. I will try to come together with Janis Silins and maybe, some former riders as Gundars Osis or our nowadays riders as Ivo Lakucs, Janis Vanags, Arturs Matisons or others. I am not sure, but we will try. I think we must meet there.

Best regards

Aldons Vrublevskis
Latvian BMX Federation, President
Latvian Olympic Committee, Secretary General

ALLIER Thomas (France)

2000 World Champion
1998 World Champion

2007 European Champion
2005 European Champion
2004 European Champion
1998 European Champion

BEVER de Bas (Holland)

scannen00201992 World Champion
1991 World Champion
1990 World Champion

1994 European Champion
1992 European Champion
1990 European Champion
1989 European Champion
1988 European Champion

Bas de Bever switched in 1995 to MTB.

GD together with Corine Dorland and Bas de Bever

CORGUILLÉ Le Laëtitia (France)

2008 European Champion
2006 European Champion
2005 European Champion

2010 Supercross World Cup
2009 Supercross World Cup
2007 Supercross World Cup

DORLAND Corine (Holland)

Corine Dorland at the Indoor de Dijon1994 World Champion
1993 World Champion
1991 World Champion

1995 European Champion
1993 European Champion
1992 European Champion


Corine Dorland has been crowned the QUEEN of CHAMPIONS, holding 3 World titles in the highest age/performance classes and another 7 titles in lower age classes, which makes 10 world titles won in total.

Corine Dorland switched in 1997 to MBT.

Janis Silins - Latvia (2004)

Re: 25th years of BMX.

Dear Gerrit,

Many thanks for your invitation to take part in the 25th Anniversary at Dessel. Also many thanks for promoting and developing the good traditions of BMX. At last we also reach step by step one of our goals - organise a Rounds of European Elite and Junior Championship. Now we look for organising the final Rounds of EEC in 2005. But that is not so simply. When businees takes over the real sport then all things stands to difficult uprise. Sometimes we start to forget about democracy within an oganisation. All things that are happening now in UEC are not understable. So we all look forward to the Convention in Vallet which looks to be very "hot".  I hope that during this meeting democracy will come back.  After these reflections, it is really nice that we have people who look for good tradition establishing and I hope that we can find good people to continue pushing and promoting these traditions further more. I will do all what I can in participating in a positive way during this meeting, but now I am not sure therefore this is school time for me.

Best wishes to Your Family.
Your friend in BMX - Janis Silins  (2004)