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Nominations 2009

The 2009 nominations for the European BMX Hall of Fame by the UNIVERSITY of BMX.

NEW: In 2008 BMX became an official Olympic sport. From now on every 4 years, possible Olympic Champions in 20” inch, men and women, coming from Europe, will be nominated and inducted into the European BMX Hall of Fame under category AA.

D.5 European BMX Hall of Fame nominations 2009

Category AA:

Nominations will be made after the 2012 Olympic Championships in BMX in London, UK

Category A1:

The nominees from the 2009 World Championships are the following Champions coming from Europe:

  • Elite men cruiser: Ivo van der Putten (Holland)

Category A2:

2009 Supercross World Cup Series overall winners:

  • Laetitia le Corguille (France)

Category A3:

The nominees from the 2009 European Championships are the following Champions:

  • Elite men: Martijn Scherpen (Holland)
  • Elite women: Eva Ailloud (France)

Category A4:

Pioneer rider(s) nominated.

  • NO nomination(s) at this time

Category B1:

Pioneer (non racers) nomination(s):

  • NO nomination(s) at this time.

Category B2:

Organizers/promoters of European Top events:

  • NO nomination(s) at this time.

Category C:

European National Teams or Manufacturer Teams winning a team World title;

  • NO nomination(s).

Note #1: UCI decided to give up from 2007 on, the World title Manufacturer Team Competition at World Championships.
Note #2: UCI decided in 2008 Not to have Elite Cruiser class (men and women) titles in the World and European (Continental) Championship from 2010 on.


Update Waalre, November 2009

Induction: all nominees mentioned above, have been inducted in November 2009.